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How to Introduce Your Pronouns at the Holiday Dinner Table

Friday  22:50,   13 december 2019

The holidays can be stressful, especially if you're in the process of transitioning. Even if you make it through the questions, well-meaning or otherwise, there is still the constant threat of being dead-named and misgendered. As with many... >>>

This Couple Re-Created the Lantern Scene From Tangled, and Our Hearts Can't Handle It

Friday  22:30,   13 december 2019

"All at once, everything looks different, now that I see you... >>>

The Best Relationship Advice I Got From My Parents

Friday  22:30,   13 december 2019

Part of growing up is learning to see your parents beyond their roles as mom or dad. As a kid, you tend to have little interest in hearing about their love lives prior to you: who broke your mom’s heart before your dad came along, or how your dad... >>>

17 Letters to Santa That Will Warm Your Heart This Holiday Season

Friday  22:30,   13 december 2019

"I am not eating my boogers anymore. So now you can bring me some toys please." The post 17 Letters to Santa That Will Warm Your Heart This Holiday Season appeared first on Reader's... >>>

Best of the Decade: See Which Baby Names Dominated in the 2010s

Friday  22:07,   13 december 2019

Each year, the Social Security Administration (SSA) puts out its list of the top baby names from the previous year, but the organization also holds the data for the top names of various decades. As we're about to close out another decade, we're... >>>

What I Learned When My Holiday Family Photos Went Horribly, Hysterically Wrong

Friday  01:25,   13 december 2019

It is the most dreaded day of the year for moms: family picture day. The pressure to have the perfect shot on your holiday card sends most moms I know into a major panic attack. require(["medianetNativeAdOnArticle"], function... >>>

How Millennial Dating Styles Differ from Baby Boomers'

Friday  01:25,   13 december 2019

Some generational differences might surprise... >>>

6 interfaith couples and families reveal how they celebrate the holidays

Friday  01:25,   13 december 2019

Here's how six interfaith couples and families navigate and celebrate their religious differences during the winter holiday season.Interfaith identities and relationships can feel particularly complex during the winter holiday season with... >>>

Dating Someone with Kids? Here’s How to Do It Gracefully

Wednesday  17:47,   11 december 2019

Dating someone with kids can be tricky—but it could also be one of the most rewarding experiences of your... >>>

Erika Ettin: When is the best time to online date?

Tuesday  20:20,   10 december 2019

As we approach Thanksgiving and then the Christmas season (though, I'm already starting to hear Christmas music too soon!), I want to talk about whether there is a best time of year to do online dating or meet someone. People ask me the same... >>>

How Your Kids Can Give Back this Christmas Season

Tuesday  17:55,   10 december 2019

I’ll be the first to admit that as a kid, I was blessed. My fridge was always full. My toy box — and closet — were overflowing, and the holidays were an event. Gifts were piled below and beside our tree. But all that changed in the summer of 1995,... >>>

How to date in December

Tuesday  00:05,   10 december 2019

Now that Thanksgiving is behind us (is it possible that I'm still full?) and radios are playing Christmas music as if it's the only station in existence, it's time to think about this time of year when it comes to your dating life. In... >>>

Ex-etiquette: 'It's not you, it's me'

Friday  18:50,   06 december 2019

Last night my boyfriend gave me the "It's not you, it's me," speech. It took me by surprise because we have been living together for 6 months and looking to buy a house together. My friends have told me that we are rushing things and he... >>>

I didn't take maternity leave as a self-employed worker, and I regret it

Friday  01:15,   06 december 2019

When Melissa Petro had her first child, she didn't stop working — and found herself overwhelmed. She's learned her lesson for her second child.Family policy - an issue at the forefront of many Americans' minds - finally made it to the... >>>

How My Parenting Changed When I Moved My Family to a Place Where Most People Carry Guns

Thursday  22:00,   05 december 2019

When my family moved from New York City to Texas, I had to rethink my stance on guns and how I talk about them with my family. When I became a mom of two in Manhattan, I had already lived in New York City for ten years, in a city with notoriously... >>>