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04:15  18 january  2022
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Conflict in Ukraine: the United States warns Russia of a risk of "confrontation" before the start of the

 Conflict in Ukraine: the United States warns Russia of a risk of talks continually mounted in Ukraine © Sergei Supinsky / AFP the crisis in Ukraine continues and the United States. United close up close to crisis - tensions constantly mounted in Ukraine American Secretary Antony Blinken warned this Sunday Russia of a risk of "confrontation" before the beginning of under high talks Voltage in Geneva on the situation in Ukraine .

Ukraine-crisis / GB-Defense (Update 2) weapons: The GB started providing anti-tank weapons at Ukraine

London, January 18 (Reuters) - Britain said on Monday that it had begun to provide anti-tank weapons to Ukraine in order to help it to defend against a possible invasion, an ad intervene on the background of increasing tensions with Russia, which Massped in recent months soldiers on their borders.

Western powers fear that Moscow is preparing a new offensive against Ukraine, after scheduled the Crimean Peninsula in 2014. Russia, who deployed tens of thousands of soldiers at the Ukrainian border, denies any draft attack and defends his right to deploy as she heard his soldiers on his territory.

As talks with Russia stall, NATO chief warns of a new war in Europe

  As talks with Russia stall, NATO chief warns of a new war in Europe The threat of a new war in Europe is very real, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said Wednesday following talks with Russia at the military alliance’s headquarters in Brussels.Stoltenberg's warning was delivered as the Trudeau government faces rising political pressure from the vocal Ukrainian diaspora community in Canada to do more to help deter an invasion by Russia troops.

Moscow, however, warned that it could take military measures - without specifying which - if the West does not respond favorably to its list of security applications, whose guarantee that NATO will never allow Ukraine to join. .

Discussions last week between Russia and the West have not made it possible to move towards a diplomatic outcome for the Ukrainian crisis. NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg emphasized the risk of armed conflict in Europe.

Speaking in front of Parliament, the British Defense Minister announced Monday that London had taken the decision to provide Ukraine with light defense armaments.

The first deliveries were carried out during the day, Ben Wallace said, stating that a limited number of members of the British army would give training for a short time.

Ukrainian crisis: Moscow wants Western responses, Blinken expected at Kiev

 Ukrainian crisis: Moscow wants Western responses, Blinken expected at Kiev © Ministry of Defense Republic of Belarus / AFP M Oscou claimed Western responses to its demands before new talks on the Ukrainian crisis, on the day before A visit to the Head of American Diplomacy in Ukraine , in the fear of a Russian invasion. The Russia has deployed tens of thousands of troops on the Ukrainian borders, and says a de-escalation goes through guarantees for its security, especially the commitment to never expand NATO.

He did not specify the number or type of weapons sent to Ukraine, ensuring that these weapons "are not strategic and represent no threat to Russia. They are to be used to self-defende".

"They are short-range," said the minister, "but that will do not think anywill" possible belligerents. "If tanks of assaults came to enter Ukraine, invade him, then these weapons will be part of the defense mechanism".

Kiev praised the announcement of the British government. "Ukraine greatly appreciates the decision of Great Britain to provide a new safe set (...)," reacted via Twitter the Minister of Defense, Oleksi Reznikov.

Ben Wallace said he had invited his Russian counterpart, Sergey Choigou, coming to London in the coming weeks to discuss the Ukrainian crisis. He said not to know if Moscow would accept this invitation. (Kylie MacLellan and Alistair Smout report, with Natalia Zinets and Matthias Williams in Kiev; French version Jean Terzian)

NDP MPs criticized for ‘terrible’ social media comments on Ukraine-Russia crisis .
MPs Leah Gazan, Niki Ashton and Don Davies were criticized for tweeting or retweeting statements that downplayed or questioned Canada's support for Ukraine. Three sitting New Democrat MPs are being criticized for posting "terrible" comments about the escalating tensions between Ukraine and Russia on social media, some of which questioned Canada's support for Ukraine in the face of Moscow's aggression.

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