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How to Get Your Kitchen and Laundry Sink Sparkling A mother, who is a painter by trade, was growing sick of 'spending a couple of hours' scrubbing residual dyes out of her laundry sink (pictured) - so she tried this simple trick. Incredibly by wrapping the sink in foil, filling it half way with hot water and adding five dishwashing tablets her metal appliance came up looking 'like new'. © Provided by Associated Newspapers Limited AFTER: Incredibly by wrapping the sink in foil, filling it half way with hot water and adding five dishwashing tablets her metal appliance came up looking 'like new' 'I'm a furniture artist and though the paints and sealers I use are eco-friendly, water-based and don't contain the u

Use This Genius Trick to Polish Your Stainless Steel Sink (Bonus: It Will Cost You Nothing!)© imging/Shutterstock shutterstock_11283595

There's nothing more cringe-worthy than passing by a sink covered in water spots or stains—both of which stared me straight in the face this morning as I made my coffee. It might seem like a low-priority cleaning task, but it's worth learning how to polish a stainless steel sink so that these types of smudges won't taunt you every time you wash a dish. And believe it or not, there's a simple cleaning hack you can master that makes polishing it a total breeze. It just requires just one (yes, one!) pantry ingredient you definitely have.

Why Bother Polishing?

Honestly, I love my stainless steel sinks. They're pretty. They're sturdy. And most importantly, they can be super shiny, especially if you give them a good polish every now and then. While your houseguests might not pull you aside and ask your secret to a shiny sink (though I'm holding out hope they might), they'll definitely get the impression of a well-kept kitchen. Still, cleaning a stainless steel sink doesn't just preserve its good looks. It also helps prevent corrosion, keeping the surface in its best possible condition.

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What's the Best Way to Polish a Stainless Steel Sink?

Spoiler alert—there's not a whole lot of elbow grease involved. And you certainly don't need to spend a ton of money on polishing products to get the job done. (We're all about DIY cleaning.) You'll need flour, a soft cloth and warm, soapy water for optimal results. Not to be a downer, but you do have to start with a clean sink. Wash it with warm water and dish soap. Dry the sink with a kitchen towel (yes, even the drain top and sides). Now, for the oddly fun part—sprinkle flour all over your sink, until a thick amount is covering the whole surface. Then, buff the flour into the sink using a soft cloth—and enjoy the satisfying disappearance of stains, spots and food particles. Find more cleaning tricks for stainless steel appliances and other kitchen tools.

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Does Polishing a Stainless Steel Sink With Flour Really Work?

Being a neat freak by nature, I couldn't resist trying this cleaning DIY myself. Not only did I have all of the supplies needed, but my poor, long-suffering stainless steel sink had honestly not received any TLC in a while. After cleaning the sink, I made sure to dry it off fully—I could foresee chunks of flour building up in the near future if it wasn't completely dry, so I took my time with this step. Once the sink was fully dry, I had some second thoughts about sprinkling on the flour. Honestly, it seemed a little counterproductive to me at first. But after the flour was set and I got to work buffing it with a cloth, I did see the sparkling and shiny results almost instantly. Success!

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