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19:30  03 may  2021
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Syrian court refuses most applicants candidacy against Assad

 Syrian court refuses most applicants candidacy against Assad for the presidential election in Syria In about three weeks, only two counter candidates against incorporation owners Bashar Al-Assad have been admitted from a field of more than four dozen applicants. Other 48 applicants refused the Constitutional Court in a decision published on Monday the approval of the candidacy. The judges at the Constitutional Court are appointed by Assad. His victory in the election on the 26th of May is considered safe.

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L at the High Constitutional Court in Syria on Monday applied to a fourth term of the President Bashar Al-Assad , which should No doubt win over two competitors, an ex-minister and a member of the opposition tolerated by power.

of the 51 applications for the presidential election of May 26, only these three were selected. The other candidates may appeal the decision before the High Constitutional Court, which must announce on 10 May the final list of candidates.

aged 55, Bachar al-Assad accessed power in 2000 after the death of his father HAFEZ Al-Assad , himself at the head of Syria three decades.

A Harper dynasty and the end of the Liberals? How the 2011 election didn't change everything

  A Harper dynasty and the end of the Liberals? How the 2011 election didn't change everything At the time, the 2011 federal election seemed like it was ushering in a new era in Canadian politics. Ten years later, it looks more like the exception than a new rule.The Liberals, once the country's "natural governing party," were reduced to a smoking ruin. The Bloc Québécois' two decades of dominance in Quebec came to an abrupt halt.

The ballot will be the second to be organized since the beginning in 2011 of a devastating war in Syria, triggered by the repression of demonstrations demanding democratic reforms.

assisted by its Iranian and Russian allies, Mr. Assad managed to take over to the rebels and jihadists nearly two-thirds of the territory at the price of destructive fights that had more than 388,000 dead.

In addition to Mr. Assad's candidacy, those of Abdallah Salloum Abdallah, former Minister of State and MP, and Mahmoud Marei, Member of the opposition within the country, have been validated, announced Jihad Al -Lham, President of the Court, at a press conference in Damascus.

Mr. Mareï participated in negotiations organized under the auspices of the UN in Geneva to try to find a way out in the war.

From repurposing empty offices to a month-long street party: London mayoral candidates tout post-COVID plans

  From repurposing empty offices to a month-long street party: London mayoral candidates tout post-COVID plans Twenty candidates are running for mayor of London in this Thursday's election, each offering their own particular spin on how they'll revive the U.K.'s biggest city post-pandemic.She is running for mayor, representing the Liberal Democrats, and housing is one of her top priorities. She has come up with a pitch that hopes to take advantage of the pandemic: turning empty office space into affordable homes.

The other nominations have been ruled out because "they did not fulfill the constitutional and legal conditions," said Laham. These contenders have until May 7 to appeal.

To compete to the presidential election any candidate must obtain the support of 35 members of the 250 on the parliament, almost all acquired at the Baas party of Mr. Assad.

According to the calendar unveiled by the government, the presidential campaign must begin on May 11.

The elections will be held in the regions held by the power. Syrians living abroad will vote in their embassies on May 20th.

Mr. Assad won the election in 2014 with more than 88% of the vote. Only two competitors were in the running, unknown considered to be asserted.

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