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Healthy Bedtime Snacks Approved by Kids, Moms & Nutritionists

  Healthy Bedtime Snacks Approved by Kids, Moms & Nutritionists If you’re looking for healthy bedtime snacks that’ll work for your own diet and also your kid’s, considering the right set of nutrients, portion size and “appeal” for little ones is key. You’ll want something satisfying but not too filling and that won’t keep you up at night. So, what kinds of bedtime snacks do nutritionists recommend that will also be a hit with kids and parents? We spoke to a few experts to find out.

It can probably be argued that few fast food brands are as polarizing as Chick-fil-A. This week, an ongoing lawsuit reached a critical point as one state's Supreme Court reportedly found itself tasked with making an awkward decision: Should Chick-fil-A be allowed to establish a location inside one Southern city's airport, even though some consider the chain to be not inclusive of all people? Here's where a near three-year-old legal fight has landed.

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Friday, Texas public radio station TPR.org reported that in early 2019, San Antonio's city council voted to ban Chick-Fil-A from an airport contract because of the fast-food brand's history of supporting anti-LGBTQ organizations.

The best takeout seafood in every state

  The best takeout seafood in every state Think there are too many seafood places in Maine to choose among, but none in landlocked Nebraska? This list will point your cravings in the right direction.

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After a series of rulings in the city's favor, on Thursday this Chick-fil-A lawsuit reached Texas Supreme Court. TPR.org reports that a party of five San Antonio residents, including one "failed far-right city council candidate Patrick Von Dohlen," are continuing their fight on Chick-fil-A's behalf. They argue that just because the Chick-fil-A brand identifies with Christian values (company CEO Dan Cathy has found himself embroiled in controversy for anti-LGBTQ donations he's made), that doesn't give San Antonio the right to exclude the brand from having a presence in the airport.

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Currently, it sounds like the case remains up in the air. Law360 reported Friday that the court "grappled" over where to lean, questioning what "specific injury" the plaintiffs had suffered besides not being able to buy Chick-fil-A's food.

Breastfeeding Snacks That Are Healthy, Yummy & Don't Require Two Hands

  Breastfeeding Snacks That Are Healthy, Yummy & Don't Require Two Hands If you’ve ever breastfed, you know the experience can be a surprising combination of delightful, difficult, awkward, pleasant, painful, exhausting, terrible, or all of the above. But no matter what, it’s likely to make you hungry — and for good reason. Your body burns 300 to 500 calories per day producing milk. Then there’s the fact that feeding yourself and your baby can be quite the challenge, especially in the early days when nursing sessions are nonstop (and therefore, having a free hand or two to whip up a snack can feel pretty impossible). But fear not, mama: There is hope. These breastfeeding snacks are nutritious, delicious and filling.

Some might also argue that by now, the plaintiffs' ongoing appeals are a waste of public resources. As TPR.org reports, "the city had already gone back to Chick-fil-A since this lawsuit was filed and offered them the spot. The company declined."

Some people will go anywhere for a chicken sandwich and waffle fries… but explaining that to TSA could be the ultimate test.

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