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3 Slider Workouts for Beginners That Majorly Fire Up Your Core

Wednesday  06:25,   03 march 2021

Make your next workout hard, fast, and inexpensive.Sliders dial up the intensity by turning your floor into an unstable surface. This requires a lot more balance and strength. "In turn it gives you more bang for your buck in a short amount of time," >>>

The anguish of saying goodbye to my 25-year-old embryos

Wednesday  06:25,   03 march 2021

My unused embryos were recently rediscovered. I know I won't use them, but after years of struggling with infertility, how can I possibly let them go?Erica Levens is an associate director for TODAY who hadn't thought much about the 14 embryos... >>>

I received my first dose of the coronavirus vaccine in New York City and had to battle a flawed booking system

Wednesday  05:22,   03 march 2021

An Insider reporter struggled to book an appointment and had to wait in line for hours to get the first dose of the Moderna... >>>

TikTok Users Are Flicking Each Other In the Head to Regain Taste and Smell After COVID-19 — But Does It Work?

Wednesday  05:10,   03 march 2021

Simply poke yourself in the forehead then stick your tongue out while someone flicks you in the back of your head andviolá?Now, there's another taste- and smell-reviving solution that's making the rounds on the social media platform. And... >>>

Does Kombucha Have Any Health Benefits? Here’s What Nutritionists Say

Wednesday  05:08,   03 march 2021

The fermented tea may not be the magical elixir people think it is. Turns out, I wasn't alone in thinking kombucha was some kind of magical elixir—and then buying it: The worldwide kombucha market has since grown to $1.67 billion and is expected to... >>>

Men Over 40 Can Use This Exercise to Get Up and Ready for Anything

Wednesday  05:08,   03 march 2021

This modified, multi-step maneuver will help you to build real-world strength.The Turkish getup has always been one of my favorite movements. It requires total body mobility, in addition to total body strength and balance. If there’s a weakness... >>>

Katharine McPhee worried about eating disorder relapse while pregnant

Wednesday  04:45,   03 march 2021

The singer and actor recently welcomed her first child, a son, with music producer David Foster."I definitely want to be candid about my journey," McPhee, 36, said on an episode of Dr. Berlin's Informed Pregnancy Podcast that recorded while she was... >>>

If You Feel This, You May Have Already Had COVID, Says Dr. Fauci

Wednesday  03:59,   03 march 2021

According to Doctor Fauci these could be symptoms of COVID-19: severe fatigue, shortness of breath, weakness, dysautonomia and brain... >>>

Stop Doing This One Thing to Protect Yourself From COVID, Experts Say

Wednesday  03:59,   03 march 2021

Experts now say that you can stop focusing on diligently cleaning and disinfecting surfaces to stay safe from... >>>

Dolly Parton gets COVID-19 vaccine and sings 'vaccine' version of 'Jolene'

Wednesday  03:59,   03 march 2021

She received the vaccine at Vanderbilt University Medical Center, where she had donated $1 million to coronavirus research.“Dolly gets a dose of her own medicine,” the tweets... >>>

What to know about at-home tests for colorectal cancers

Wednesday  03:41,   03 march 2021

The only real downside to the two popular stool tests is that they need to be done more often than a colonoscopy, experts say. And, OK, it’s also possible that some folks might be put off by the ick factor of getting that close to one’s stool. Your... >>>

Not a 'cardboard politician': Biden's faith forges bond with Mexico

Wednesday  03:39,   03 march 2021

Watch actress Susan Lucci talk about how she stays fit, and show you her daily... >>>

Oral: "That shows whether we are a good team"

Tuesday  20:30,   02 march 2021

Top game clearly lost, promotion place lost: How is FC Ingolstadt recovering from the bankruptcy in Dresden? © imago images Looking up again: Tomas Oral and FC Ingolstadt are only fourth in the table. Tomas Oral didn't really want to talk a lot... >>>

If You’re This Age, You Can’t Get the Johnson & Johnson Vaccine Yet

Tuesday  17:06,   02 march 2021

The FDA just authorized the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, but the agency has yet to authorize the vaccine for anyone under... >>>

The SID calendar sheet on March 2nd: 100 points from Wilt Chamberlain

Tuesday  08:15,   02 march 2021

A good 4,000 spectators in the Hershey Sports Arena in Philadelphia witnessed the great Wilt Chamberlain surpassing himself. The television did not broadcast from the hall on March 2, 1962, and there were no video recordings. But to this day, the... >>>