News: Weekend Reads

What the jury didn't hear at Marissa Shephard's 1st-degree murder trial

Wednesday  22:07,   09 may 2018

Jurors at Marissa Shephard's first-degree murder and arson trial were out of the courtroom for days while lawyers argued before the judge about evidence and the charges.It took a jury only about four hours to decide Marissa Shephard was guilty...[...]

McDonald's Made A Big Change And Employees Hate It

Wednesday  22:06,   09 may 2018

To keep things moving and still qualify their meals as “fast food”, McDonald’s installed cowbell buzzers (behind the scenes) every single time an order that requires fresh beef is placed. © Getty Images One called it "annoying as hell". In theory,...[...]

Why Trump torpedoed Obama’s Iran deal

Wednesday  15:32,   09 may 2018

Why Trump torpedoed Obama’s Iran deal(Editor’s note: The opinions in this article are the author’s, as published by our content partner, and do not represent the views of MSN or...[...]

Pa. Couple Sentenced for Starving Children — Who Ate Peeled Paint off Walls to Survive

Wednesday  00:02,   09 may 2018

Pa. Couple Sentenced for Starving Children — Who Ate Peeled Paint off Walls to SurviveIn February, Joshua Weyant, 34, and Brandi Weyant, 39, of Halifax, pleaded guilty to charges of aggravated assault, conspiracy, false imprisonment, unlawful...[...]

Decades-long hunt for missing girls leads to Michigan farm: police

Wednesday  00:01,   09 may 2018

Decades-long hunt for missing girls leads to Michigan farm: policeInvestigators were digging in a wooded area where the man, Arthur Ream, led officials 10 years ago to the body of a girl that he was found guilty of murdering, said William Dwyer,...[...]

Hostage wife escapes, man kills 3, then self after standoff: Police

Tuesday  19:06,   08 may 2018

Authorities say he held his wife hostage, she escaped to neighbor's home, where he shot 3 dead, but others escaped, including his wifeBROOKEVILLE, Md. -- The suspect in the fatal shooting of three people whose bodies were found in a Montgomery...[...]

‘I guess the love is gone’: Ex-FBI director Comey responds to Rudy Giuliani’s suggestion that he might have lied

Tuesday  19:06,   08 may 2018

Comey, who once worked for Giuliani when he was a prosecutor, made the comment during an interview with The Washington Post.“I guess the love is gone,” Comey joked. “I used to be one of his star prosecutors. It appears I’m not...[...]

He Was Convicted of Molesting His Niece. Should He Still Have a Future in Baseball?

Tuesday  16:10,   08 may 2018

Luke Heimlich is among the best collegiate pitchers and may take Oregon State to the College World Series. He was also convicted of molesting his 6-year-old niece, a crime he says never happened.CORVALLIS, Ore. — Luke Heimlich, one of the best...[...]

The woman who watched 300 executions

Monday  18:51,   07 may 2018

A former employee of the state of Texas describes the profound effect the executions had on her.Texas has executed far more people than any other US state, and one former employee of the state has watched hundreds of them unfold. She speaks to Ben...[...]

Police officer tells massage therapist 'happy endings' are 'part of the business'

Monday  18:51,   07 may 2018

A West Island registered massage therapist is urging Montreal police to examine how they handle complaints of unwanted sexual behaviour after an officer seemed to try to dissuade her from filing a report and repeatedly told her to not be...[...]

Why Hawaii's Newest Eruption Makes Volcanologists Nervous

Monday  18:07,   07 may 2018

An ordinary American neighborhood has been evacuated because of a volcano. On Thursday evening, Hawaii County ordered roughly 1,500 people near Pahoa, Hawaii, to leave their...[...]

Inside Melania Trump’s complicated White House life: Separate schedule, different priorities

Monday  15:06,   07 may 2018

Inside Melania Trump’s complicated White House life: Separate schedule, different prioritiesThe first lady wakes in her own bedroom a bit later, according to two close friends of the Trumps. She then readies their 12-year-old son for school,...[...]

Footage shows Carnival cruise flooding with water due to issue with fire system

Sunday  04:46,   06 may 2018

An issue with the ship's fire suppression system reportedly caused water to begin flowing down walls and pooling in the hallways of the Carnival DreamAround 50 of the ship’s staterooms on Deck 9 flooded as a result of the break, Carnival Cruise...[...]

Mother of baby kidnapped from a hospital says stranger who raised her deserves death

Saturday  05:31,   05 may 2018

Shanara Mobley's infant daughter was kidnapped from a maternity ward by Gloria Williams, who raised the girl as her own.Each year since, Mobley celebrated the girl’s birthday with a cake she kept frozen for 18 years. She thought about what...[...]

Trump's new 'Stormy' story stuns many in West Wing

Friday  23:27,   04 may 2018

President Donald Trump says his $130,000 reimbursement of a hush payment made to porn actress Stormy Daniels wasn't tied in any way to his campaign. His lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, said this week that Trump repaid the money given to Daniels to keep...[...]