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This Cooling Headband and Face Covering Has Over 2,000 Five-star Reviews on Amazon

  This Cooling Headband and Face Covering Has Over 2,000 Five-star Reviews on Amazon It’ll cool to 30 degrees below your body temperature. First, even though it’s called a neck gaiter, it doesn’t have to be worn around your neck: According to the product’s Amazon page, there are 12 ways you can fashion the product. For instance, you can wear it as a headband, a skull cap, around your neck, or even as a face covering (this is also useful if you don’t have a mask and need some sort of facial covering due to coronavirus restrictions). It absorbs perspiration and moisture, so you can wear it outside for hours and still feel cool and dry thanks to its breathable material.

a person wearing a hat: If you want to impress your partner with a cute lil love quote in Spanish, right this way. © Khadija Horton If you want to impress your partner with a cute lil love quote in Spanish, right this way.

Let me put you on to something: Sending anyone—your dating app matches, your boyfriend, your girlfriend, your situationship, that random person on Instagram— sweet nothings in another language. I promise, this flex fully just hits differently, and will totally impress the hell out of them.

As a Latina myself, I'm partial to the Spanish language specifically. After all, it's one of the five romance languages, so you know it must be good.

Radicchio Is An Underrated Vegetable You Should Be Cooking With More Often

  Radicchio Is An Underrated Vegetable You Should Be Cooking With More Often Eat your purples!

But breaking out a Spanish quote isn’t just clutch for when you’re trying to express your love and desire for someone. It’s also pretty fitting when a Hinge match breaks your heart, you get ghosted, or even when you're feeling like you're just not ready to open yourself up to love again, and you're looking for the perfect IG caption to capture it all.

So if you’re experiencing any type of emotion caused by love—whether that’s loss of love, infatuation, or gratitude for your amazing partner—try expressing it in Spanish. To help, we've included some options below (and yes, with direct English translations for all of you non-Spanish speakers). Trust, love quotes in Spanish just hit differently.

When you’re in your feels...

1. “Y es que el amor no necesita ser entendido, simplemente necesita ser demostrado.” —Paulo Coelho

I use Coursera to take all the fun classes I never got to take in college, like the history of modern art — they're completely free and I can work at my own pace

  I use Coursera to take all the fun classes I never got to take in college, like the history of modern art — they're completely free and I can work at my own pace I took a free online course on Coursera — created by the Museum of Modern Art, one of the top museums in the world — to get back into a hobby I enjoy.I spent my summer after my sophomore year of high school in a small Italian town that trapped heat like a convection oven. I'd earned a scholarship, and, with it, I got to spend my days relaying piazzas to paper with gritty, melting pastels and my nights in a peaceful local nunnery.

Translation: "And it is that love does not need to be understood, it simply needs to be demonstrated."

2. “El amor verdadero hace milagros, porque él mismo es ya el mayor milagro.” —Amado Nervo

Translation: "True love works miracles, because it is already the greatest miracle."

3. “Cuando te enamoras no vuelves a ser la misma persona que eras antes, porque es en ese momento donde empiezas a vivir la vida de verdad.” —Luis Miguel Alvarado

Translation: "When you fall in love, you’re not the same person you were before, because that was when you started to truly live life."

4. “El amor no se mira, se siente, y aún más cuando ella está junto a ti.” —Pablo Neruda

Translation: “Love is not seen, it is felt, and even more so when she is with you.”

5. “Ama como puedas, ama a quien puedas, ama todo lo que puedas. No te preocupes de la finalidad de tu amor.” —Amado Nervo

Translation: “Love as you can, love who you can, love as much as you can. Don't worry about the purpose of your love.”

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6. “Por lo que tiene de fuego, suele apagarse el amor.” —Tirso de Molina

Translation: "Because of what it has of fire, love usually goes out."

