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Vaping: The way you smoke an e-cigarette could make it even more dangerous

Monday  13:05,   16 september 2019

The way users puff, how long they puff and what they puff all play a role. We do not yet know how this behavior affects how much of each substance vapers consume over the course of their daily lives, but we have reason to believe it is significant.... >>>

Bad Effects Of Protein-Rich Diets

Monday  12:40,   16 september 2019

From increased risk of cancer, diabetes to digestion problems, read on to know the negative effects of too much protein in the... >>>

Speaking four or more languages could reduce the risk of dementia finds new study

Sunday  22:55,   15 september 2019

New Canadian research has found that having a strong ability for learning languages may help to reduce an individual's risk of developing... >>>

What's the Difference Between Dry and Wet Age-Related Macular Degeneration?

Sunday  20:45,   15 september 2019

Learn what's different about the symptoms, diagnosis and treatment of dry versus wet macular... >>>

What People Don't Understand About Going to Parties With Social Anxiety

Sunday  20:45,   15 september 2019

The author has social anxiety and doesn't like going to parties. She explains what it feels like when she is experiencing anxiety about... >>>

10 Reasons Why Your Hands Are Shaking (And What You Can Do About it)

Sunday  20:45,   15 september 2019

If you aren't incredibly nervous or excited, there may be something more serious going... >>>

The Healthiest Foods to Order at McDonald’s, According to Nutritionists

Saturday  23:40,   14 september 2019

Drum roll, please! The post The Healthiest Foods to Order at McDonald’s, According to Nutritionists appeared first on Reader's... >>>

Is Sushi Healthy? The Answer May Surprise You

Saturday  23:40,   14 september 2019

America has been deeply entrenched in a love affair with sushi for quite some time, and for good reason. But is sushi good for your health? We ask the... >>>

FEATURE-Kathmandu battles new threat as temperatures rise: dengue fever

Saturday  20:05,   14 september 2019

For Prabina Maharjan, it started with a headache, which then turned into fever and body pain. © Getty Female Aedes aegypti mosquito in the process of acquiring a blood meal from its human host, 2006. Image courtesy Centers for Disease Control (CDC)... >>>

If Anxiety Seems to Run in Your Family, Here's What You Should Know About Your Risk

Saturday  02:15,   14 september 2019

For the approximately 40 million American adults living with an anxiety disorder, getting to the root cause is key to finding the best treatment options. And even if you haven't been diagnosed, knowing your risk factors can help you get the care you >>>

How Therapy Can Help Parents With Mental Health And Stress

Saturday  02:00,   14 september 2019

Even for parents who aren’t specifically experiencing mental illness, their mental health can suffer. It’s common: An Ipsos MORI/Movember Foundation survey published earlier this year found that 70% of fathers said their stress levels went up in the >>>

The 5 worst shoes for your feet that *aren’t* high heels, according to a podiatrist

Saturday  01:55,   14 september 2019

A podiatrist says stay away from these five styles of... >>>

EXPLAINER-One possible culprit in vaping lung illnesses: 'Dank Vapes'

Saturday  01:00,   14 september 2019

A study published last week in the New England Journal of Medicine found that more than half of patients with the lung illness reported having used the Dank Vapes and Chronic Carts... >>>

Why the K-pop diet that started in South Korea is popular all over the world

Saturday  00:41,   14 september 2019

Haven't heard of the K-pop diet? Give it time. The diet started in South Korea and has quickly caught the attention of the rest of the world as an effective, long-term approach to weight loss. © Getty Images stock Crowd clap or hands up at concert... >>>

The First Sign Of Breast Cancer Is *Not* Always A Lump

Friday  23:55,   13 september 2019

Is your armpit sore all of a... >>>