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Chris Beard Opens Up About His Decision To Leave Texas Tech

Friday  02:10,   16 april 2021

When something starts eating your plants, use these tips to figure out which pesky critter is causing the problem and the best control methods to... >>>

Mina Starsiak Hawk Is Launching a New Furniture Collection This Fall

Friday  01:35,   16 april 2021

Plant once and enjoy harvests year after year with these edible perennial... >>>

Mina Starsiak Hawk Is Launching a New Furniture Collection This Fall

Friday  01:35,   16 april 2021

Here's how to ensure your blooms look their best each... >>>

Mina Starsiak Hawk Is Launching a New Furniture Collection This Fall

Friday  01:35,   16 april 2021

The collection will offer fans a chance to get their hands on HGTV's favorite design trends.Starsiak created the collection after seeing that so many of her fans were curious about where she got all of her all her furniture and decor items."Fans >>>

What Is Purslane Weed and How Do I Get Rid of It?

Friday  01:35,   16 april 2021

The "comeback kid" of lawn weeds, purslane weed frustrates with its wily ability to bounce back just when you think you've gotten rid of it.Common purslane (Portulaca oleracia) is a broadleaf annual with fleshy, succulent leaves that give it... >>>

8 Landscaping Features That Buyers Love

Friday  00:16,   16 april 2021

Entice buyers and increase your home’s value by following these landscaping... >>>

Top Building and Design Decisions for a Getaway House

Friday  00:15,   16 april 2021

The building and design decisions for a second home are different from those for a home you live in full time. Read on for some key considerations.Building your getaway home isn't all fun and games, however. You'll need to make practical decisions... >>>

8 Best Pruning Tools for Your Garden and Yard

Thursday  22:30,   15 april 2021

Pruning is important for keeping gardens and landscapes looking their best. But to do it right, you need good pruning tools. Here are some... >>>

These Pretty Pink Succulents Will Add Some Welcome Color to Your Indoor Garden

Thursday  19:35,   15 april 2021

Succulents make for great houseplants, and the unexpectedly beautiful hues of these seven varieties make them especially appealing. "To keep the succulent in its best-colored condition, full sun with hot temperature is essential, as they need to be... >>>

A 365-Day Timeline of Caring for Your Lawn

Thursday  19:30,   15 april 2021

Follow these guidelines to make your lawn the prettiest on the block! Grasses are divided into two categories: warm season and cool season.“Warm season grasses actively grow during the warm times of the year, which is roughly May to mid-September,”... >>>

Inside the Karadashians' amazing real estate empire

Thursday  18:30,   15 april 2021

From Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's Wyoming ranch to Caitlyn Jenner's Malibu beach house, Kylie Jenner's incredible mansion to Kendall's modern home, let's take a tour of the Kardashian's incredible property... >>>

Which celebrities live in the most expensive mega-mansions?

Thursday  16:35,   15 april 2021

From Ryan Seacrest's Beverly Hills home to Sting's lavish penthouse apartment, Oprah's 70-acre Californian compound and Beyoncé and Jay-Z's Bel Air estate, these are the most expensive celebrity homes of all... >>>

More Inside Australian Phenomenon Troye Sivan’s Soulful Melbourne Home

Thursday  16:00,   15 april 2021

Sivan worked with Flack Studios to transform the space while preserving the essence of its Victorian-era... >>>

A Comprehensive Guide to Oregano: How to Grow, Prune, Dry, and Store the Herb

Thursday  02:55,   15 april 2021

These expert tips and tricks will yield a fruitful harvest. Your browser does not support this video Related: A Guide to Growing Kitchen Windowsill Herbs Where to Grow Oregano Oregano is easy to maintain and can be grown inside or out. Nandita... >>>

These Desks Come With Built-In Gardens

Thursday  01:35,   15 april 2021

You can now revamp your room and enjoy gardening at the same time! The line features coffee tables, entry tables, and living desks, each with the option to grow plants hydroponically or by traditional soil methods. All of the pieces include a... >>>