7. "El amor es un sentimiento contranatural que une a dos desconocidos en una relación mezquina e insalubre, cuanto más intensa, tanto más efímera." —Gabriel García Márquez

Nobody’s Perfect! See Food Fails From Valerie Bertinelli and More

  Nobody’s Perfect! See Food Fails From Valerie Bertinelli and More Celebrities are just like Us! By that, we mean that they aren’t immune to kitchen-related fails including burnt meals, dangerously undercooked meat and exploding cheese. That last food faux pas happened to Reese Witherspoon in October 2018 as she attempted to make her “famous” baked Brie. Though the Big Little Lies star had seemingly prepared the dish multiple times before, things didn’t exactly go according to plan this time around. Instead of cooking evenly, the cheese exploded and proceeded to leak all over the baking sheet underneath. Thankfully Witherspoon had a great attitude regarding the mishap. “It happens people,” she wrote on Instagram alongside a crying-laughing smiley face emoji. Savage Fast Food Tweets Read article “Happened to me too,” wrote one Instagram follower in solidarity with the actress. Added another: “Just grab a spoon. Yum!” Another star who managed to have a great attitude in the midst of some kitchen chaos was Chris Pratt. The Passengers star took to Instagram in October 2019 to take a good-humored dig at his wife Katherine Schwarzenegger’s “cooking” skills. “Proud of my darling for trying to cook tonight,” Pratt captioned a photo of a burnt Bagel Bite. Did it go well? No. No it did not. Not at all.” The actor then quoted Rocky Balboa and admitted that his snack “never stood a chance” of emerging unscathed. “I honestly, simply cannot imagine what went wrong here. Pretty simple. Microwave. two minutes,” he wrote. Maybe she thought it said two hours.

Translation: "Love is an unnatural feeling that unites two strangers in a mean and unhealthy relationship, the more intense, the more ephemeral."

8. “Y una cosa puedo jurar: yo, que me enamoré de tus alas, jamás te las voy a querer cortar.” —Frida Kahlo

Translation: “And one thing I can swear: I, who fell in love with your wings, will never want to cut them.”

When you’re "so done" with dating...

9. “Nunca dejes de sonreír, ni siquiera cuando estés triste, porque nunca sabes quien se puede enamorar de tu sonrisa.” —Gabriel García Márquez

Geneva is enticing tourists by offering them free $100 gift cards to spend in the city's hotels, bars, and restaurants

  Geneva is enticing tourists by offering them free $100 gift cards to spend in the city's hotels, bars, and restaurants Visitors who book a hotel in Geneva, Switzerland, for at least two nights will get the free voucher, which is valid through December.When visitors book at least two nights at a hotel in Geneva, they'll automatically get a gift card that can be used for dining, drinking and exploring the historic European city.

Translation: "Never stop smiling, not even when you're sad, because you never know who will fall in love with your smile."

10. “La peor forma de extrañar a alguien es estar sentado a su lado y saber que nunca lo podrás tener.” —Gabriel García Márquez

Kiersey Clemons Says These Pants Are the Only Ones She’ll Ever Wear

  Kiersey Clemons Says These Pants Are the Only Ones She’ll Ever Wear The Antebellum star runs us through a list of her favorite things, perfect for fall.Considering that Clemons is currently starring in Antebellum (out September 18), an intense psychological thriller, and will next voice and executive-produce the serialized horror podcast Ghost Tape, you'd think she was always drawn to frightening material. That's not the case. “It's weird, because I used to be the kid that didn't like scary movies,” she says with a laugh. “I would be like, ‘Oh no, this is going to happen to me!’ Now I like horror.

Translation: “The worst way to miss someone is to sit next to them and know that you can never have them.”

11. “Las mujeres que más valen la pena están sufriendo por un idiota, los hombres que valemos la pena estamos llorando como unos idiotas” —Jesús Alberto Martínez Jiménez

Translation: “The women who are worth the most are suffering for an idiot, us men who are worth it are crying like idiots.”

12. “Si imagino que te has ido, en el mismo sol te asomas, y eres la estrella que brilla y eres el viento que sopla.” —Rosalía de Castro

Translation: "If I imagine that you are gone, in the sun you rise, and you are the star that shines and you are the wind that blows."

13. “¿Por qué, si el amor es lo contrario a la guerra, es una guerra en sí?” -Benito Perez Galdós

Translation: "Why, if love is the opposite of war, is it a war in itself?”

When you’re feeling romantic…

14. “Ven a dormir conmigo: no haremos el amor, él nos lo hará.” —Julio Cortázar

Translation: “Come sleep with me: we won't make love, it will make love to us.”

15. “En un beso, sabrás todo lo que he callado.” —Pablo Neruda

Translation: "In a kiss, you'll know everything I’ve kept silent."

