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Study Says Doctors Are Prescribing Antihistamines For Children‘s Colds, Despite Little Evidence They Help

Study Says Doctors Are Prescribing Antihistamines For Children‘s Colds, Despite Little Evidence They Help According to a study published in JAMA Pediatrics, doctors continue to prescribe popular over-the-counter medications for coughs and colds despite evidence that they don't help.

How is the current flu season shaping up? Just 2.2 percent of doctor ’s office visits were for flu -like illnesses during the first week of December, which For almost everyone over 6 months of age, getting vaccinated against the flu is the most effective way to safeguard yourself and those around you

Seasonal flu vaccines are the best way to protect yourself and others from the flu . The flu is caused by certain viruses that infect your nose, throat, and lungs. It spreads from person to person when someone with the flu coughs, sneezes, or talks. How is the flu vaccine given?

The influenza season officially runs from October to as late as May each year. Activity peaks around the end of the year and into January. Doctors and public health care experts say that people should begin to prepare now, if they have not already.

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While it varies from year to year, the number of people who get the flu runs above 45 million. Deaths can range as high as 75,000. Experts believe that if the general population heeded a few recommendations, the numbers would not be so high.

The first piece of advice provided by the CDC is that virtually everyone over six months of age should get a flu vaccine.

Conjoined Bangladeshi twins separated by Hungarian doctors

Conjoined Bangladeshi twins separated by Hungarian doctors Two Bangladeshi girls who were born conjoined at the head have been successfully separated by a medical team led by 35 Hungarian doctors. 

Here's how you can protect yourself from the potentially deadly Aussie flu this winter. Washing your hands regularly can help you avoid the flu , according to the NHS. Everything you touch during the day is a potential breeding ground for germs - especially if someone who has the flu has sneezed and

Now that we’re heading into the flu season, Global News asked experts for their tips on how to The flu season has already started, too, according to Canadian microbiologist and author Jason Tetro. The single best way to arm yourself against the flu is to head to the clinic, roll up your sleeve and

Flu vaccines do not protect against all flu viruses, but the shots target those most likely to be prevalent in any given year. These technically are known as “trivalent influenza vaccines.”

A small portion of people who are vaccinated can still get the flu, but they can take antiviral drugs once the symptoms begin. These cut both the duration of symptoms and their severity. The severity is one reason why health experts worry about people catching the flu -- along with these other infections even doctors are afraid of.

Experts also offer advice on things people can do to avoid becoming ill and what they should do when they get the flu.

The Mayo Clinic offers three guidelines to help prevent flu. The first is that people wash their hands. The specific recommendation is that soap and water or alcohol sanitizers are best. Next, people should contain coughs or sneezes. To prevent disease spread, one should “cough or sneeze into a tissue or into the inner crook of [one’s] elbow.” Finally, avoid crowds, particularly in large places like auditoriums, public schools and public transportation.

The Bread to Eat When Cutting Carbs

The Bread to Eat When Cutting Carbs Are you trying to limit your carbohydrates, but have a love for bread? The Doctors have a helpful food tip that can help you curb your carbs while still enjoying wonderful bread. If you are going to have bread, ER physician expert Dr. Travis Stork suggests you opt for whole wheat sourdough, which contains wild yeast and the probiotic Lactobacillus, both of which make the bread easier to digest. This type of bread is made from whole grains, which helps to maintain the food's nutrient profile and fiber. The Doctors also note this bread is often more nutritious than other types of bread.

Seasonal flu shots — created to protect against three or four flu viruses that are believed to be the The antibodies provide protection against the strains of flu infection contained in the vaccine. Everybody over the age of 6 months is recommended to get an annual flu vaccination, according to

Consumer Reports shows you how to protect your child from the flu . Making sure these kids get both doses, which are given 28 days apart, is important even at this point in the season. According to the CDC, youngsters in this group who get only the first shot may have less protection against the

How can people tell if they have the flu? WebMD advises that the most common symptoms are muscle aches, fever, cough, fatigue and pain around the eyes. Several symptoms that indicate the flu may be more severe, such as dizziness, shortness of breath, vomiting and confusion.

What to do once you have the flu? The advice is simple: stay at home, rest, drink fluids and avoid contact with others. There is no cure for the flu and it can be deadly. In some cases, it causes serious side effects -- these are the most surprising health complications from the flu.

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