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23:25  24 november  2020
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Successive Tweets and Slips: Is Donald Trump Admitting Joe Biden's Victory?

 Successive Tweets and Slips: Is Donald Trump Admitting Joe Biden's Victory? Sunday, in a barrage of compulsive tweets, the billionaire explicitly mentioned for the first time Joe Biden’s victory in the US presidential election. Did Donald Trump understand that the die is cast? © Reynolds Stefani / CNP / ABACA At Donald Trump , a few tweets are better than a long speech. On Sunday morning, amid a long series of angry tweets and retweets, he first mentioned Joe Biden's victory. “He won because the election was rigged,” writes the president, referring to Joe Biden.

As Joe Biden edges ever closer to the 270 electoral votes he needs to defeat President Donald Trump , it' s worth considering what politics will look like in the event the former vice president is elected -- and whether he has any chance of making good on his promise to return some sense of normalcy to our

President Trump has reiterated his promise to bring down US troop levels overseas, while continuing to invest in the military. The president says he will continue to challenge international alliances and maintain trade tariffs on China. Mr Biden has promised to repair relationships with US allies.

USA-ELECTION: Biden promises to break with Trump's unilateralism


by Trevor Hunnicutt

WILMINGTON , Delaware (Reuters) - Joe Biden on Tuesday promised to break with Donald Trump's unilateralism by ensuring that he wants to work again with traditional allies of the United States when he takes the presidency on January 20.

Introducing his future diplomatic and national security team from his Wilmington, Delaware HQ, the former Democratic Vice President, whose victory was confirmed today in Pennsylvania and Nevada, said the appointments reflected the fact that "America is back, ready to rule the world, not back out".

Canadian MPs unanimously call for visit from Biden, Harris after COVID-19

  Canadian MPs unanimously call for visit from Biden, Harris after COVID-19 MPs passed a motion urging feds to invite Joe Biden and Kamala Harris once it is safe to do so.Canada is traditionally either the first or second visit for new U.S. presidents once they take office but outgoing President Donald Trump has never come for an official or state visit, save a brief working trip in Quebec for the G7 Summit in Charlevoix in 2018.

Joe Biden accused Donald Trump on Wednesday of breaking his promise to bring jobs back to the U. S . as the Democratic presidential nominee laid out his plan to improve U. S . manufacturing with new taxes on companies that move operations offshore. “He’ s hoping we just have poor memories,” Biden

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Joe Biden said Wednesday that President Donald Trump is sowing fear at the U. S . border with Mexico, not delivering solutions, after another month when about 100,000 immigrants were arrested trying to enter the country illegally.

"We will be ready", he added, "to face our adversaries and not to reject our allies, to defend our values."

Monday, Joe Biden announced that he would appoint his close collaborator Antony Blinken as secretary of state, as well as Jake Sullivan as national security adviser, Linda Thomas-Greenfield as ambassador to the UN and more Alejandro Mayorkas as Secretary of Internal Security.

Former Secretary of State John Kerry has also been appointed Special Representative for Climate and will sit on the White House National Security Council.

Joe Biden also said last week that he decided on his choice for the post of Treasury secretary, which he would advertise around Thanksgiving on Thursday. Former Federal Reserve Chairman Janet Yellen is expected to be appointed.

Biden wins Georgia but Trump sabotages certification of results

 Biden wins Georgia but Trump sabotages certification of results © AFP - Tami Chappell Election agents in Georgia In the wake of his confirmed victory in Georgia, Joe Biden says he will soon announce his choice for the post of secretary to the Treasury. For his part, Donald Trump is trying to convince Republicans to reject Joe Biden's victory. Georgia confirmed Joe Biden's victory in that state in the US presidential election on November 3 after hand-recounting all the ballots.

But it was Biden 's entreaties to Trump voters, who also turned out in huge numbers on Election Day She also credited Biden for having the "audacity to break one of the most substantial barriers that Trump ' s campaign team is expected to continue its effort to dispute the election results with a next

Trump won the 2016 election promising to put “America First,” overturn what he said were unfair trade deals and force U.S. allies to pay more toward joint defense measures. Biden pledges to restore U.S. global leadership and reverse many of Trump ’ s foreign policy actions.

On Tuesday, he said he had already spoken on the phone with some 20 world leaders who told him "how much they can't wait to see the United States resume its historic role as world leader in the Pacific as well as in the United States. the Atlantic, across the world ".

Video: Transition to the White House: Joe Biden unveils the members of his government (France 24)

"America is stronger when it works with its allies", hammered the president elected.


The transition process saw a boost on Monday after the surprise decision of Donald Trump, who still refuses to admit his defeat in the November 3 election by denouncing without proof a vast fraud, to authorize the American administration to release resources which Joe Biden and his collaborators were deprived of until now.

The Republican President announced this surprise decision on Twitter after the certification of the results of the poll in Michigan, one of the key states of the election. Tuesday, two other states, Pennsylvania and Nevada, in turn validated the victory of the former vice-president of Barack Obama, sealing the defeat of the outgoing president.

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Trump has refused to concede the race, and the vast majority of Republicans in Congress and A small but growing group of prominent Republicans has broken with President Donald Trump and "Thank you for your commitment to unite us all," Cox said. "We pray for you and promise to work with

Trump has so far refused to concede defeat, but numerous world leaders, including German Chancellor Angela Merkel, have already called Biden to congratulate him on his win. "China would not have wanted to work with Trump having already congratulated Biden ," said Mathias Bölinger.

Joe Biden is now guaranteed to officially obtain the required majority of 270 voters out of 538 to be appointed the 46th President of the United States on December 14, at the age of 78 years. The Democratic candidate is credited with 306 voters against 232 to Donald Trump, whom he is also well ahead in the national vote count.

"The election is over. It is time to put aside partisan bickering and rhetoric intended to demonize the opponent. We must come together," the Democratic President-elect commented on Twitter.

Donald Trump's green light for the formal transition process means Joe Biden's team will have access to $ 6.3 million (5.3 million euros) in federal funds and reports from the 17 agencies of the intelligence services.

One of the first ministries his team contacted is the Pentagon, stressing the importance the future president intends to place on national security during the transition. Donald Trump sacked Defense Secretary Mark Esper on November 9.

"In the coming days, transition officials will begin meeting with federal officials to discuss the pandemic response, get a comprehensive account of our national security interests, and get a full picture of the efforts of the administration to swallow up government agencies, ”Transition Team Executive Director Yohannes Abraham said in a statement.

So far, according to a Biden adviser, the transition team's contact has been limited to discussions with former officials.

(With the Washington editorial staff, French version Jean Terzian and Jean-Stéphane Brosse)

Tucker Carlson Freaks Out Over Biden's 'Woke' Cabinet Picks (Video) .
Tucker Carlson was unusually animated on Tuesday night as he spent his entire opening segment on his Fox News show shrieking about Joe Biden's cabinet picks. As usual, the rant was filled with falsehoods from the very beginning. "So here's a question for you: what does Joe Biden believe? What are his plans for our country? Well it's hard to comprehend this, but the truth is we still don't know the answers to those most basic questions. We don't," Tucker disingenuously complained. "Somehow Joe Biden made it through an entire presidential campaign, most of the year, without telling us. A partisan press corps let him get away with it.

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