16. “El alma que hablar puede con los ojos, también puede besar con la mirada.” —Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer

Translation: “The soul that can speak with its eyes can also kiss with one look."

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17. “Te amo más que a mi propia piel.” —Frida Kahlo

Translation: “I love you more than my own skin.”

18. "Reírse con otro es el mayor síntoma de amor." —Carmen Martín Gaite

Translation: “Laughing with another is the greatest sign of love.”

19. "Para hacernos amar no debemos preguntar nunca a quien nos ama: ¿Eres feliz?, sino decirle siempre: ¡Qué feliz soy!" —Jacinto Benavente

Translation: "To make ourselves loved we must never ask who loves us: Are you happy?, but always tell them: How happy I am!"

20. “El más poderoso hechizo para ser amado es amar.” —Baltasar Gracián

Translation: "The most powerful spell to be loved is to love."

21. “Al verdadero amor no se le conoce por lo que exige, sino por lo que ofrece.” —Jacinto Benavente

Translation: "True love is not known for what it demands, but for what it offers."

22. "Estar contigo o no estar contigo es la medida de mi tiempo." —Jorge Luis Borges

Translation: “Being with or without you is how I measure my time.”

23. “Un mundo nace cuando dos se besan.” —Octavio Paz

Translation: “A world is born when two people kiss.”

24. "El amor es invisible y entra y sale por donde quiere sin que nadie le pida cuenta de sus hechos." —Miguel de Cervantes

Translation: "Love is invisible and enters and leaves where it wants without anyone asking it to account for its actions."

25. “Me estás enseñando a amar, yo no sabía. Amar es no pedir, es dar. Mi alma, vacía." —Gerardo Diego

Translation: “You are teaching me to love, I did not know. To love is not to ask, it is to give. My soul, empty. "

When you're coping with a breakup...

26. “Quédate sin pensarlo con esa persona que se muere si no te tiene, que con aquella persona que presume porque sabe que te tiene.” —Rocío Guerra

Translation: “Without a second thought, stay with the person who will die if they do not have you, rather than with the person who boasts because they know they have you."

27. “Hay quien ha venido al mundo para amar a una sola mujer y, consecuentemente, no es probable que tropiece con ella.” —José Ortega y Gasset

Translation: "There are those who have come into the world to love only one woman and, consequently, they are not likely to stumble upon her."

28. “Tal vez estamos en el mundo para buscar el amor, encontrarlo y perderlo, una y otra vez. Con cada amor volvemos a nacer y con cada amor que termina se nos abre una herida. Estoy llena de orgullosas cicatrices.” —Isabel Allende

Translation: “Maybe we are in the world to search for love, find it and lose it, over and over again. With each love, we are reborn and with each love that ends, a wound opens up. I am full of proud scars.”

29. "El más terrible de todos los sentimientos es el sentimiento de tener la esperanza muerta." —Federico García Lorca

Translation: "The most terrible of all feelings is the feeling of having dead hope."

30. “Es tan corto el amor y tan largo el olvido.” —Pablo Neruda

Translation: “Love lasts so little time and forgetting it can take so long.”

31. “¿Sabe lo mejor de los corazones rotos? Que solo pueden romperse de verdad una vez. Lo demás son rasguños." —Carlos Ruíz Zafón

Translation: “Do you know the best part about broken hearts? That they can only really be broken once. The rest are scratches.”

32. "Por eso juzgo y discierno, por cosa cierta y notoria, que tiene el amor su gloria a las puertas del infierno." —Miguel de Cervantes

Translation: “That is why I judge and discern, by something certain and notorious, that love has its glory at the gates of hell.”

33. "Como si se pudiese elegir en el amor, como si no fuera un rayo que te parte los huesos y te deja estaqueado en la mitad del patio." —Julio Cortázar

Translation: "As if you could choose in love, as if it were not a bolt of lightning that breaks your bones and leaves you stuck in the middle of the yard."

34. “Andábamos sin buscarnos, pero sabiendo que andábamos para encontrarnos.” —Julio Cortázar

Translation: "We walked without looking for each other, but knowing that we were to meet."

