Weekend Reads Osama Ammar: "We'll see if I go to prison"

11:00  28 september  2022
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Jonathann Daval again as a couple in prison: Alexia Fouillot's mother comes out of silence

 Jonathann Daval again as a couple in prison: Alexia Fouillot's mother comes out of silence © Starface Jonathann Daval again as a couple in prison: Alexia Fouillot's mother is silence Monday, September 12, 2022, revelations On the romantic situation of Jonathann Daval were made, by a BFMTV journalist. He would have found love with a fellow prisoner. Isabelle Fouillot, the mother of Alexia Fouillot, reacted to the news with a BFMTV journalist on Sunday September 18, 2022.

  Oussama Ammar : «On verra bien si je vais en prison» © Jérôme Bonnet

How to bow out at 35? On November 29, 2021, the young Osama Ammar split a long message on LinkedIn to announce his departure from The Family, the famous start-up incubator he co-founded with two collaborators almost ten years before. He, the visionary who received the Minister of the Economy Emmanuel Macron, the "tech guru" at the millions of views on Youtube, has the feeling of having arrived at the end of the way. And he writes it (in English): "No longer being the right person is an opportunity to become a new person. In response, hundreds of fans pay tribute to him: "Force! »« Big up and thank you! »« WOW! A page (and what page!) Turn. Massive impact. Total respect :) We want the rest!

Under the threat of a prison sentence after having saved a raccoon

 Under the threat of a prison sentence after having saved a raccoon two years in prison and 7,500 dollars (7,740 euros) fine: it is the sentence incurred by Erin Christensen, American citizen living in the state Dakota from the North. Three charges were retained against her, tells The Guardian , whose illegal possession of a fur animal. The thirty -something was indeed arrested on September 6 when she entered a bar accompanied by a raccoon. Three months Rather, the Christensen family found the animal on the edge of an Route .

Eight months later, his two former partners received us in the cabinet of their lawyer, a stone's throw from the Champs-Élysées. Alice Zagury and Nicolas Colin took weeks to accept this interview. Not easy for them to talk about the one who was also their friend. They accuse him of having diverted at least 3 million euros for personal purposes. Five complaints for "breach of confidence, false and use of false" were filed in France, the United Kingdom and the Cayman Islands. Then each word weighs with all its weight. Accompanied by their advice, Me Ivan Térel, they sometimes give the impression of reciting notes learned in advance and unrolling the chronology that led them to the precipice, as if they tried to understand themselves. They trusted him entirely, they insist on several occasions. And they saw nothing coming. On the Medium site, Alice Zagury wrote: “When confidence is given and tested over time, we no longer be wary, we lower the guard. "Faced with us, she poses the dilemma that she does not manage to resolve:" How can someone who worked so much to build The Family can be able to want to destroy everything? "

Inès REG victim of a harassment for several years: justice has returned its verdict

 Inès REG victim of a harassment for several years: justice has returned its verdict © provided by Starmag It was our colleagues from La Provence , on September 26, 2022, who relayed the information. The famous humorist Inès Reg , who gained popularity in 2019 with a video that has become viral, is harassed by a 38 -year -old nurseryman. The latter had not hesitated to go back and forth between Paris and Marseille to bring a bouquet of flowers and chocolates to its idol.

As much to confess it, we will have heard everything and its opposite the subject of Osama Ammar. Shareholders, entrepreneurs, admirers and detractors described a character with a thousand facets: visionary genius, dangerous manipulator, extraordinary fabulator. A complex and unclassifiable man, hated and adored, magnetic, delicious, unbearable, liar, generous, egocentric, intelligent, transgressive, excessive, megalomaniac. Some of our interlocutors demanded anonymity, others have agreed to speak to us, before retracting. But how can a web figure arouse so many passions? What is this fascination tells of us, and our world?

June 1, 2022, the first exchange with the interested party. "Write what you want, I don't mind much," he replied to our request for an interview made to his lawyer. He prepares his defense in his corner, and prefers to communicate in his own way, on his Instagram account followed by 120,000 subscribers. We see the photo album of his life, or at least the one he wants to show: feasts with friends at the end of the world, trips to Bali or to the Maldives, evenings with the pianist Star Sofiane Pamart, fireworks, jumps In swimming pools and yours, a sentence in English which leaves you thinking: "In chaos, there is fertility. In other words: fertility lies in chaos.

One day, his account announces his arrival in Toulon, at the end of June, for a conference entitled: “Programmed to succeed and launch a successful business. We send him an email to attend; His answer falls with a smiley worthy of the 2000s. "You can always buy a place: -)" five hours later, new email: a friend convinced him to talk to us. An appointment is fixed, just before his comeback on stage.

The rest of the investigation can be found in the October issue of Vanity Fair

Christian QUESADA will have to stay in prison: his sentence weighed down and we know why .
for a little over a week, Christian Quesada has returned to prison. The former candidate of twelve noon shots on TF1, tried for corruption of minors and ownership of child pornography, was again arrested by the police for not having respected the obligations put in place for his parole. One thing for which his pain has just been weighed down. © supplied by Purebreak France in 2016, Christian Quesada impressed everyone in the twelve noon shots on TF1.

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