Weekend Reads Kim Jong UN argues human rights violations: North Korea obviously suppresses reports of public executions

10:25  16 december  2021
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U.S. to mount 'diplomatic boycott' of Beijing Olympics; Canada contemplates similar

  U.S. to mount 'diplomatic boycott' of Beijing Olympics; Canada contemplates similar WASHINGTON — The United States confirmed Monday it won't be sending any diplomatic officials to the Winter Olympics in Beijing next year — and suggested strongly that it would welcome similar displays of international solidarity from countries around the world. The White House has been hinting for weeks at plans to send a strong message about China's "egregious" record on human rights, particularly its treatment of Uyghurs in the Xinjiang region, without denying its athletes the chance to compete. "Standing up for human rights is in the DNA of Americans," press secretary Jen Psaki told the daily briefing.

Human rightlists report that North Korea tries to make no information about public executions. The backgrounds.

Nordkoreas Staatschef Kim Jong Un im Januar 2021 © Photo: DPA North Korea's head of Jonges in January 2021

According to human rights, North Korea increasingly tries to suppress reports on public executions. The Transitional Justice Working Group, headquartered in Seoul in South Korea, declared on Thursday that the North Korean authorities have a watchful eye, according to testimonies, that no information about the executions penetrate outside. The human rights activists interpret this in response from North Korea's rulers Kim Jong and international criticism.

Trudeau announces Canadian officials will boycott Winter Olympics in China

  Trudeau announces Canadian officials will boycott Winter Olympics in China OTTAWA — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says Canada will join a diplomatic boycott of the Winter Olympics in Beijing next year, citing extensive human rights abuses by the Communist regime in the host country. The decision comes two days after the United States announced it would not send government officials to the Olympics over concerns about China's human rights record, and particularly allegations of genocide against the Muslim Uyghur minority in the Xinjiang province. Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom have all since followed suit.

For your report, the group of satellite images analyzed and collected testimonies to 23 public executions during the reign of Kim Jong UN from the end of 2011. North Korean refugees reported that the executions took place in strictly monitored locations. According to the researchers, these are far from the boundaries. The viewers are therefore sharply controlled to prevent recordings. Seven of public executions were loud the report because of the reputation of South Korean videos forbidden in North Korea.

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After the Kanye West supplication, Kim Kardashian is seen ... Single

 After the Kanye West supplication, Kim Kardashian is seen ... Single according to the News site People TMZ, the remoteness superstar started on Friday's steps to be legally recognized as single, despite the call Launched by Kanye West at a concert Thursday night. © Kristin Callahan / Shutterstock / Sipa Kim Kardashian has not flaldated against Kanye West calls. The 41-year-old superstar, which started a divorce procedure last February, still seems determined to end its marriage with rapper.

It is almost impossible to check the reports of the fled-independently, since North Korea strictly controlled access to its citizens and state records. However, the authors of the study emphasized that they had carefully tested the testimonies for their consistency and only those who held them particularly reliable.

The work of the human rights activists was complicated by the almost complete breakdown of the boundaries to North Korea because of the pandemic. Human Rights Watch called the measures on Thursday "unnecessary and extremely".

Pyongyang has long been accused of putting the population in fear and terror with public executions. Head of State Kim has had high-ranking helpers in the past, including 2013 his mighty Uncle Jang Song Thaek. North Korea disputes any human rights violations. (AFP)

Former Olympian calling for Canadian athletes to boycott Beijing Winter Games .
Drew Neilson, who competed in snowboarding at the 2006 and 2010 Olympics, says it’s unconscionable that athletes want to compete in a country known for its human rights violations. Earlier this month, America, Australia, Canada and the United Kingdom announced diplomatic boycotts of the Beijing Games, saying athletes can go if they want, but politicians and dignitaries will be staying home.

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