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There’s a Real Reason You Love Seeing 11:11 on the Clock

Friday  00:26,   30 october 2020

It's something called an "angel number."Ever glanced at the clock at 11:11? Or been daydreaming about moving to Antigua when a bird flew down and stared you right in the face? Those aren’t just coincidences; they may have been signs from the... >>>

Every single Julia Roberts movie, ranked

Thursday  18:25,   29 october 2020

From "Pretty Woman" to "Erin Brockovich," the famed actress has been in some critical failures and some critical... >>>

‘Bly Manor’ star Victoria Pedetti on her character’s feminism, ‘You’ season 3

Thursday  18:25,   29 october 2020

The breakout star of “The Haunting of Bly Manor” and “You” discusses her latest character's unique "coming out" and why she's drawn to roles that defy expectations.In her most recent TV role, in Netflix’s “The Haunting of Bly Manor,”... >>>

John Douglas Traces the True Story of Serial Killer Joseph Paul Franklin in New Novel

Tuesday  23:37,   27 october 2020

Gather round, Mindhunter fans, because author John Douglas is releasing a brand-new book with writer and filmmaker Mark Olshaker based on Douglas's career spent interviewing violent offenders for the FBI. One of the first criminal profilers and... >>>

21 Skin-Care Subscription Boxes Your Complexion Will Love

Tuesday  19:26,   27 october 2020

Subscription boxes are an easy, curated way to discover new products. Here are 21 of the best skin-care-themed boxes out... >>>

9 Things I Wish I Knew Before Getting Separated From My Wife

Tuesday  19:26,   27 october 2020

#1: Everybody chooses a... >>>

COVID-19 prevented new parents from meeting their baby born via surrogate. Then, the birth mother stepped in to care for the child.

Tuesday  17:26,   27 october 2020

The new parents named their baby girl Jennifer — in honor of the surrogate who went above and beyond for their family.Traditionally, the undertaking includes a matching process with a compatible family, an embryo transfer, a pregnancy, a birth, and, >>>

A man threw his boyfriend a 'surprise funeral' for his birthday and told attendees to pretend that he was a ghost

Monday  21:16,   26 october 2020

"It was so charming and funny and morbid and I loved every second of it," McCann told the Mirror Online. Visit Insider's homepage for more stories. A  man was a witness to his own "surprise funeral" that his boyfriend orchestrated for his birthday.... >>>

Prince William and Prince Harry Learned Very Different Lessons from Their Parents' Failed Marriage

Monday  16:19,   26 october 2020

They had completely opposite approaches to love as a result.In his new book Battle of Brothers: William and Harry: The Inside Story of a Family in Tumult, royal biographer and historian Robert Lacey explains how Charles and Diana's dramatic divorce... >>>

Kelly Clarkson offers fan honest dating advice amid divorce: ‘We’ve all been there’

Monday  16:19,   26 october 2020

“I have advice — I don't know if you want it.”The singer, 38, fielded a question from a woman who wondered how to get her crush to commit to something more... >>>

Margaret Tudor of "The Spanish Princess" Deserves Her Own Period Drama

Monday  03:15,   26 october 2020

The story of her life—and her three marriages—is nothing short of fascinating."Grief" follows what happens when the life of Margaret Tudor (or Meg, as they call her in the show), the younger sister of King Henry VIII, is thrown into... >>>

Gay male penguins steal lesbian couple's eggs at Dutch Zoo

Sunday  03:40,   25 october 2020

The gay male African penguins, who made headlines last year when they stole an egg from a heterosexual couple, have now stolen a lesbian duo’s nest.A pair of two male African penguins at a Dutch zoo, who made international headlines last year when... >>>

Kelly Clarkson Shared This Brutally Honest Relationship Advice With a Fan

Sunday  01:15,   25 october 2020

Sometimes, when a relationship isn’t going in the right direction, we all need a little bit of tough love to set us straight. Love (or lust, or even just a good old fashioned crush) can make us blind to warning signs that are obvious to others —... >>>

Kelly Clarkson Just Gave the Best Dating Advice Amid Her Divorce

Saturday  21:15,   24 october 2020

“We’ve all been there. It’s not just you,” she told a fan.During an episode of The Kelly Clarkson Show that aired on October 23, a fan revealed to Clarkson that she's stuck in DM limbo. “My crush only uses Instagram to message me and he sends me... >>>

trainer Adi Hütter reluctant to answer questions about Huebner

Saturday  17:15,   24 october 2020

trainer Adi Hütter was reluctant to comment on the rumors about a possible departure from sports director Bruno Huebner at the Bundesliga club Eintracht Frankfurt. © Uwe Anspach / dpa Frankfurt's trainer Adi Hütter gesticulates on the sidelines... >>>