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Americans Are Buying More of These Groceries Than Ever Before, Says New Study

  Americans Are Buying More of These Groceries Than Ever Before, Says New Study A new study shows that the consumption of ultra-processed foods has increased over the past two decades across nearly all demographics.Ultra-processed foods include certain types of meat, such as hot dogs and deli meats, sugary breakfast cereals, soft drinks (as well as other sugary beverages), and so much more. The study, which was published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, shows that consumption of these types of foods has increased over the past two decades in people across nearly all demographics, without regard to income.

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What happens to Walt Disney World's life-size gingerbread creations once the holiday season has come and gone? The answer to that question has the internet buzzing.

A new TikTok video documenting the theme park's eco-friendly gingerbread recycling process has gone viral thanks to its unexpected stars: local Florida bees.

That's right. After the holidays, Disney World dismantles its magnificent culinary creations and leaves the structure to be licked clean by swarms of hungry bees.

"After we break down every piece of cookie, candy, and cute chocolate character, each gingerbread display is dismantled and brought to our tree farm," a Walt Disney World sous chef explains in the clip. "There, local Florida bees get to feast on sweets until every bit is gone. This helps the declining bee population by keeping them well fed during the winter months when food sources are harder to find."

The #1 Best Diet for a Flat Belly

  The #1 Best Diet for a Flat Belly If you want a lean midsection in no time, this is the very best diet for a flat belly, according to a registered dietitian.However, there's one goal practically everyone trying to lose weight has in common: getting a flat belly. While shaving off a few pounds can help reduce your risk of certain chronic ailments, like type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, and fatty liver, losing inches off your waist may also lower your heart attack risk. In fact, a 2018 study published in the Journal of the American Heart Association found that waist-to-hip ratio was a better predictor of heart attack risk than BMI.

Disney Parks © Provided by Southern Living Disney Parks

Barry Stockwell, a planned work specialist with Walt Disney World's Event Decorating Support team, explained the origins of the process in a post on Disney Parks blog.

"Ten years ago, when performing our annual gingerbread display cleaning, we noticed bees were very attracted to the sugar on the displays after deconstruction," Stockwell said. "We decided to bring the display pieces to our Disney tree farm and lay them out in our field to give the bees a chance to collect the sugar on the wooden structures."

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Once the gingerbread is removed, the team breaks down the support structure and transports the royal-icing-covered parts to the Walt Disney World Resort tree farm.

"Then, it's all up to the bees to find the sugar-coated wooden pieces and collect the sugar," the blog post notes.

When the bees have had their fill, the wooden pieces are power washed with hot water and the display is stored until the next holiday season.


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