Food 3 reasons why walking in the corn field is life-threatening for dogs

15:20  24 september  2020
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Drei Gründe, warum du mit deinem Hund nicht im Maisfeld Gassi gehen solltest © Provided by WUNDERWEIB Three reasons why you shouldn't take your dog for a walk in the corn field You like to walk your dog through the corn field in autumn? Here are three important reasons why you should avoid corn fields when you go for a walk with your furry friend.

Going for a walk with the dog is for some the nicest occupation there is, for others it is often a torture. Because the dog wants to get out even in wind and weather. In order to at least avoid the rain a little, many dog ​​owners like to go for a walk in the forest and the maize field also offers protection from the wind in the late summer and autumn months.

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For the sake of the the dog's well-being , however, you should absolutely forego the walk in the corn field , because this presents some life-threatening dangers for your fluffy four-legged friend . Here are three good reasons why you shouldn't take your dog for a walk in the corn field.

Eating corn on the cob is harmful to health

The sweet smell of corn on the cob attracts animals. Dogs also like the scent in their nose and so it often happens that such a tasty corn on the cob can quickly find itself between the pearly whites. The inside of the piston , however, is so hard that it is impossible for the dog to digest . As a result, the four-legged friends deal with an intestinal obstruction , which in the worst case can be fatal.

9 things with which you can destroy the health of your dog.

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Impending attacks by wild boars

A corn field is the absolute feed paradise for wild boars. They too are attracted by the sweet smell of the corn on the cob and fill their bellies in the dense field. Between the tall maize plants, which are so dense that wild animals are perfectly protected from potential enemies, you can easily overlook the wild boars as walkers . However, your dog is seen as an enemy, invading their feeding area.


great danger is posed by wild boars that are out and about with their youngsters . Although these are born in spring, they are tied to the brook for up to a year and a half. So it may well happen that you run into a wild boar family group while walking in the corn field in late summer and autumn. Since the Brooks' protective instincts are extremely high, they will defend their youngsters from intruders at all costs. If a wild boar attacks from the thicket, there is hardly any room for your dog to evade and for you too, an wild boar attack can turn out quite unfortunate. Your dog barks more than normal? These 5 reasons could be behind it

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Dogs can get cuts Anyone who has ever cut on paper knows how painful these cuts are and how badly they can bleed. Corn leaves are similarly sharp-edged as paper

, so that dogs can seriously injure themselves when walking through a corn field. Especially when they are not on a leash, romping around freely in the maize field and thus also stray from paths and scurry through the close-up maize plants, the sharp leaves

will leave cuts on the face of the fur noses and on their legs . A corn field should therefore be avoided as a matter of urgency when walking so that you do not expose your dog or yourself to unnecessary danger.

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