Weekend Reads Taiwan flies to the rescue of Lithuania against Chinese sanctions

12:47  14 january  2022
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John Ivison: Canada risks China's wrath with overture to Taiwan but so be it

  John Ivison: Canada risks China's wrath with overture to Taiwan but so be it Most Canadians want less trade with China but worry about the economic cost of taking a stand against the bullies in Beijing. A new poll by the Angus Reid Institute suggests that three in five Canadians support measures such as the diplomatic boycott of next month’s Winter Olympics but are concerned about negative economic consequences. Those fears are justified, judging by China’s track record of economic coercion, most recently an unofficial trade ban on the Baltic state of Lithuania.

Photo datée de 2018 lors d'une manifestation à Taïwan avant un référendum sur l'identité à Taipei. © Sam Yeh AFP Photo dated 2018 during a demonstration in Taiwan before a referendum on identity in Taipei.

Taiwan, a democratic archipelago claimed by Beijing, steals for the rescue of Lithuania, targeted in recent weeks by the economic sanctions of Beijing. Taipei has indeed announced in recent weeks several measures to support the Lithuanian economy.

of our correspondent in Taipei,

last November, Lithuania authorizes the opening of a Taiwan representation office in Vilnius, a non-diplomatic office as there are in nearly about fifty countries around the world. This office uses Taiwan term, a term usually banned to avoid Beijing's anger. It did not miss. Since then, China multiplies sanctions against balte state. Political but especially economic sanctions to which Taiwan has chosen to replicate for blow.

Ukraine: The Kremlin advises Washington not to cross "a limit"

 Ukraine: The Kremlin advises Washington not to cross © Ramil Sitdikov / Sputnik / Sputnik via AFP L Tension no longer stops climbing between Washington and Moscow, at the beginning of the year 2022. Thursday, January 13, Vladimir Putin indicated that the adoption of American sanctions against the Russia would be the exceeding of a "limit" in the tumultuous relations which oppose the two blocks. This declaration followed the presentation by the United States of a plan aimed at sanctioning Russian vulneys in Ukraine .

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Taiwan buys Lithuanian rum blocked by Chinese customs

at the beginning of the year, Taipei has redeemed some of the products that had been blocked in Chinese customs. for example rum or Lithuanian milk. And in recent weeks, this support has taken a new course. Taipei announced the implementation of an investment fund of $ 200 million and a $ 1 billion credit fund to support cooperation between Taiwan and Lithuania, which could include the electronic sector. .

The symbol is strong: Taiwan is one of the world leaders in the semiconductor sector, a strategic sector for which Taiwan is courted around the world to try to get investments.

Lithuania is not really recognized in the field, but these efforts could benefit its lasers industry and why not long-term lay the foundations for a future Lithuanian semiconductor industry.

USA: Biden presents itself in the pipeline dispute protective in front of Berlin

 USA: Biden presents itself in the pipeline dispute protective in front of Berlin The US President wants to prevent the Senate from adding immediate sanctions against the Nord Stream 2 project and everyone involved. © Kevin Lamarque / Reuters wants the Republicans in the dispute over Nord Stream 2: US President Joe Biden. Biden presents itself in the pipeline dispute protective in Berlin The White House comes a step towards the Federal Government in the dispute over the German-Russian gas pipeline Nord Stream 2.

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Economic threats from Beijing

with these investments, the message of Taipei is in any case clear: we will not let them down those who support us. But will this be sufficient against Chinese sanctions. That's the whole question. Beijing deliberately maintains the blur around its reset measurements. Lithuanian products were suddenly blocked by its customs and since, China would pressure other countries to stop using Lithuanian components. The consequences could therefore be very heavy for the Lithuanian economy that depends on 70% of its exports.

Taiwan and Lithuania rely on the European Union, but also the United States, to support Vilnius. If several solidarity voices have risen in recent weeks, no concrete measure has yet been announced. With or without these supports, Lithuania like Taiwan do not reset to the Chinese pressures. A Lithuanian representation office in Taipei should even open next spring.

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North Korea Announces Two New Missiles .
© Pixabay Northern Korea Announces Two New Missiles These tests that have been made to "check and judge the control of action procedures of the rail regiment" are the third of the year. New launch of missiles for North Korea. The country's authorities announced having launched two short-range missiles from a train on Friday. This is the third weapon test since the beginning of the year, despite new American sanctions.

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