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Mom's Viral Post About 'Ghost Baby' Found on Her Monitor Has a Perfectly Logical Explanation

Wednesday  00:11,   23 october 2019

A mom says that after seeing what she couldn't help but think was a ghost in bed with her L.O., she was "so freaked out" she "barely slept." Turns out there was a perfectly logical explanation for the specter. Maritza wrote, "So, last night I... >>>

Everything You Need to Know About Paid Family Leave

Monday  18:55,   21 october 2019

Katie Bethell, founder and executive director of PL+US (Paid Leave for the United States), the national campaign to win paid family leave by 2022, answers your FAQs. So why is the U.S. so far behind the rest of the world, and what are members of... >>>

Most popular short and sweet baby names

Monday  18:55,   21 october 2019

No longer will you concern yourself with the butchering of a beloved name. With this list, you can be assured that your child will have their name spoken only in its entirety. Stacker looks at the top one-syllable names for your... >>>

Er, Never Eating Dinner Together Could Be A Sign That You're Headed For Divorce

Monday  18:55,   21 october 2019

Deep.... >>>

Apparently A Lot Of Women Hate Their Husband—Here's What You Can Do About It

Friday  23:40,   18 october 2019

Short of starring in your own true-crime doc.As it turns out, hating your spouse isn't as uncommon as you might think. Practically everyone has times when they feel something like hate toward their partner, says Jane Greer, PhD, a marriage and... >>>

8 Pieces of Advice to Take From Your Parents and 7 to Forget

Friday  23:21,   18 october 2019

"Do as I say, not as I do" isn't a kind warning, it's just bad parenting. Here's more advice from your parents that you should skip—along with the good advice you should follow. The post 8 Pieces of Advice to Take From Your Parents and 7 >>>

How to Deal With Annoying Mixed Signals

Thursday  19:50,   17 october 2019

Remember: Actions speak louder than words.Everyone comes into a relationship with different ways of communicating. Sometimes, wires get crossed, triggering vulnerabilities and insecurities that can throw you for a loop, but this advice from... >>>

This Woman's Wedding of Her Dreams Included 20 Bridesmaids

Thursday  18:00,   17 october 2019

The groom could only come up with 11 groomsmen. Tyler could only come up with 11 groomsmen, but they made it work regardless. "I kept telling him he needed to have more than five because I am going to have 20," she said. "... We got as close as we... >>>

Women Share the Things Men Do That Are Totally Creepy

Wednesday  23:35,   16 october 2019

Your flirting might not be as innocent as you think.One woman recalled having to consistently, politely rebuff her coworker's advances over a period of five years: "Point is if someone turns you down they probably aren't playing hard to get. Try... >>>

7 ways parents can support their child when they come out

Wednesday  20:55,   16 october 2019

It can be difficult to know what to say or do when someone comes out to you, but these things are a good place to start.In fact, coming out is actually one of the hardest things a person can do in a society that harms, marginalizes, and perpetuates... >>>

Is There Such A Thing As A Harmless Crush When You’re Married?

Tuesday  20:25,   15 october 2019

"Do you need help with those bags?"I am walking past the Studio City Starbucks to my car, carrying two medium-sized shopping bags from Papyrus. Without looking up, I smile politely in hisdirection and shake my head "no." Next, I hear his footsteps... >>>

Are You Gaslighting Your Child? Here Are 6 Signs

Tuesday  20:00,   15 october 2019

There’s no doubt that parents are just as flawed and complex as, you know, every other human — and no matter how hard we try, our negative traits are going to affect our children in one way or another. Gaslighting is an especially egregious form of... >>>

This Enchanting Wedding Is Inspiring Us to Channel Our Inner Disney Princess This Halloween

Monday  21:10,   14 october 2019

"As little girls, a lot of us dream of the perfect princess... >>>

15 Easy Halloween Crafts Kids Will Love to Make

Monday  21:10,   14 october 2019

Trick-or-treating is only half the fun. Pump your kids up for frightful night with these easy Halloween crafts your little monsters will... >>>

Start Saying 1 Thing to Your Kids More Often, and Science Says They Will Be Much More Successful (It's Counterintuitive)

Monday  18:25,   14 october 2019

Want to help your kids to accomplish the goals they set? Tell them this. You have goals. And, if you're a parent, you have goals for your kids. You want your kids to grow up to be happy, fulfilled, independent, and successful (in whatever way they... >>>