Health & Fit three in four French people say ready to eat less meat and fish

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One Major Effect of Vitamin D on Your Bladder

  One Major Effect of Vitamin D on Your Bladder An impressive new study suggests this vitamin, which is already making headlines lately, may significantly prevent a frustrating condition.For a meta-analysis just published this week, four researchers in Israel who specialize in public health and obstetrics/gynecology performed a review of past studies, which all occurred as recently as August 2020. For their review, the researchers sought research that had been performed related to overactive bladder, urinary incontinence, pelvic floor disorders, and lower urinary tract symptoms.

Quinoa – People trying to cut back on meat might try quinoa as a source of plant-based protein. On salads, trade chicken or fish for lentils and edamame. "By week three , you should have cut your meat consumption in half," says Geagan. How to Grill Every Vegetable Perfectly. Prep ahead: Having a few veggie meals ready to reheat takes out the guesswork when days get hectic.

And some people eat fish , and not meat , for ethical reasons. Fish , generally speaking, have quite a nice life. They live in the wild, and are usually only caught when they're quite close to the end of their natural life. Also, I like fish enough to justify my eating it. I could cite a plethora of health reasons to support my eating habits, but there are just as many reasons to take on a proper vegan diet as there are to foster a moderate omnivorious diet.

La vitrine d'un boucher à Paris en novembre 2020 (image d'illustration). © AFP - Stephane de Sakutin The showcase of a butcher in Paris in November 2020 (image of illustration).

More than three in four French people say they are ready to reduce their consumption of meat and fish, according to an IFOP survey for "West-France" published this Friday, December 3rd.

Nearly 76% of people surveyed in an IFOP survey for West-France claim to be ready to reduce the share of animal protein in their diet and to favor "better environmental quality" products when they consume, compared with 67% in 2017, indicates this study.

more plant products consumed

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One Major Effect of Gut Health on Blood Pressure

  One Major Effect of Gut Health on Blood Pressure A study has found that a gut with balanced microbiota is linked to lower blood pressure. Here are the foods that help you benefit from both.In a study published last month in the journal Hypertension, a group of biology, epidemiology, and public health researchers from Germany and Northern Ireland say they were the first to assess an interesting connection. They used a sample of 904 participants in Northern Germany to understand to what extent the gut microbiome's composition is related to lower blood pressure, aware of past evidence that both the gut and blood pressure are affected by the consumption of foods that contain flavonoids.

I fully commend people who manage to cut their bad eating and spending habits but it's never right to expect everyone can easily do that. if you have kids to support and work all the time searching through the grocery store and preparing meals is a significant, significant time suck and healthy food may not be expensive but premade healthy food is I have to know what I want to eat every day in the week, I have to do grocery shopping accordingly, I have to cut, cook, and then I have to clean. I tried this lifestyle.

If you eat barely any meat , there is a 5.6% risk of developing the disease over your lifetime; even if you pig out on bacon and ham every day, it only rises to about 6.6%. The facts: First things first: a very small number of people – around 1% of the population – do have a genuine gluten allergy known as celiac disease, that can damage their intestines and lead to malnutrition. Others may not suffer from celiac disease, but they may instead be “sensitive” to wheat; although they don’t suffer symptoms if they only eat a small amount, they may experience some discomfort if they eat too much bread.

the survey, published on the occasion of the foundation agriculture, food and health organized by the Regional Daily Thursday and Friday in Nantes, notes that almost half of the French (48%) increased their plant consumption over the last two years.

A tendency to continue since 42% of respondents plan to consume more in the coming years. Conversely, the share of the population consuming at least from time to time labeled "bio" marks the step, after having increased regularly for more than 20 years. Nearly 61% of the French bought "organic" products in 1998, 80% in 2011 and 87% in 2020, compared to 84% in 2021.

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this reflux partly explained, according to the study, by a decline in confidence in the name "BIO": while 70% of consumers brought it credit in 2008, they are only 52% in 2021. 91% of respondents believe that "bio" products are sold "too expensive".

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