Weekend Reads "We are relieved": Honest words from St. Pauli's coach Schultz

18:52  30 july  2022
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Eggestein, Köhn and two very special goals - Déjà -Vu for Matanovic

 Eggestein, Köhn and two very special goals - Déjà -Vu for Matanovic one was born in Hamburg and now hit for 96. The other saw the light of the world in Hanover and cheered for St. Pauli - Derrick Köhn and Johannes Eggestein wrote quite special personal stories this weekend. © Imago Images/Getty Images Two special goals: Johannes Eggestein (left) and Derrick Köhn were able to cheer on Saturday evening. "Very nice feelings" at Hanover against St. Pauli First the guest was happy.

In the end, FC St. Pauli was still enough to move into the 2nd round of the DFB Cup. In the spectacular 4: 3 success of the Kiezkicker against the regional league team SV Straelen, however, the error list was long.

Dank an den Anhang: St. Paulis Trainer Timo Schultz mit Teilen seiner Mannschaft nach dem schweren Pokalspiel. © Imago/Team 2 thanks to the attachment: St. Pauli's coach Timo Schultz with parts of his team after the difficult cup game.

second division team affords many individual mistakes

"We are relieved that we finally moved into the next round," said St. Pauli's coach Timo Schultz after the 4: 3 spectacle in Duisburg against Straelen. Still pulling his head out of the noose was probably the best news of the day for the boys in Brown. Otherwise, that also knew their coach, the number of errors against the West regional league was far too high.

Club wins Derby against Fürth - St. Pauli saved late point

 Club wins Derby against Fürth - St. Pauli saved late point on Saturday Nuremberg won the prestigious derby against Fürth, promoted Kaiserslautern scored in Kiel. St. Pauli saved a late point in Hanover. © Imago/Zink Robert Klauß 2nd Bundesliga, 2nd matchday: FCK scores in Kiel Daferner's breast and the Joker - Club wins Derby against Fürth 1. FC Nürnberg on Saturday afternoon against SpVgg Greuther Fürth won - and that is well deserved.

In front of the goal, the FCSP was just in the goal in The initial phase is far too many chances: After eight exuberant possibilities, the second division team got into behind by a beautiful, but also simply structured attack by the Straelen.

even after the game was turned in the meantime, they crept away again and again - and these were sometimes Immediately punished: For example, defender Betim Fazliji did not get into the duel with the Straelen Ang right before the 2-2 equalizer before the 2-2 equalization Mature amoros nshimirimana.

Keeper Smarsch honest: "Stand for my mistake"

also the goal for 3: 3 was characterized by an individual mistake, this time by keeper Dennis Smarsch, who completely misinterpreted a free kick. "That was a mistake on my site, I am entitled to," said the Hamburg goalkeeper. Previously, full -back Manoli Saliacas had already flown off the pitch, so that the Kiezkicker also had to finish outnumbered.

The fact that it was ultimately still enough to progress was happy due to the time and at the same time the best news of the day. "In the outnumber, I have to compliment my team that she forced it 4: 3," said a relieved Schultz.

double packer Jakov Medic agreed with his coach: "It was not our best day. Now we have to focus on the league again and see what we can do better." St. Pauli will have the next chance this next weekend in Kaiserslautern at the promoted (live! At Kicker.de on Sunday, August 7th, at 1:30 p.m.). Interesting: Both clubs started well with four points.

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