News: Weekend Reads

American Airlines passenger sparks mid-flight brawl after denied beer, threatening to kill seatmate

Sunday  09:20,   27 may 2018

The drama in the high skies unfolded on May 23.One unruly American Airlines passenger caused quite the scene in the high skies when his request for beer was denied by a flight attendant, leading him to push and threaten to kill his seatmate in an...[...]

Dem lawmaker to Melania: Your husband separating immigrant children from their parents is not a 'Be Best' policy

Sunday  00:11,   27 may 2018

Dem lawmaker to Melania: Your husband separating immigrant children from their parents is not a 'Be Best' policyIn an early Saturday tweet, Lieu appealed to the first lady about the issue, saying her husband's directive is not in line with...[...]

Florida declares state of emergency as storm Alberto approaches

Sunday  00:11,   27 may 2018

By Gina...[...]

After the Yukon: Brutally frostbitten Italian ultra-runner adjusting to new life — without hands or feet

Saturday  21:05,   26 may 2018

Doctors couldn’t save Roberto Zanda’s legs, amputating both below the tibia, while his right hand was likewise lost to the mid-forearm . It is a cascade of physical reduction about which, miraculously, the 61-year-old Italian is not angry.“Roberto...[...]

This Is Why Victoria Beckham Wasn't Smiling at the Royal Wedding

Saturday  16:30,   26 may 2018

The fact that Victoria Beckham isn't exactly a "smiler" is not news to anyone who's seen her since the "Posh Spice" days. That being said, her alleged lack of enthusiasm still rubbed people the wrong way at the royal wedding. Victoria...[...]

‘We’re closed!’: Trump vents his anger over immigration at homeland security secretary

Friday  23:54,   25 may 2018

The strains in their relationship illustrate the difficulty faced by Trump subordinates who are tasked with delivering policy solutions to match his most soaring promises. “The president has a very rudimentary understanding of what the border is all [...]

Revealed: The coat of arms created for Meghan and approved by the Queen - featuring the same lion as her husband Harry's crest and golden poppies from her native California

Friday  23:53,   25 may 2018

The design of the Arms was agreed and approved by Her Majesty The Queen.The design of the Arms was agreed and approved by Her Majesty The Queen and Thomas Woodcock (Garter King of Arms and Senior Herald in England), who is based at the College of...[...]

PEOPLE Explains: Infamous Kidnappings Throughout History

Friday  22:21,   25 may 2018

PEOPLE Explains: Infamous Kidnappings Throughout HistoryA special message from MSN: This month we're working with the Missing Children Society of Canada and other organizations to help reunite missing kids with their families. Together, through...[...]

New Jersey Bus Driver Charged in Crash that Killed 10-Year-Old, Teacher

Friday  05:51,   25 may 2018

New Jersey Bus Driver Charged in Crash that Killed 10-Year-Old, TeacherHudy Muldrow Sr., 77, has been charged with two counts of reckless vehicular homicide/death by auto for allegedly driving recklessly and causing the death of 51-year-old teacher...[...]

What went wrong for Trump in North Korea? Everything

Friday  04:15,   25 may 2018

Hard-liners won this round, sinking a nuclear deal with Kim...[...]

Investigator reveals eerie detail from search of Golden State Killer suspect's home

Friday  02:06,   25 may 2018

So far, the items found inside the Citrus Heights home of Joseph DeAngelo have remained a closely guarded secret.  But one investigator who saw the scene just dropped an eerie detail about the Golden State Killer suspect.Paul Holes, a cold-case...[...]

30-year-old man speaks out after being evicted from his parents' house

Thursday  19:56,   24 may 2018

It's a case that pitted a mom and dad against their own son. The couple wanted the 30-year-old to move out of their home in upstate New York. Despite eviction notices and offers of cash, he wouldn't budge, CBS New York reports.So now, acourt [...]

Morgan Freeman accused of inappropriate behavior by 8 women

Thursday  19:55,   24 may 2018

Multiple women have accused actor Morgan Freeman of harassment and inappropriate behavior, alleging he inappropriately touched them and made suggestive comments about their appearance, CNN reported Thursday. The news outlet spoke with eight people...[...]

She said she was sexually assaulted by a state trooper. His camera footage shows otherwise.

Thursday  17:53,   24 may 2018

Social activist and blogger Shaun King published an article which addressed Dixon-Cole's allegations.Sherita Dixon-Cole, a 37-year-old woman from Northeast Texas, was pulled over early Sunday by a Department of Public Safety officer who...[...]

Georgia jury awards $1 billion after guard rapes teen

Thursday  11:26,   24 may 2018

Georgia jury awards $1 billion after guard rapes teenHope Cheston was outside by some picnic tables with her boyfriend during a party in October 2012 when an armed security guard approached, attorney L. Chris Stewart told The Associated Press on...[...]