Weekend Reads Ukraine: Joe Biden Ready for sanctions against Vladimir Putin

05:16  26 january  2022
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Ukrainian crisis: Moscow wants Western responses, Blinken expected at Kiev

 Ukrainian crisis: Moscow wants Western responses, Blinken expected at Kiev © Ministry of Defense Republic of Belarus / AFP M Oscou claimed Western responses to its demands before new talks on the Ukrainian crisis, on the day before A visit to the Head of American Diplomacy in Ukraine , in the fear of a Russian invasion. The Russia has deployed tens of thousands of troops on the Ukrainian borders, and says a de-escalation goes through guarantees for its security, especially the commitment to never expand NATO.

Le président américain Joe Biden s'adresse aux journalistes à Washington, le 25 janvier 2022. © AP - Andrew Harnik The American President Joe Biden is aimed at journalists in Washington, January 25, 2022.

Joe Biden has repeated it now for weeks: if the Russia invades Ukraine, it will have to make economic sanctions ever seen. The United States is also studying the response to a potential russian gas failure to Europe.

"We do not intend to deploy American forces or NATO in Ukraine," said Tuesday Joe Biden to the journalists accompanying him during a visit to a small business in Washington, shortly after that The United States has placed 8,500 soldiers on alert to strengthen the Western military alliance.

Ukraine: Russia and the United States discuss Geneva, ultimate attempt to defuse tensions

 Ukraine: Russia and the United States discuss Geneva, ultimate attempt to defuse tensions An last hope to try to defuse the Ukrainian crisis ? The leaders of the American and Russian diplomacy gave themselves a handful of hours Friday in Geneva to avoid the climbing of tensions, Washington suspected Moscow to want to invade his neighbor despite threats of heavy reprisals.

But the Chairman wishes to reassure the East-European members of the Atlantic Alliance. "We have a sacred duty, according to Article 5 of the Treaty, to our NATO allies. And so really Russia continued to amass forces and had to move, we would strengthen these troops, "he promised.

The American President, however, reiterated that Russia would expose to "significant" economic sanctions in the event of an attack, up to measures that can personally target his President Vladimir Putin. To a journalist who asked him if he could consider punishing the Russian president personally, Joe Biden replied "yes", then "I can conceive it".

Gas: a plan b under study

"There will be no graduated response. We will start at the top of the scale of sanctions and we will stay there, "has warned a high official official of the American administration. Financial sanctions, with the agreement of Europeans, are envisaged. Joe Biden has already mentioned the prohibition of dollar transactions for Russian entities. But the White House also considers export prohibitions of certain technologies that Russia needs to develop whole sections of its industry, reports our correspondent, Guillaume Naudin .

Sask. Ukrainians concerned for family members still in Ukraine

  Sask. Ukrainians concerned for family members still in Ukraine Iryna Matsiuk what is happening in Ukraine right now feels similar to eight years ago when Russian troops seized the Crimean Peninsula. Read more: Ukraine crisis: 11,000 pro-Russian troops in control of Crimea "Nobody believed that it was possible. It was surreal like we were looking like this is something to write in history books about. You know, the war in our country," said Matsiuk. The Skirchuk family also has concerns for the loved ones they left behind. "Everybody understands that something is going to happen. Putin is not the kind of person that would simply step back.

in Washington, it is also known that Russia could use the energy weapon, that is to say, cutting the oil and gas tap on which many European countries and in particular Germany. The White House believes that it would penalize Russia, which needs foreign currency. But in case, the United States is studying with gas companies the opportunity to compensate if the pipelines had just been cut.

Boat transport could be strengthened and it would come from all over the world. The White House announced the visit next Monday in Washington from the emir of Qatar. In particular, it will be question of "ensuring the stability of the international energy supply," the spokesman for the American Presidency Jen Psaki. The Gulf emirate holds immense gas reserves and is the world's largest exporter of liquefied natural gas.

Ukraine: Beijing defends "the concerns" of Russia .
© Vincent Isore / Maxppp / IP3 Press / Maxppp L E Foreign Minister, Wang Yi, has defended, Thursday, the "reasonable concerns" of the Russia for his safety, during a telephone exchange with his American counterpart Antony Blinken about the Ukraine . "We call all parties to calm, to refrain from increasing tensions and rising the crisis in pin," said Wang Yi, according to a statement broadcast by his department.

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