Weekend Reads "It is a movement of destabilization" against Ukraine and the European Union

20:42  30 november  2021
20:42  30 november  2021 Source:   fr.euronews.com

Ukraine: The Kremlin accuses Westerners' Exacerberly "Tensions

 Ukraine: The Kremlin accuses Westerners' Exacerberly Ukraine-Crisis-Russia: Ukraine: The Kremlin accuses Westerners of" Exacerbating Artificially "The Tensions © Reuters / Evgenia Novozhenina Ukraine: The Kremlin Accuses Westerners of "artificially exacerbating" the tensions Moscow (Reuters) - the Kremlin has accused the Westerners, the United States in the first place, to exacerbate the tensions with Ukraine by multiplying charges that it ensures unfounded on the will of Moscow to launch an attack on the former Soviet Republic.

on the move to Brussels Ukrainian Prime Minister judges the Russian military movements near the border as an act of destabilization against its country and the European Union. View on euronews


How do you qualify for these military trips?

Denys Chmyhal, Ukrainian Prime Minister:

From our point of view It is a movement of destabilization within Ukraine to prevent the European integration of Ukraine. But it is also a form of destabilization of Europe through the migratory crisis, through the energy crisis, through cyber attacks. It therefore destabilizes both Ukraine and the European Union, all this is strongly linked.

migrants continue to strive for the EU

 migrants continue to strive for the EU Poland raises Belarus to bring migrants into the border area. Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki warns of a destabilization of Europe. © Leonid Shcheglov / AP / Picture-Alliance With tear gas, polish officials make migrants from approaching the borderline , despite the evacuation of camps in the border this week , after Polish information continues to arrive in the border area. According to the Polish border guard, larger groups tried in vain to cross the border to Poland.

An imminent Russian invasion in Ukraine? Kiev worries about "very dangerous signals" at its border


Belarus has announced military exercises with Russia. Is it a danger to Ukraine and NATO because Kaliningrad's base is not far?


It's very dangerous for Ukraine and for the whole region for Poland for the Baltic countries. It's not just a danger for Ukraine, it's a danger to the region. We are worried and we ask for the support of our partners to put an end to this type of action in our region and close to Ukraine.


What do you expect from NATO in this context?


of cooperation, technologies, weapons, training for our soldiers, perhaps overview of NATO, but not only NATO, also from our foreign partners who are not members of NATO. Any support, any presence of the NATO forces in the Black Sea, near our borders and near the Russian border will help us and stop these acts of aggression and provocation.

Biden and Putin do not approach .
of Ukraine conflict determined the video summit between the US and Russia's Presidents: Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin remained at their positions - threats and appeasements included. © Adam Schultz / White House / Planet Pix Via Zuma Press Wire / DPA / Picture Alliance The American view video Peak: Joe Biden (r.) In Washington Originally, with a longer exchange of the two Statesmen, but already After about two hours , US President Joe Biden and his Russian colleague Vladimir Putin ended her with

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