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Yitty’s Loungewear Is Everything That We Need To Look Fabulous At Home

Thursday  17:22,   11 august 2022

It’s about damn time! Lizzo’s shapewear brand Yitty is serving us looks that we can afford.Later this month, Lizzo's shapewear line, Yitty, will expand into the loungewear market, creating new categories for the company and bringing Body Butter and... >>>

Target Has a Robot That Will Give You a $10 Manicure

Thursday  17:22,   11 august 2022

Here's how to book an appointment.Appropriately named the minicure, the robot manicure service uses a combination of 3D and A1 technology to pain your nails in under 10 minutes. At the moment, the minicure is only available at six Target... >>>

'Deep Cleaning Made Easy': Amazon Shoppers Are Praising This Steam Mop — and It's 47% Off Right Now

Thursday  17:01,   11 august 2022

"The kitchen floors were gleaming! Like you could eat off the floor”If you clean your floors but never feel like they're quite clean enough, it might be time for a tool upgrade. "Work smarter not harder" applies to cleaning the house perhaps more so >>>

The Attainable It Bag? A New Generation of Designers Are Crafting Coveted Handbags for All

Thursday  17:01,   11 august 2022

These days, the idea that only a select few can afford a designer’s bag feels downright passé. Shop styles from Brandon Blackwood, Telfar, and more.“I’d come from a strict Jamaican household in New York where you either became a doctor or a lawyer,” >>>

This Internet-Favorite Sneaker Brand Just Debuted Your New Go-To Backpack

Thursday  17:01,   11 august 2022

It’s ideal for work, travel, and playSomething unexpected has happened — but we're 100 percent here for it. Internet-favorite shoe brand Cariuma recently dropped something new. And no, it's not a... >>>

Gelactes PR document: This information does not want to share Tiktok with the public

Thursday  16:50,   11 august 2022

a leaked PR document from TikTok shows which image the Chinese social media platform is happy to draw-and what it prefers not to address in public . © Shutterstock/ Primakov Tiktok likes to present young and hip. The two documents available to the... >>>

A$AP Rocky Went Full Cybergoth In a Leather Skirt

Thursday  16:21,   11 august 2022

We have Rihanna to thank for this, I bet.The skirt continues to infiltrate menswear, especially this summer (my theory: everyone is in pursuit of a breeze). Last month, A-List actor Brad Pitt chose to don a linen skirt crafted by slow fashion... >>>

Save 15% on the Anti-Aging Moisturizer People Are Calling a 'Game Changer' With Our Exclusive Discount Code

Thursday  15:50,   11 august 2022

The Outset moisturizer is packed with squalane and vitamin C.In a year that has seen an overwhelming number of celebrity skincare launches and "clean ingredient" products, few stand out quite as strongly as The Outset. Helmed by actress Scarlett... >>>

Amazon Shoppers Call This Their 'Go-To Vacuum,' and It Has Double Discounts Right Now

Thursday  14:41,   11 august 2022

“It picked up enough cat hair for potential assembly of a replacement cat”Vacuuming the house is hardly what anyone would call a fun activity — but it is a necessity. After all, you need some kind of powerful device to pick up all the dirt and hair... >>>

A Set of Breathable Memory Foam Pillows That Amazon Shoppers Swear by Is on Sale at Amazon

Thursday  14:41,   11 august 2022

They call the pillows “fluffy and comfortable”If you've noticed that your bed pillows have gotten flatter (read: less comfortable), it's a great time to replace them with ones that are fluffy and... >>>

Amazon's Newest Store Is Where to Go to Get the 'Neutral Aesthetic' You're Seeing Everywhere — Starting at $10

Thursday  14:41,   11 august 2022

Celebrities are embracing this elegant, airy lookCalming and airy neutrals are in-demand when it comes to home furnishings and decorating.  Just take a look at Kim Kardashian's beige-filled abode, or any Kardashian house, for proof. And now there's... >>>

Bobbi Brown Says She "Cannot Live Without" This $28 Gray Root Touch-Up Stick

Thursday  13:31,   11 august 2022

She said it’s useful for “in between” salon visits in a TikTok.When Bobbi Brown says something is good, we believe it. The makeup mogul recently talked through some of her latest beauty "must-trys" on TikTok, which includes a handy root cover-up... >>>

Shoppers Love Bringing This Air Purifier with Them on the Go — and It's on Sale at Amazon

Thursday  09:50,   11 august 2022

It has a True HEPA filter that effectively targets airborne allergensIf you're looking to bring cleaner air to your home, consider an air purifier, as these devices work to remove particles from the air that can be harmful and irritable to breathe... >>>