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What It's Like Being a Woman Terrified of Commitment

Tuesday  21:10,   19 november 2019

When thinking of a person who is terrified of commitment, a suit-wearing, James Bond-type probably comes to mind, right? You know, the Barney Stinsons and Mr. Bigs of the world. What we often don't picture is a girl like me who has read almost every >>>

A relationship expert believes couples can be stronger after cheating, but there are 4 important steps to rebuilding trust again

Tuesday  18:32,   19 november 2019

Dr Jenn Mann thinks couples can work through infidelity to be closer than before, but they need the "four Rs of apology."Jenn Mann, the author of "The Relationship Fix," told Insider the main reasons people stray is a lack of connection in the... >>>

Here’s How I Handled Relatives Making Prejudiced Comments Around My Kid

Tuesday  18:31,   19 november 2019

The holidays are just around the corner. While some families are jumping for joy at the opportunity to get together, there are quite a few families out there who dread get-togethers. A family is made up of many wonderfully different individuals,... >>>

This Professional Baseball Player's Spider-Man-Themed Wedding Has Our Spidey Senses Tingling

Monday  22:55,   18 november 2019

Jett and Josh first met when they were kids; Josh played on a minor league baseball team, and Jett, who was a softball player herself, enjoyed watching the minor league... >>>

Resilient Kids Come From Parents Who Do These 8 Things

Monday  20:50,   18 november 2019

Letting your kids fail and talking to them about it goes a long way.They Let the Kids... >>>

I Started Going For Walks With My Kids, and I've Learned That It's the Best Way to Connect

Saturday  01:40,   16 november 2019

Almost nine years into this whole parenting game, I've accepted that almost no kid-related problem, however big or small it might seem, comes with an easy solution. (For proof, please refer to my then-3-year-old son's absolute refusal to poop on >>>

12 Ways Grandparents Waste Money on Their Grandkids

Friday  23:50,   15 november 2019

AARP recently found that U.S. grandparents collectively spend around $179 billion each year on their grandkids. But experts agree that there are ways grandparents can enrich their grandkids' lives that doesn't involve spending tons of money. >>>

How Do You Know If You're In a Toxic Relationship?

Friday  22:15,   15 november 2019

Here, psychotherapist Dr. Jenn Mann shares the signs of a toxic relationship to watch out for.I've been in an on-again, off-again relationship for years. Our fights are super explosive and intense — we tend to go below the belt and say things we... >>>

9 Transgender People Share How They Chose Their Names

Friday  22:05,   15 november 2019

Choosing a new name can be a big part of transitioning for transgender and gender non-conforming people, who often aren't comfortable still being called by their birth name (also sometimes called a "dead-name"). But just like parents choosing a... >>>

10 Women on the Places, Foods, and Things They Refused to Let a Breakup Ruin

Friday  21:30,   15 november 2019

Don't mind me, just reclaiming my life.After some time passes, though, reclaiming things that were hallmarks of your relationship can be a great way to reconnect with yourself. It’s not about living in the past, it’s about rebranding those... >>>

I'm A Queer Woman Dating A Trans Man — & No One Knows

Friday  00:25,   15 november 2019

I'm a queer woman partnered with a transgender man, but everyone assumes we're a heterosexual couple. On the surface, we’re the quintessential Brooklyn duo: We have tasteful tattoos and piercings, we shop at food co-ops, we attend spin class >>>

What I Learned After Buying My Newborn Daughter a Gender-Neutral-Only Wardrobe

Thursday  22:35,   14 november 2019

We were one day home from the hospital after delivering my daughter when my aunt called. "I want to make sure you got the flowers we sent. And I want to make sure there are no pink flowers. I told them twice not to send you any pink," she said,... >>>

The 10 worst places to live if you're single

Thursday  01:57,   14 november 2019

WalletHub released a report ranking the best and worst cities for singles, looking into factors like online dating opportunities, nightlife, and population of... >>>

Erika Ettin: Being single is a valid choice

Wednesday  20:05,   13 november 2019

The actress Emma Watson brought attention to singledom, not simply by saying that she is happily single but by naming herself as "self-partnered." I have to tell you, the fact that I'm a dating coach aside, I love this. It acknowledges the fact... >>>

Ask Alex: Is It Ever Okay to Ask for a Plus-One at a Wedding?

Wednesday  19:40,   13 november 2019

“Can I ask for a plus one?” is probably the most frequently asked etiquette question when it comes to weddings—and the most hotly debated. “It comes up often!” celebrity wedding planner Marcy Blum admits. The answer to this used to be “no ring no... >>>