Weekend Reads Eruption in the Canaries: Dogs, trapped by the lava, disappear mysteriously

19:30  22 october  2021
19:30  22 october  2021 Source:   ouest-france.fr

Lead 1-Spain-hundreds of evacuation at La Palma because of a lava casting

 Lead 1-Spain-hundreds of evacuation at La Palma because of a lava casting Spain-volcano / (Lead 1, TV, photo): Lead 1-Spain-hundreds of exhausts in La Palma Because of a lava pour (updated with new evacuations) by Bart Biesemans and Silvio Castellanos La Palma, Spain, 12 October (Reuters) - the authorities of La Palma ordered more than 700 inhabitants of the island Spanish of the Canaries Archipelago to leave their homes because the Cumbre Vieja volcano laund was heading for their district on Tuesday, according to the volcanic emergency plan of the Canaries (Pevolca)

Les chiens, enfermés dans leur chenil, se sont retrouvés encerclés par la lave. © La Palma Local Gamement / Volcanic Life / Tocon Soluciones / Handout via Reuters Dogs, locked in their kennel, found themselves encircled by the lava.

The affair states Spanish social networks. While a rescue operation was planned to save four dogs encircled by the Cumbre Vieja Volcano lava in the Canaries, the animals have mysteriously disappeared. A tense tarpaulin with the inscription "The dogs are going well" was found in the empty enclosure.

An giant drone had to save them, but four dogs trapped by lava flows on the island of Palma in the Canaries, whose spell passionate l 'Spain, have mysteriously disappeared, without the one Know who has helped them.

rash in the Canaries: Dogs stuck in the middle of the lava flows fed by Drone

 rash in the Canaries: Dogs stuck in the middle of the lava flows fed by Drone © Sergio Perez / Reuters The lava flows of the Cumbre Vieja volcano on the island of La Palma in the Canaries. While the Cumbre Vieja volcano continues to sell lava torrents on the island of Palma (Canaries), the local authorities have organized themselves to help dogs, stuck in a kennel. For several days, weakened animals receive food, delivered by Drone to them, the conditions do not yet allow a rescue in good standing. Dogs rescued thanks to the new technologies .

Evaporated. These emaciated hunting dogs, whose images have largely circulated on the internet and were blocked for several weeks in a kind of enclosure identified by the lava flows of the Cumbre Vieja, locality in the Todoque locality, were yet the object of all attentions.

After calls from the population and animal defense associations, a rescue operation had been prepared for several days by the company Aerocameras, who had received the green light of the authorities to exfunt the canids with a giant drone of 50 kg equipped a large rigid net.

# VOLCÁNDELAPALMA | Una Empresa of Aerocámaras Propone Organizar El Rescate of Los Cuatro Podencos than Percen Atrapados in Todoque Y that Sobreviven Gracias Al Agua Y Comfast as the Acercan Los Drones. Sería La Primera Vez that Lleva A Cabo a Proyecto of Este Tipo en españa pic.twitter.com/nnf7vfbzi8

Boy trapped and killed by falling log in northern Nova Scotia: RCMP

  Boy trapped and killed by falling log in northern Nova Scotia: RCMP SOUTHAMPTON, N.S. — Police in northern Nova Scotia are confirming the death of a seven-year-old boy who was pinned under a log while he was out for a walk with a family member in Cumberland Country. RCMP Cpl. Chris Marshall says the accident happened as the pair were walking on a logging road near Southampton on Monday around 3:30 p.m. Marshall says the boy was playing near a log pile on a road used by the Athol Forestry Co-operative when he became trapped.

- RTVC (@rtvces) october 14, 2021

but one of her drones flying over the area allowed Note Thursday, October 21, 2021 that dogs were no longer there. Aerocameras then decided on Friday, October 22 to end the operation and bring his teams back to Galicia (northwestern Spain), where the company is based.

Información Actualizada ℹ️ El Equipo de Aerocamaras Regresa has Galicia.


- Aerocamaras Especialistas in drones (@aerocamaras) October 22, 2021

After performing gratifying assignments all the safety perimeter where the dogs had to be found, we can say that our drones did not detect any trace of Animals, tweeted this Friday Aerocameras.

A tight tarpaulin with the inscription "Dogs are going well"

Japan: The impressive rash of Mount Aso and the flagship of Japanese

 Japan: The impressive rash of Mount Aso and the flagship of Japanese © Observers of France 24 Two images taken within minutes after the eruption. The first on a road 2 km from the epicenter. The 2nd from a park near the city of Takamori many inhabitants filmed the volcanic eruption of Mount Aso, on October 19, in Japan. They tell the writing of the observers this episode which, although impressive, did not sown panic in a country with more than 110 active volcanoes. many inhabitants filmed the volcanic eruption of Mount Aso, October 19, in Japan.

Thursday, the company had indicated to identify traces of people entered into the area yet prohibited. Who could help these dogs?

broadcast on social networks, an anonymous video shows aerial images of the zone and empty enclosure, as well as a white tarpaulin tense on one of the walls surrounding the place and clamor courage La Palma. Dogs are fine. A message signed by the Agency all risks, with reference to the American television series of the 1980s.

If some evoke the gesture of animal defenders, others, like the Animal Association Leales.org, which Reported in October the isolated and hungry canids, thinking about relatives of the dog owners.

Police and local authorities were unable to confirm this information or indicate whether an investigation has been opened. The case continued Friday to shake social networks. The Leales.org Association has received more than € 15,000 worth of donations after opening an online jackpot for dogs.

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volcano still in progress, the eruption of the Cumbre Vieja, which started on September 19, did not make any death but caused many damage: the lava covered 886 hectares and Destroyed 2,122 buildings, including hundreds of houses, according to the European Geospatial Meeting System Copernicus.

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