When you feel whatever It Is after watching The Notebook or Titanic

35. “El amor es intensidad y por esto es una distensión del tiempo: estira los minutos y los alarga como siglos.” —Octavio Paz

Translation: "Love is intensity and for this reason, it is a relaxation of time: it stretches the minutes and lengthens them like centuries."

36. “En asuntos de amor, los locos son los que tienen más experiencia. De amor no preguntes nunca a los cuerdos; los cuerdos aman cuerdamente, que es como no haber amado nunca.” —Jacinto Benavente

Translation: “In matters of love, the crazy people are the ones who have more experience. Never ask the sane ones about love; the sane love only the sane, which is like never having loved.”

37. “El amor más fuerte es aquel que puede mostrar su fragilidad.” —Paulo Coelho

Translation: “The strongest love is that which can show its fragility.”

38. "Dicen que el hombre no es hombre mientras no oye su nombre de labios de una mujer." —Antonio Machado

Translation: “It is said that a man is not a man until he hears his name from a woman’s lips.”

39. "Lo único que me duele de morir es que no sea de amor." —Gabriel García Márquez

Translation: “The only thing that pains me about death is that it’s not over love.”

40. “La raíz de todas las pasiones es el amor. De él nace la tristeza, el gozo, la alegría y la desesperación.” —Lope de Vega

Translation: “The root of all passions is love. From it, sadness, joy, happiness and despair are born.”

41. “El amor no es sino la acuciante necesidad de sentirse con otro, de pensarse con otro, de dejar de padecer la insoportable soledad del que se sabe vivo y condenado. Y así, buscamos en el otro no quien el otro es, sino una simple excusa para imaginar que hemos encontrado un alma gemela, un corazón capaz de palpitar en el silencio enloquecedor que media entre los latidos del nuestro, mientras corremos por la vida o la vida corre por nosotros hasta acabarnos.” —Rosa Montero

Translation: “Love is nothing but the pressing need to feel with another, to think of oneself with another, to stop suffering from the unbearable loneliness that someone who is alive and condemned knows. And so, we look in the other, not who the other is, but a simple excuse to imagine that we have found a soul mate, a heart capable of beating in the maddening silence that mediates our heartbeats, while we run through life or ife runs through us until we are finished.”

42. "Si en medio de las adversidades persevera el corazón con serenidad, con gozo y con paz, eso es amor." —Santa Teresa de Jesús

Translation: "If the heart perseveres with serenity, joy and peace in the midst of adversity, that is love."

43. "No hay que morir por el otro, sino vivir para disfrutar juntos." —Jorge Bucay

Translation: “You don’t have to die for the other person, but live to enjoy life together.”

44. "El verdadero amor no es el amor propio, es el que consigue que el amante se abra a las demás personas y a la vida; no atosiga, no aísla, no rechaza, no persigue: solamente acepta." —Antonio Gala

Translation: "True love is not self-love, it is that which makes the lover open up to other people and to life; it does not harass, does not isolate, does not reject, does not persecute: it only accepts."

45. "Si nada nos salva de la muerte, al menos que el amor nos salve de la vida." —Pablo Neruda

Translation: "If nothing saves us from death, at least love saves us from life." -Pablo Neruda

When you need a reminder that you will love again...

46. "Y para estar total, completa, absolutamente enamorado, hay que tener plena conciencia de que uno también es querido, que uno también inspira amor." —Mario Benedetti

Translation: "And to be totally, completely, absolutely in love, one must be fully aware that one is also loved, that one also inspires love."

47. “El amor es como la salsa mayonesa: cuando se corta, hay que tirarlo y empezar otro nuevo.” —Enrique Jardiel Poncela

Translation: "Love is like mayonnaise: when it goes bad, you have to throw it out and start a new one."

48. "Cuando amamos, siempre nos esforzamos por ser mejores de lo que somos. Cuando nos esforzamos por ser mejor de lo que somos, todo a nuestro alrededor se vuelve mejor." —Paulo Coelho

Translation: "When we love, we always strive to be better than we are. When we strive to be better than we are, everything around us becomes better."

49. “No llores porque ya se terminó, sonríe porque sucedió.” —Gabriel García Márquez

Translation: “Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.”

50. “Enamórate de ti, de la vida y luego de quien tú quieras.” —Frida Kahlo

Translation: “Fall in love with yourself, of life, and then of whoever you want.”

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