Weekend Reads NewsBlog on Ukraine: NATO Member States Reinforce Defense in Eastern Europe

12:21  24 january  2022
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GB started providing Ukraine

 GB started providing Ukraine Ukraine-crisis / GB-Defense (Update 2) weapons: The GB started providing anti-tank weapons at Ukraine London, January 18 (Reuters) - Britain said on Monday that it had begun to provide anti-tank weapons to Ukraine in order to help it to defend against a possible invasion, an ad intervene on the background of increasing tensions with Russia, which Massped in recent months soldiers on their borders.

The location on the border between Ukraine and Russia is tense. Moscow has contracted about 100,000 soldiers. Ukraine and the west fear an invasion. Russia rejects this reproach and demands security guarantees. So far, all diplomatic efforts are in vain.

Ukrainische Patrouille an der Grenze zu Russland © AP Ukrainian patrol at the border with Russia Monday, January 24 NATO Member States Reinforcing Defense in Eastern Europe

10.50 : Due to the tensions with Russia, a number of NATO Member States reinforce their military presence in Eastern Europe: the Alliance Explained on Monday, there would be additional fighter aircraft and naval ships in the Baltic Sea and Eastern European countries such as Lithuania. Accordingly, NATO countries such as Denmark and Spain participate, the USA and France are considering the communication.

Trudeau promises to support Ukraine as Canadian warship departs for Black Sea

  Trudeau promises to support Ukraine as Canadian warship departs for Black Sea HALIFAX — A Canadian warship departed for Europe and the Black Sea near Russia on Wednesday, as Prime Minister Justin Trudeau admitted to fears of a Russian invasion in Ukraine. Trudeau went on to accuse Russia of trying to start a fight with Ukraine and promised Canada’s support to the Ukrainian people, who are on edge as 100,000 Russian troops sit on their country’s eastern border. Yet the prime minister stopped short when asked for details, including whether the government will extend a 200-soldier Canadian training mission in Ukraine whose mandate is set to expire at the end of March.

Great Britain attracts Employees from Embassy in Ukraine from

9.30 am : Because of the facing position between Russia and Ukraine, Britain also moves from its Embassy in the Ukrainian capital Kiev. In response to the growing threat of Russia, some employees and relatives would be called back from the embassy, ​​the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in London announced on Monday morning.

Previously, the US government had already announced in the face of increasing tensions to reduce their embassy presence in Kiev. Family members of diplomats and diplomats have been asked to leave Ukraine. Kiev criticized this as "exaggerated caution".

EU Foreign Minister advise Ukraine

7.30 : The EU Foreign Ministers advise on Monday on the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. US Secretary of State Antony Blinking wants to switch on video. The US has just announced that you want to reduce your embassy staff in Ukraine for security reasons.

Ukrainian Canadians worry about Russia conflict: ‘I’m afraid for my family’

  Ukrainian Canadians worry about Russia conflict: ‘I’m afraid for my family’ Ukrainian Canadians with families back in Ukraine are worrying about their safety as Russian aggression near the borders is stoking fears of a possible invasion.“I'm afraid for my family because there is nowhere they can go and there's nothing much they can do to protect themselves,” the 27-year-old Edmonton resident told Global News.

Sunday, January 23 Scholz has demand Muskaus after the end of the NATO extension.

4 pm : Chancellor Olaf Scholz has rejected Russian demands for one end of NATO eastward enlargement. "An accession of other countries from the East Europe into NATO is currently not on the agenda at all. What is the Russian demand? This warranty can not give it, "said the SPD politician of the" Süddeutsche Zeitung ".

"Safety and Cooperation in Europe, as this means the final files of Helsinki, can only exist if there is no idea of ​​influence areas where countries can not determine their own development," added Scholz in the interview. To the current situation, he said, "We are in a very serious location." It should not be overlooked that one hundred thousand soldiers and a lot of military equipment of Russia had been contracted along the border with Ukraine.

Saturday, January 22 Marine boss Schönbach after utterance crossed over Ukraine

22 clock : The inspector of the German Navy, Kay-Achim Schönbach, grants his post after controversial statements on Ukraine conflict. Previously, the Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs had scheduled the German ambassador in Ukraine, Anka Feldhusen. The Ministry of Defense in Berlin distanced himself from Schönbach's statements. This will be replaced "on my own request" and first replaced by Konter Admiral Jan Christian Kaack until a succession was found.

In photos: Russian military buildup near Ukraine’s borders

  In photos: Russian military buildup near Ukraine’s borders Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said on Friday that Canada “stands with Ukrainian people” and will “always be there with the necessary supports,” after announcing a loan of up to $120 million (CAD) to the Ukrainian government amid ongoing tensions with neighbouring Russia.

Vizeadmiral Schönbach had expressed understanding for the Russian President Vladimir Putin at an appearance in India. "What he really wants is respect at eye level. And - my God - to accommodate someone's respect, almost nothing costs, does not cost anything. So you would ask me: It's easy to give him the respect he demands - and he probably earned. "He see the bigger threat in China, he said. "Even we, India, Germany, need Russia, because we need Russia against China," says Schönbach. He was a strict gathering Catholic, and Russia is a Christian country - "Although Putin is an atheist, that does not matter. This large country, even if there is no democracy, on our side as a bilateral partner, (...) possibly keep Russia away from China. "

A spokesman for the Ministry of Defense said the DPA:" The utterances correspond to content and wording in no way the position of the Federal Ministry of Defense. "

crisis around Ukraine: The turnaround of Alexander Lukashenko .
Belarus has long supported Ukraine, but now it is firmly allied with Russia. This increases the worries in Kiev and Washington. © Shamil Zhumatov / AFP Russian President Vladimir Putin and the Belarusian head of state Alexander Lukashenko at a joint press conference in the Kremlin in the fall 2021. The turnaround of Alexander Lukashenko The warnings to the east are hardly countable, but this time Washington did not mean Moscow this time . It's Minsk.

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