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John Mulaney and his wife Anna Marie Tendler are divorcing

Tuesday  00:50,   11 may 2021

Comedian John Mulaney and artist Anna Marie Tendler are divorcing after six years of marriage, the couple confirmed to Page Six.On Monday, Tendler told Page Six through a spokesperson that she was "heartbroken that John has decided to end our... >>>

Who Is Ryan Murphy’s Husband, David Miller? Here's What We Know

Monday  20:05,   10 may 2021

Ryan Murphy’s husband, David Miller, keeps a pretty low profile. Here’s everything we know about the photographer.Had it not been for Ryan Murphy's brilliant mind, we wouldn't have binge-worthy gems like Glee, Nip/Tuck and American Horror Story. The >>>

Tips for Recovering Financially After a Divorce

Monday  18:05,   10 may 2021

Learn how to get your finances back on solid ground after a divorce on this week's Money Confidential podcast."I didn't have a bed, I left the desktop computer—things like that that you wouldn't necessarily think about," Alicia says. "I've... >>>

Melinda Gates sought divorce lawyers in 2019 amid report of Epstein dealings, reports say

Monday  16:53,   10 may 2021

Melinda Gates' concern over Bill Gates' connection to convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein played a role in their divorce after 27 years, according to a pair of new reports.The Daily Beast and The Wall Street Journal have reported that the >>>

From virtual dating across the globe to struggling through pandemic lockdowns, meet the people who found love, or nearly lost it, during the pandemic

Monday  03:50,   10 may 2021

"I have no doubt that, ironically, the pandemic that isolated everyone in the world is the catalyst for bringing me together with my husband.""I met my husband because of the pandemic," Megan told... >>>

Working Mothers Would Rather Quit Their Jobs Than Go Back To The Way It Was

Monday  03:05,   10 may 2021

Here’s what employers can do. We just aren’t interested in the frenzied commute to a 9-to-5 office job anymore. Getty I am a mom, a business owner and a wife. I’ve lived through the corporate rat race, three C-sections, Stage 1 cancer and a surprise >>>

Bill Gates' Ties to Jeffrey Epstein May Have Triggered Wife Melinda to Seek Divorce

Monday  01:50,   10 may 2021

Bill Gates’ impending divorce is drawing lots of questions now that The Wall Street Journal is reporting that wife Melinda Gates may have been looking into leaving the marriage as early as 2019. It also appears that Bill’s association with convicted >>>

Bill and Melinda Gates are the latest couple to get a 'gray divorce.' Here's why more married people part ways after 50.

Saturday  01:50,   08 may 2021

Factors like longer lifespans and a fixation on child-rearing have led to a rise in later-in-life divorce, therapist Barry J. Jacobs told Insider.Bill and Melinda have now joined a growing number of older couples filing for "gray divorce," or a... >>>

Venus In Gemini Marks The Actual Start Of Hot Girl Summer

Friday  23:05,   07 may 2021

This Best Fan Friend Friday, Hoda and Jenna help a young woman surprise her grandmother ahead of Mother’s Day. Watch as she answers a trivia question about the show for the chance to win a special... >>>

A shot at love: Vaccination status is the latest Covid-era compatibility test

Friday  21:51,   07 may 2021

“Knowing when the other person is vaccinated has definitely alleviated a lot of my fears," one Bumble and Tinder user said.“Originally, I did it as a kind of a little joke. The line I use is, ‘Fully vaccinated, still anti-social,’” she... >>>

After 50 years, a daughter found her birth mom — who starred on her favorite show as a kid

Friday  17:05,   07 may 2021

A genetic test finally led Lisa Wright to her birth mother. To Wright's surprise, she was someone she watched on TV growing up.Wright told TODAY's Sheinelle Jones that she had always known that she was adopted but had never looked for her... >>>

50 Long Riddles to Give Your Brain a Workout

Friday  04:50,   07 may 2021

You need to be one smart cookie to solve these long riddles! The post 50 Long Riddles to Give Your Brain a Workout appeared first on Reader's Digest.You may consider yourself a master of riddles, but remember—you haven't seen our list of long... >>>

Companies Are Calling Employees Back. It’s a Big Problem for Moms

Friday  02:50,   07 may 2021

With many schools and daycares still in flux, working parents are in a tough spot. The return of full-time, in-office work—without full-time, in-person school and daycare—could push more moms out of the workforce. Getty As vaccinations continue... >>>

Bebe Rexha says she's open to dating 'whoever inspires' her but admits past relationships with women have been 'too emotional'

Friday  01:15,   07 may 2021

The "Girls" singer discussed her past romances with women while opening up about her sexual fluidity."What I believe about sexuality is this: it's a scale," she said, adding that she considers herself... >>>