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What is adenomyosis? The condition behind Gabrielle Union's fertility problems

Wednesday  03:05,   12 december 2018

After welcoming a baby via surrogate, Gabrielle Union is raising awareness of... >>>

Cold Weather Makes People Drink More Alcohol: Study

Wednesday  03:05,   12 december 2018

The study, conducted by the University of Pittsburgh Division of Gastroenterology, showed that as temperatures dropped and hours of sunlight diminished, alcohol consumption increased. Additionally, these climate factors were associated with higher... >>>

Why Do I Sweat In My Sleep?

Wednesday  01:40,   12 december 2018

Are you waking up after perspiring in the middle of the night? Finding your sheets or pajamas soaked in the morning? Don’t sweat it. You’re not the only... >>>

Details Just Emerged About The Accident That Caused Mel B's Broken Ribs, Severed Hand

Wednesday  00:15,   12 december 2018

Here's what went... >>>

If You Take an OTC Sleeping Pill Every Night, Stop! This Is What Experts Have to Say

Wednesday  00:05,   12 december 2018

They seem to work like magic, but over-the-counter sleep meds come with a... >>>

A Teenager Was Electrocuted While Using Earbuds and His Cell Phone. Should You Be Worried?

Wednesday  00:05,   12 december 2018

A teenager in Malaysia was electrocuted and died earlier this month, and news reports suggest that using his phone while it was charging may be to blame. According to the New Straits Times, the 16-year-old’s mother discovered the boy lying on the... >>>

Headaches, Erectile Dysfunction, and More Issues You Didn't Know Physical Therapists Treat

Tuesday  23:06,   11 december 2018

Your PT can help with more than just rehabbing your bum... >>>

12 Health Food Trends to Be on the Lookout for in 2019

Tuesday  22:41,   11 december 2018

What's going to be big next... >>>

Anger Isn't As Bad As You Think. Here's Why.

Tuesday  22:07,   11 december 2018

Feeling mad? Good! Here's how to use that anger more... >>>

63 Percent of Americans Say This is Their Biggest Source of Stress

Tuesday  22:07,   11 december 2018

Discover the single factor that a staggering majority of Americans point to as their biggest source of... >>>

Always Forgetting Important Things? Here’s How to Fix That, According to Science

Tuesday  21:15,   11 december 2018

Most people, when tasked with remembering something important, jot down a note. But a study says there may be a better way to keep memories fresh: draw a picture. require(["medianetNativeAdOnArticle"], function (medianetNativeAdOnArticle) {... >>>

Winter Weight Gain Is Real - This New Study Says Lack of Sunlight Leads to Obesity

Tuesday  21:10,   11 december 2018

Many of us feel a little puffier in the winter, but as it turns out, there's some unexpected science behind it. Winter weight gain might not just come from those extra Christmas cookies - it could be due to a lack of sunshine! Our bodies really do... >>>

Retailer under fire for selling 'Obsessive Christmas Disorder' pajamas

Tuesday  20:31,   11 december 2018

Angry customers say Boohoo's new Christmas pajamas trivialize obsessive-compulsive... >>>

Quadriplegic College Student Walks Across Stage at Graduation Using Exoskeleton

Tuesday  20:05,   11 december 2018

Aldo Amenta became paralyzed after diving into the shallow end of a pool. >>>

This Healthy, Experienced Runner Had a Heart Attack During the New York City Marathon

Tuesday  19:20,   11 december 2018

Around mile 15 of the New York City marathon, Kristie Elfering collapsed. It’s terrifying to think that an otherwise healthy person can have a heart attack, but here's why it can... >>>