Health & Fit Why alcohol breaks are the most popular wave trend of 2019

13:25  14 july  2019
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Should You Stop Drinking Alcohol to Lose Weight?

Should You Stop Drinking Alcohol to Lose Weight? Do you need to give up drinking in order to lose weight? We consulted a dietitian to uncover the connection between alcohol and weight loss.

In 2019 , several interesting global trends emerged, relating to changing alcohol norms, new There are many reasons why millennials prefer the sober life or a greater deal of alcohol -free choices. Alcohol use hinders taking responsibility in life. The good news is the trend is changing the

Who consumes the most alcohol ? How has consumption changed over time? And what are the health impacts? We see large geographical differences: Alcohol consumption across North Africa and the Middle East is particularly low — in many countries, close to zero.

Warum Alkohol-Pausen der beliebteste Welleness-Trend 2019 sind © Getty Images Alcohol breaks: the wellness trend 2019

Sober Curious in this case put it better. Because behind it is a new wellness trend , which relies on the conscious avoidance of alcohol. While it is already a tradition for many people to start the year with the Dry January without alcohol, the abstinence phases are now distributed throughout the year. We explain the positive effects of alcohol breaks below.

Sober Curious: The book and the trend towards an alcohol break

British author Ruby Warrington has now written a book entitled "Sober Curious" about the positive effects of an alcohol break. In her book, the author advocates abstinence as a logical step towards a more conscious life. For her, yoga, mediation and healthy eating go hand in hand with giving up alcohol. According to Warrington, this should help you sleep better, find your way back to the here and now and establish a better and more honest connection with your fellow human beings. The author's theses are also accompanied by scientific studies that demonstrate the positive effect on health.

Casual Alcohol Use Has Been Linked to Several Major Cancers—So Where's the Campaign?

Casual Alcohol Use Has Been Linked to Several Major Cancers—So Where's the Campaign? Alcohol has been directly linked to seven cancers — so far. These include cancers of the throat, esophagus, mouth, voice box (larynx), colon and rectum, liver, and breast. The American Cancer Society (ACS) says alcohol might also lead to pancreatic and stomach cancer. When Sarah Cate, MD, an assistant professor of breast surgery at Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York City, speaks with patients in preventive settings and after a cancer diagnosis, they’re shocked to learn about the cancer-alcohol connection.

Regional Trends . Looking at the published statistics, the highest consumption rates of alcohol seem to be concentrated in Europe and other places in the Northern Hemisphere of the That is why we use per capita consumption of pure alcohol as a measurement to avoid being biased as much as possible.

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According to studies: So healthy are alcohol breaks

In 2016, the American National Institute for Alcohol Abuse and Alcohol Addiction examined two different groups of people dealing with alcohol . One group abstained from alcohol over a period of one month, the other group continued to consume alcohol as normal. The result: the alcohol-free group lost weight, had better blood pressure, better insulin levels and a healthier liver. A study from the Netherlands also confirmed that the body reacts positively to a break even with very moderate drinkers.

scientists from the University of Sussex also examined 800 participants in a study who took a non-alcoholic month in January 2018. Weight loss, healthy skin and more energy were also the results of the alcohol-free phase. In addition, the Dry January changed the complete drinking behavior of the participants. While the participants were drunk an average of 3.4 times a week before the study, this was reduced to 2.1 times a week.

conclusion: alcohol breaks are good for the physical and mental health of people. Warning: If you have an alcohol addiction problem, you should consult a doctor and find out about withdrawal.

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