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21:55  29 july  2021
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COVID in Iran: new binding measures in the aggravation of the sanitary situation

 COVID in Iran: new binding measures in the aggravation of the sanitary situation © Murielle Paradon / RFI for the moment only six million 84 million Iranians have been vaccinated and it will still take nearly a year for the whole population to be vaccinated. The situation due to the coronavirus pandemic continues to deteriorate in Iran. Countries most affected by the Virus in the Middle East, Iran has been forced to take new binding measures to the explosion of the number of cases.

in the talks about a revival of the nuclear agreement with Iran, the US increase the pressure. "We are committed to diplomacy, but the process can not go on endlessly," said Foreign Minister flashing.

US-Außenminister Antony Blinken wendet sich in Kuwait an den Iran © Yasser Al-Zayyat / AFP Via Getty Images US Secretary of Foreign Minister Antony Flashing in Kuwait to the Iran

A return to the 2015 atomic contract will not be possible if Iran continues his current activities, Antony said flashing in a visit In Kuwait with a view to the country's nuclear program. "We look what the Iran is ready to do or do not have to do, and are still fully prepared to return to Vienna to continue the negotiations," emphasized flashing. "The ball is still in the field of Iran."

Medal predictions for events at the Tokyo Olympics

  Medal predictions for events at the Tokyo Olympics TOKYO — Olympic medal predictions by AP beat writers: ___ ARCHERY Mixed Team Gold: South Korea Silver: India Bronze: United States Men’s Individual Gold: Brady Ellison, United States Silver: Kim Woojin, South Korea Bronze: Mauro Nespoli, Italy Women’s Individual Gold: Kang Chae Young, South Korea Silver: Deepika Kumari, India Bronze: An San, South Korea Men’s Team Gold: South Korea Silver: China Bronze: United States Women’s Team Gold: South Korea Silver: Taiwan Bronze: Mexico ARTISTIC GYMNASTICS Team Final Men Gold: ROC Silver: China Bronze: Japan Women Gold: United States Silver: ROC Bronze: China All-Around Men Gold: Nikita Nagornyy, ROC Silver: Sun Wei, China Bronze: Daiki H

A few days ago, Iran made it clear that discussions in Vienna on the Iranian nuclear program will not continue in Tehran before taking office of the new government. The consultations would have to "wait" until the new government was in August in office, the head of Iranian negotiation delegation, Vice-Foreign Minister Abbas Araktschi.

Waiting for Raisi

When choosing on June 18, the ultraconservative spiritual Ebrahim Raisi had been elected to the new President of the Islamic Republic. He takes over the office on 5 August from his moderate predecessor Hassan Rohani. Raisi is considered ultracon-servarian, but has pronounced for the nuclear calls as Iran need an end to US sanctions.

Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khameni said on Wednesday, experience has shown that it does not work to trust the West, "and referred to the relegation of the US from the Agreement and its consequences.

Iran opens an oil terminal in the Gulf of Oman to bypass the Strait of Ormuz

 Iran opens an oil terminal in the Gulf of Oman to bypass the Strait of Ormuz Iran-Petrole-Gulf: Iran opens an oil terminal in the Gulf of Oman to bypass the Strait of Ormuz © Reuters / Sputnik Photo Agency Iran opens a petroleum terminal in the Gulf of Oman to bypass the Strait of Ormuz Dubai (Reuters) - Iran opened its first oil terminal in the Gulf of Oman so that His tankers avoid the Strait of Ormuz, at the heart of regional tensions for decades, President Hassan Rouhani said Thursday. "This is a strategic approach and an important step for Iran.

Der neugewählte iranische Präsident Ebrahim Raisi bei einer Pressekonferenz (Archivbild) © fatemeh Bahrami / AA / AA / AA Picture Alliance The newly elected Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi at a press conference (archive image)

Two days after the presidential election, Viennese discussions were exposed to a revival of the 2015 atom agreement, without appointments for their continuation. A spokesman for the US State Department confirmed Meanwhile, that Iran had asked for more time because of the presidential change.

efforts to revive the Treaty

The talks on a reactivation of the Agreement had started in April . The US government was unilaterally from the then President Donald Trump 2018 Viennese nuclear agreement grew out and had again imposed hard sanctions against Iran. D As a result, began to gradually violate his editions , especially in uranium enrichment.

The Agreement with Iran had signed the US, Russia, China, Great Britain, France and Germany in 2015. It should prevent Iran developed atomic weapons. As part of the agreement, the west had loosened sanctions against the country. The Islamic Republic denies to have plans to develop nuclear weapons.

Trump's successor Joe Biden has generally agreed with new direct negotiations with Iran, but urges that the country must first regain his obligations from the nuclear agreement. Iran, in turn, makes the abolition of US penalty measures for the precondition. Most recently, the talks in Vienna had stalled. At them, the US are only indirectly participated.

Kle / Ar (RTR, AFPE, DPA)

tanker attacked in Oman Sea. London summons Iran's ambassador in the United Kingdom .
© Clodagh Kilcoyne / Reuters The flag of the union floats near the Parliament the day before a general election in the center of London, in Great Britain, the 7 June 2017. Photo Stock Illustration. The British Foreign Ministry convened Monday, Iran Ambassador in the United Kingdom on the subject of the deadly attack on Thursday, July 29 at the Oman Sea against a tanker, including London estimates Iran responsible.

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