Weekend Reads NGOs feared humanitarian catastrophe in Syria

17:15  10 june  2021
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Lafarge accused of crimes in Syria: soon the verdict

 Lafarge accused of crimes in Syria: soon the verdict © Pixabay Lafarge accused of crimes in Syria: soon the verdict while Lafarge is accused of crimes in Syria, a decision of the Court of Cassation is awaited on July 15th. Different appeals have been filed in the investigation into the activities of the cementier in Syria until 2014, and in particular on the annulment of its indictment for "complicity of crimes against humanity". soon the outcome, on the different appeals filed in the investigation into the activities of Lafarge in Syria.

five international aid organizations require that the UN resolution will be extended to cross-border assistance for Syria. Otherwise, one million people would be truncated by food.

Vor allem Vertriebene, darunter mehrheitlich Frauen und Kinder, sind auf die Unterstützung der internationalen Staatengemeinschaft angewiesen © Picture-Alliance / DPA / A. Alkharbouti especially displaced persons, including majority women and children, are dependent on the support of the international community of international community

the organizations Care, Save the Children, NRC Refugee Assistance, International Rescue Committee and World Vision appeal to the World Security Council, which on the 10th of July Extend expiring resolution. Currently, is supplied with food , Covid-19 vaccinations, medical goods and other humanitarian aid exclusively through the border crossing in Bab Al-Hawa on the Turkish-Syrian border, it was said to be a press conference of the NGOs in Bonn.

cargo cast in Sri Lanka: Singapore Faced with the responsibility of the ecological disaster

 cargo cast in Sri Lanka: Singapore Faced with the responsibility of the ecological disaster © AP The MV X-Press Pearl container holder in Colombo, June 2, 2021. Container door MV X-Press Pearl partially sank north of Colombo, the Sri Lankan economic capital. Observers are now worried about a possible black tide and what could be the worst ecological disaster of Sri Lanka. The cause of the incident is not yet resolved, but the Colombo government has already filed a complaint against the Singaporean company that has the cargo ship.

The organizations advocate not only to keep this transition open for another 12 months, but also to restore the closed border crossings BAB Al Salam in the northwest and Al-Yaroubiyah in the northeast. Only in this way could Syrians and Syrians have sufficient access to life-saving help and responding humanitarian actors to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Warten auf Abfertigung: Hilfslieferungen kommen zur Zeit nur über den türkisch-syrischen Grenzübergang Bab al-Hawa © Muhammad Al-Rifai / Nurphoto / Picture Alliance Waiting for clearance: Auxiliary supplies are currently only about the Turkish-Syrian border crossing BAB Al-Hawa

will not renew the resolution, the United Nations is forced to adjust their activities warned NGOs. At the moment, around 1.4 million Syrians would be supplied monthly with food. Existing supplies would be used up until September. The aid organizations estimate that they themselves have only capacities to meet the needs of around 300,000 people.

afghanistan: ten deminers killed by an armed commando

 afghanistan: ten deminers killed by an armed commando © provided by the point d ix Afghan deminers, employees of the British organization specialized Halo Trust, were killed in the province of Baghlan during the attack on their enclosure perpetrated by armed and masked men on Tuesday night. According to the Afghan Ministry of the Interior, which appointed Wednesday the Taliban as responsible, the attack took place around 10 pm local at about 260 km north of Kabul. She had not been claimed Wednesday afternoon.

effects could also be on the vaccination campaign. The infection numbers in the northwest of Syria continued to increase and had reached a new highlight last month, says. Currently, at least 24,257 confirmed Corona cases and 680 deaths are reported, with the dark figures probably higher due to lack of test capacities.

In Northwestsyria, it depends on 2.8 million people on humanitarian aid and can only be reached cross-border. The majority of them are women and children who have often been distributed several times. Last year, the authorization of cross-border help enabled humanitarian organizations to support 2.4 million people per month, including 1.7 million people with food, 85,000 people with nutritional services and 78,000 children through educational offers.


opinion: Moral bankruptcy of a revolutionary .
Daniel Ortega once fought against a right dictatorship in Nicaragua and enjoyed a lot of sympathy in Germany. Now the Democrats have to mobilize again - but against Ortega, Sandra knows. © Picture-Alliance / AP Photo / a. Zuniga Daniel Ortega, repeated President Nicaraguas since 2006, becomes more and more authoritarian Such a witch hunt has been seen for a long time in Latin America: In a few days, Nicaragua's ruler Daniel Orega has arrested four regime critic.

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