News: Weekend Reads

Foncing to Lviv, a medical train transports wounded east of Ukraine

Monday  15:55,   11 april 2022

© Genya Savilov Wounded and Elderly Patients ARE Being Evacuated by Train From Embatled East Ukraine Funcing to Lviv, a medical train transports wounded for The evacuate, far from the violent fighting of the east of Ukraine. For Evguen... >>>

World Bank: Economic power of Ukraine Halved

Monday  14:05,   11 april 2022

The economic consequences of war in Ukraine will be dramatic, so the World Bank. But even in Russia and other countries of the region, the economy shrinks. © Iryna Rybakova / Press Service of the Ukrainian Ground Forces / Reuters One of Russians... >>>

Burma: Aerial strikes against rebels near the Thai border

Monday  13:37,   11 april 2022

Burma-S-Curit: Burma: Aerial strikes against rebels near the Thai border © Reuters / Stringer. Burma: Aerial strikes against rebels near the Thai border (Reuters) - The Burmese army launched Sunday from the aerial strikes for the rebels of the... >>>

Procurement: Macron and Le Pen Pull an

Monday  11:40,   11 april 2022

in the sub-election in the presidential election in France go by appointors Emmanuel Macron and the right populist Marine Le Pen in the runoff election. Macron is between three and five percentage points in front of Le Pen, as announced by the... >>>

War in Ukraine: After the bombing of Kramatorsk, many inhabitants refuse to flee despite the fear

Monday  11:40,   11 april 2022

in this city of Donbass, region where the Russian army continues to progress, civilians sometimes prefer to remain only to see their family separate. Others make it a question of patriotism and believe in the victory of Ukrainian forces. © Provided >>>

Emmanuel Macron wants to "invent something new to gather"

Monday  03:40,   11 april 2022

© Copyright 2022, the Obs Emmanuel Macron called this Sunday, April 10, at the end of the first round of the presidential election, to found "a great movement Unity and action policy "and this beyond" differences ". He also said he was ready to... >>>

Presidential: Marine Le Pen calls "all those who did not vote" Macron to "join"

Monday  02:00,   11 april 2022

© Europe 1 / CNEWS Candidate Rn, Marine Le Pen, called Sunday after his accession in the second round, " All those who did not vote for Emmanuel Macron "to join her. Arrival second, she called French voters "right, left, moreover, of all origins to >>>

French presidential election: Macron and Le Pen go in run-selection

Monday  00:06,   11 april 2022

after the first round of the French presidential election are the reigning head of state Emmanuel Macron and the right marine Le Pen according to extrapolations in front. As the broadcaster France 2 and TF1 reported on Sunday evening after closing... >>>

Ukraine War: Austria's Chancellor will meet Putin in Moscow

Sunday  21:40,   10 april 2022

First, Karl Nehammer had traveled to Ukraine, now he will meet on Monday with Russia President Vladimir Putin in Moscow. © Photo: Evgeniy Maloletka / AP / DPA Karl Nehammer (ÖVP), Chancellor of Austria The Austrian Chancellor Karl Nehammer meets on >>>

War in Ukraine: Dnipro airport "completely destroyed" after

Sunday  19:30,   10 april 2022

bombing © Copyright 2022, Obs Dnipro Airport, a big city in eastern Ukraine, was again bombarded Sunday, April 10, by the Russians and "completely destroyed", announced the regional governor. In kyiv's suburbs, desolation and barbarism in the wake... >>>

say Uncle Obs ... Who is really Vladimir Putin?

Sunday  19:15,   10 april 2022

© Copyright 2022, Obs for decades, the majority of people did not understand its nature. In the common spirit, Vladimir Putin was nothing but a head of state appreciated by his people for successfully giving a little order in the immense... >>>

War in Ukraine: On a surprise visit to kyiv, Boris Johnson Meeting Volodyymr Zelensky

Sunday  15:25,   10 april 2022

© Copyright 2022, Obs British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, on a surprise visit to Ukraine Saturday, and the Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky have wandered together In the streets of kyiv, many quarters were bombed by Russia, said the... >>>

War in Ukraine: Boris Johnson and Volodymyr Zelensky are walking together in kyiv

Sunday  09:30,   10 april 2022

The British Prime Minister sat on Saturday a surprise tour in kyiv. This is the first time since the beginning of the war a G7 head went to Ukraine © AP British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and the Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky walking in... >>>

Alexander Dvornikov, ancient of Syria, now at the head of the Russian troops in Ukraine

Sunday  09:30,   10 april 2022

© supplied by the Huffington Post Vladimir Putin and General Alexander Dvornikov, Kremlin in Moscow, March 17, 2016. Vladimir Putin and the General Alexander Dvornikov, Kremlin in Moscow, March 17, 2016. Russia - The Russian army reorganizes in... >>>

Should President remain or leave? Mexico also votes

Sunday  07:05,   10 april 2022

© Pedro Pardo A poster VANT The popular consultation on the continuation of the mandate of Mexican President Manuel Lopez Obrador, to Ixtapaluca Mexico), the 8th of April 2022 must stay or leave? Some 93 million Mexicans are invited to pronounce... >>>