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What Comes After the Nuclear Family?

Thursday  23:10,   13 february 2020

Many Americans are reimagining life at home, exploring models of kinship and community that might help more people flourish.Brooks explores the question of what family structures might serve people better, proposing that the answer might resemble... >>>

9 Things to Keep in Mind for Valentine's Day in the Classroom

Monday  21:50,   10 february 2020

9 Things to Keep in Mind for Valentine's Day in the ClassroomHere are nine things to keep in mind for Valentine’s Day classroom... >>>

These Were The Most Popular Baby Names In 1970

Friday  18:50,   07 february 2020

Baby name popularity lists look pretty similar from year to year, but interesting trends emerge over longer periods of time. The Social Security Administration’s baby names database reveals which names have fallen off the map over the years, which... >>>

Can Marriage Ruin A Perfectly Good Relationship? Therapists Weigh In

Friday  17:15,   07 february 2020

Millennials, on the whole, are a little marriage phobic. (And since millennials are on the cusp of surpassing Baby Boomers as the nation’s largest living adult generation, that’s a whole lot of wary people.) Statistically, those in their 20s... >>>

15 breathtaking wedding photos that were taken underwater

Thursday  18:45,   06 february 2020

From posed shots to tying the knot in aquariums, couples around the world are taking wedding photos — and even getting married —... >>>

30 cool and unusual topics to discuss on a date

Thursday  18:45,   06 february 2020

Dates have the risk of awkward silences and conversations that end as quickly as they start. So, when on a date, avoid typical boring topics. Instead, try to ask unique questions that will start a good conversation. For inspiration, here are... >>>

How to Be a Great Co-Parent If You Don't Get Along With Your Ex

Thursday  18:45,   06 february 2020

Even if you're not best friends with your ex, it's OK. It may not be realistic for some people. But you can still be a great parent anyway. Well forget them, because they might not be you. And you know what? They're not me, either.... >>>

Here’s How to Have a Financially Healthy Relationship, No Matter Who’s the Breadwinner

Thursday  18:45,   06 february 2020

Thirty-eight percent of wives now outearn their husband, but some are still uncomfortable in that role.The New York Times has reported that in heterosexual marriages in which women earn more, wives will tell the Internal Revenue Service they earned... >>>

Americans increasingly see abortion views as non-negotiable in relationships, and the rise of dating apps may be responsible

Thursday  17:31,   06 february 2020

A survey of 2,000 US singles found some non-negotiable beliefs. Researchers believe the rise of dating apps has made singles being more selective.According to a new report, published today by the American Enterprise Institute, a public policy think... >>>

How You Parent Probably Doesn't Matter as Much as You Think

Wednesday  18:45,   05 february 2020

As someone who writes about parenting a lot and with the exact goal of helping to make all aspects of this monstrous, daunting task a little easier, I did a little double-take when I saw this headline in Today’s Parent: Does Parenting Even Matter?... >>>

35 Unique Wedding Bands That Still Feel Timeless

Tuesday  18:45,   04 february 2020

Here are 35 unique wedding bands—for every budget—that won’t look anything like the solid gold or infitity band that everyone already... >>>

5 Things I Wish I Knew About Dating While Studying Abroad Before I Left

Tuesday  18:45,   04 february 2020

There's something electric about leaving home to live in and explore a new... >>>

BAZAAR Bride's Little Black Book: The Top Wedding & Event Designers in the World

Tuesday  18:45,   04 february 2020

These are the people to call when you're looking for far more than florals... >>>

Erika Ettin: Questions to ask on a first date

Tuesday  18:45,   04 february 2020

First dates are hard. There's no denying that. From the endless supply of sweat that you didn't know your body could actually make, to the awkward silences when you actually contemplate talking about how unseasonably cold it is outside, to... >>>

An Adoptive Mom of 3 Explains How Beautiful Open Adoption Can Truly Be

Tuesday  18:45,   04 february 2020

Bethany Moore, a former teacher, knew she always wanted to foster children once she got married. However, rather than waiting for the perfect partner to come around, she dove head first into foster care on her own. © Bethany Moore An Adoptive Mom of >>>