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23:20  28 february  2021
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Trump repeats election claims in interviews, is unchallenged

  Trump repeats election claims in interviews, is unchallenged NEW YORK — In the first television interviews of his post-presidency, Donald Trump repeated his false claims that the election was stolen from him 10 times — each instance unprompted and unchallenged. Trump emerged this week for interviews with Fox News Channel, Newsmax and One America News Network tied to the death of Rush Limbaugh. Each network actively appeals to Trump's base conservative audience. And the way the interviews were conducted illustrates how difficult it may be to change the minds of supporters who believe the former president's unfounded narrative.

  Trump redescend dans l'arène politique © Provided by Le Point

D onald Trump is back: for the first time since he left the White House, the former president will address a public on Sunday. 'ultra-conservative, determined to regain control of a Republican party that is struggling to hide its divisions.

Will he be a candidate in 2024? Among its allies and opponents, the same question resonates. And the tribune, willingly provocative, should openly flirt with this idea.

In front of the American conservatives gathered for their annual high mass in Orlando, the ex-president is in any case on conquered ground. A message resonates with these convinced pro-Trump: no question of turning your back on him.

Ivanka Trump: his political future continues to be talked about ...

 Ivanka Trump: his political future continues to be talked about ... © Zuma Press / Bestimage Ivanka Trump: his political future continues to be talked about ... After the departure of Donald Trump from the White House, the Americans continue to wonder about the future of Ivanka Trump. Will the president's eldest daughter really follow in her father's footsteps and get into politics? The bets have been made. For four years, Ivanka Trump remained in the background.

Like the senators, governors, former ministers, who for three days, praised the four years of his presidency.

"America first is what it takes for America", pleaded Saturday Mike Pompeo, the most faithful of the Trumpist ministers, taking up the famous doctrine of the former president.

Also like the flags and caps of the participants, many stamped "Trump", and this huge golden statue with the effigy of the 74-year-old billionaire who sits in the conference hall.

For his first speech since January 20, scheduled for 3:40 pm local time, the businessman will first speak of immigration and "the disastrous policies" of his successor Joe Biden on this issue, his entourage told the AFP .

But he will especially evoke "the future of the Republican Party and the conservative movement".

Donald Trump accused of tax fraud: what will happen after the decision of the Supreme Court

 Donald Trump accused of tax fraud: what will happen after the decision of the Supreme Court © Provided by theJDD The Supreme Court of the United States has authorized the American justice to consult the accounting records of Donald Trump, suspected in particular of tax fraud. We explain to you what that changes for the former president. A final decision. The Supreme Court of the United States on Monday rejected an attempt by Donald Trump to block the consultation of his accounting records by the Manhattan prosecutor.

"We are not going to create new parties, we are not going to divide our power. We will be united and powerful as ever," he is expected to say, according to excerpts from his speech obtained by Fox News .

"If we idolize", "we lose"

Since the murderous assault on Capitol Hill, the Republican Party has yet displayed gaping divisions.

After four years in Trump's tenure, Republicans have lost control of Congress and the White House. And it is a former president marked with the infamous stain of an indictment ("impeachment"), for incitement to insurrection in the attack on the Capitol, who will take the stage.

Mr. Trump was finally acquitted during his trial at the Senate in mid-February. But historically, seven Republicans voted in favor of his conviction.

One of them has also openly swept Sunday the idea that Donald Trump is again the Republican candidate for the presidential election of 2024: "If we idolize a person, we will lose", warned Senator Bill Cassidy on CNN.

Other Republicans could of course run in 2024, such as Senators Josh Hawley, Tom Cotton, South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem or ex-UN Ambassador Nikki Haley.

But everyone remains aware of the electoral strength of a president who came to power by creating the greatest surprise in modern political history.

If he lapses his retirement as former president in Florida, Donald Trump indeed retains the support of millions of Republican voters and has not stopped meddling in party affairs.

And even deprived of his Twitter account, he wants to prove that he remains able to make and break careers on the right.

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Trump, the only master on board among the Republicans .
© Provided by Le Parisien Le Parisien Donald Trump definitely does nothing like the others. Almost six weeks after officially left the White House, the billionaire held a speech on Sunday night at CPAC , the Conservative Political Conference. A completely new speech for an outgoing American president.

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