Health & Fit Testimony Alcoholism: how to stop alcohol?

05:45  28 january  2022
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Témoignage alcoolisme : comment arrêter l’alcool ? © Video Capture Testimonial Alcoholism: how to stop alcohol?

After sunk in alcoholism before its majority, Baptiste Mulliez is today patient expert in addictology. For Med', it comes back on issues when we consume alcohol and how to help an alcoholic person.

"There is as much form of alcoholism as dependent, because we all have a unique relationship with alcohol" want to remind Baptiste Mulliez. "Besides, for some people, consuming alcohol for a good meal seems essential when other dependents will rather privilege the moments of loneliness to drink" explains the expert patient in addictology. "The starting point is to identify these situations at risk and preserve it, because alcohol is always a poison ." Alcoholism: The questions to be asked about its alcohol consumption

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There are 11 criteria, which is called DSM criteria, they are divided into classes:

Difficulty of control vis-à-vis the substance (efforts unsuccessful to reduce, loss of control, time spent, craving); social impacts consumers (failure in the usual tasks, continue to consume despite the harmful consequences, abandonment of other activities) Risk use (repeated use despite social problems, consume despite physical and mental problems); pharmacological problems (product tolerance). "Doctors identified some issues related to alcoholic dependence, but

generally, if we ask ourselves questions is that there may be a problem . When I was an alcoholic, I did research on the internet like 'am I alcoholic? Or, 'Can we die with a hangover? "" Baptiste testifies. "Since I became an expert patient, I established my own questions / thoughts on the addiction to alcohol:

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The party can start from the first drink, I relax from the first sip; When I'm at work, I think of my glass alcohol , alcohol governs my thoughts; If I suppress a glass in my routine it puts me in a bad mood, it frustrates me; If I deleted a drink, I throw away by drinking even more next time; I have stratagems to hide the smell of alcohol: "For me, it was chocolate"; If I learn that there will be no alcohol at an event, I cancel my coming; Even if I'm drunk, I do not refuse a glass of alcohol ; After successful activity while I was alcoholic, I am unable to reiterate it without consuming; I am soothed when I know that an evening at the weekend awaits me with alcoholic beverages: " The weekend alcohol often tugs something deeper " precise baptist. There are also temporal benchmarks:

The time spent

thinking about its consumption (when will I be able to drink?); The time spent buy to drink (take the car, make a detour ...); The time spent at consuming (more and more long); The time spent recover . Alcoholism: Can relatives help? "Individual awareness has long been considered the only solution. I think

each is legitimate to talk about it (colleague, friend, family ...). Even if we are afraid to interfere in the private life of the alcoholic person, talking a small seed in the head of the dependent person. Many people would like through their speech the person becomes abstinent, but it's not so simple. Each speech makes it possible to sow seeds and the latter will germinate as . We must privilege the moments when the person is sober and make him understand that he understood that he was dependent. On the other hand, I advise relatives to not accept the lies and not to solve these problems in his place. Note that reproaches, morality, guilt, or trying to control his consumption is useless because it is necessary to understand that it is a disease and that the alcoholic person is not responsible for his Addiction "Explains Baptiste Mulliez.

"The entourage can accompany the person towards adapted care. But the key is love. Love (fraternal, friendly, lovers) is an energy that terrace everything.

Repeat on a daily basis that we love this person, it's essential . Personally, it saved me. And today, there is only in abstinence that I find my resilience "concludes Baptiste Mulliez.

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