Food People Are Making "Ramen Lasagna," and It's Our New Favorite Weeknight Dinner

02:00  20 october  2021
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Let's be honest for a second. While we all love the idea of collecting different cookbooks and trying a new recipe every night, it can be a daunting task. Save that short rib ragu for Sunday dinner. If you want to try something new on a weeknight, turn to viral TikTok recipes. The latest recipe people are obsessed with is ramen lasagna!

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How to Make Ramen Lasagna

This delicious meal idea comes from TikTok user @ramenkingivan. If you couldn't tell from his name, this creator takes ramen and transforms it into all kinds of fancy meals, including ramen lasagna.

Ivan pulls two packets from his mountainous stack of different-flavored ramen. He doesn't use the seasoning, so whatever ramen flavors you have on hand will work.

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Step 1: Build the ramen lasagna base

Using a small glass baking dish, he opens the ramen and places half of the dry noodles at the bottom of the dish. He saves the other half for later. On top of the ramen noodles, he pours a generous amount of pasta sauce. Next, he grates fresh cheddar cheese on top of the pasta sauce and covers it all with another half of dry ramen noodles.

Here's how to grate cheese so it doesn't stick to your grater.

Step 2: Layer with more cheese and noodles

He repeats the process with another generous pool of pasta sauce and even more freshly grated cheese on top. I'm starting to like where this is going! But we're not done yet. Taking another packet of ramen, he breaks the noodles in half one more time and places half on top of the cheese. As you may have guessed, more pasta sauce and cheddar cheese follow up. Then he takes the last half of the ramen noodles and crushes it up in his palm so the crumbles fall like pieces of crunchy breading.

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Step 3: Bake the ramen lasagna

He follows up with a bit more cheddar cheese and pops the whole thing in the oven at 350°F for 25-30 minutes. And when I say it comes out looking like a dream...I mean it. Bon appetit!

The post People Are Making “Ramen Lasagna,” and It’s Our New Favorite Weeknight Dinner appeared first on Taste of Home.

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