Weekend Reads China's hypersonic rocket: Old technique, new problem?

20:00  19 october  2021
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Canada urged to join allies in tougher China stance after Kovrig, Spavor release

  Canada urged to join allies in tougher China stance after Kovrig, Spavor release OTTAWA — The aftermath of Canada's long fight with China over the imprisonment of Michael Spavor and Michael Kovrig has spawned a new challenge: whether to join allies such as the United States and Australia in taking a more confrontational stance toward China. Some analysts saw hints of a potentially tougher approach in what appeared to be a throwaway line in a congratulatory note that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau sent to his new Japanese counterpart, Fumio Kishida, this past week. Trudeau twice used the label "Indo-Pacific" to stress the importance of co-operating with Japan on shared regional interests.

China should have tested a hypershentation weapon. If she works as planned, she's hard to recognize and intercept. We answer the most important questions.

Eine Rakete vom Typ Langer Marsch nach dem Start auf der chinesischen Insel Hainan (Mai 2021) © China Daily Via Reuters / Reuters A rocket of the type long march after the start on the Chinese island of Hainan (May 2021)

China has sent an nuclear weapon-capable storey in August with a rocket of the type long march, Where it circled the earth on a low orbit. recently reported the Financial Times . After the dirculation, the rocket took the course for his goal, but this misses by more than 30 kilometers.

Beijing claims that the mysterious object was a reusable spaceship. It is a harmless incident when the newspaper report is represented, said on Monday the Foreign Ministry. Remains of the spaceship fell to the Ostchinese sea.

More than forty years together! These are the longest marriages in Hollywood

  More than forty years together! These are the longest marriages in Hollywood Some stars are a perfect example of the phrase “until death do us part”. We show you some celebrity couples who have been married for decades. It seems true love really does exist!

We answer the most important questions about the alleged rocket test.

What exactly has China shot in the sky?

It is a so-called high-speed sliding body, according to the information of the Financial Times, whereupon Beijing's statement, it was a "spaceship". Just like ballistic missiles, these nuclear weapons can wear. Such missiles move with more than five times the speed of sound, with about 6,200 kilometers per hour, in the upper atmosphere. While this is slower than a ballistic intercontinental rocket, but the shape of a hyperhall gliding vehicle makes it possible to control or remove from defense systems. They are maneuverable and remotely controlled, which makes a shot much more difficult.

The combination of a controllable sliding vehicle at a speed of sound with a rocket shooting it into a low earth circulation path can severely restrict the reaction time of opponents and the effectiveness of conventional defense techniques. The procedure is called Fractional Orbital Bombardment System (FOBS).

The two Michaels are free. Could a Canadian locked up in China for 15 years be next?

  The two Michaels are free. Could a Canadian locked up in China for 15 years be next? Following the release of the two Michaels, the wife of another Canadian man imprisoned in China says she is hopeful of a break in her husband's case as well.These are some of the words Kamila Telendibaeva uses to describe her husband, Huseyin Celil. Celil is a Canadian citizen who has been imprisoned in China since 2006, and who has been barely heard of ever since.

What distinguishes hypershown weapons of conventional intercontinental rackets?

Like ballistic missiles, hyperhall weapons can wear nuclear crush heads. However, while ballistic missiles fly through space in a high arc, hypersonic rackets remain in a low orbit. The common missile defense systems are geared to conventional intercontinental rockets, which is why remote-controlled hyposration weapons on orbits are more dangerous.

works only China to such weapons?

No, in addition to Beijing, the US and Russia also work on hypsyngal weapons, including room glides, which are shot into a circulation path with a rocket. Also, the North Koreans say they worked on hyphalism technology. The Fractional Orbital Bombardment System used by China now has already been developed in the sixties in the Soviet Union . In the eighties, however, it was replaced by submarine-supported ballistic rockets.

Why it matters to the world if China delivers on its carbon targets

  Why it matters to the world if China delivers on its carbon targets China's President Xi wants to transform the economy to help the poorest. He also insists the country can cut its carbon output. But can he do both at the same time and hang on to power?It has been well documented, most recently in last week's International Energy Agency report, that the world's governments have failed keeping up with their own climate change promises.

The United States and Russia have also carried out tests with hypershalated weapons in recent months. The US work on the expansion of its arsenal for hypershown missiles and recently reported a successful test of a so-called HAWC rocket, which is partially powered by oxygen from the atmosphere. It can fly like a march flying body from our own power through the atmosphere.

What is China's test for future disarmament negotiations?

China and Russia are working on hypersonic weapons to ensure toward the United States that the logic of nuclear deterrence backlog, writes armor expert Jeffrey Lewis . Such weapons are to circumvent able conventional early warning systems and missile shields. China's test of such a system is an unpleasant message, Lewis says, "not because it is a fantastic, futuristic technology, but because it is another step in a senseless, costly and dangerous arms race."

Most recently, satellite imagery hundreds of new nuclear missile silos in western China have uncovered. In the US, China hawks already require retrofitting, even NATO has now officially extended toward Beijing their focus.

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