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Local Getaways: An Upstate Escape to Hudson, New York

Friday  03:00,   30 october 2020

With the recent opening of the Maker Hotel, plus several new restaurants, now’s the time to visit the small town of Hudson, New York.Just 120 miles north in the small town of Hudson, the opposite appears to be happening. Since this summer, the... >>>

Trump Opens 9.3 Million Acres of Tongass National Forest to Logging

Friday  02:40,   30 october 2020

Trump Opens 9.3 Million Acres of Tongass National Forest to Logging and other forms of development. © Shutterstock Misty Fjords National Monument in Tongass National Forest. More specifically, this move will exempt 9.3 million acres of Tongass... >>>

I visited Salem to tour iconic locations from 'Hocus Pocus' and they looked exactly like they did in the movie

Friday  02:10,   30 october 2020

The author visited Max and Dani Dennison's house, Allison's home, the Old Town Hall, and Salem Common on her trip to Salem,... >>>

Should I Go Home for the Holidays?

Friday  02:10,   30 october 2020

AFAR editors reflect on the challenges faced—and decisions made—regarding this year’s less-than-festive season.“We’re going to feel that pull to want to be with our families, want to be with our loved ones. We’re going to feel that pull to do what... >>>

Residents of Wuhan pack the streets to celebrate Halloween

Friday  02:10,   30 october 2020

Crowds have poured into an amusement park in Wuhan to attend a Halloween event less than a year after the Chinese city became infamous as the epicenter of the coronavirus... >>>

In the Overseas Territories, only Martinique will be subject to re-containment

Thursday  23:25,   29 october 2020

© PHOVOIR Re-containment will only apply, Overseas, to Martinique. In the Overseas Territories, the re-containment will only be applied in Martinique, a territory where the epidemic is on the rise, Prime Minister Jean Castex said on Thursday... >>>

For Black Travelers, Group Trips Provide a Way to Connect

Thursday  23:15,   29 october 2020

A rising number of Black group trips are fulfilling needs that the rest of the industry ignores.Over the past decade, the demand for safe, curated experiences that connect Black travelers both to each other and directly to African heritage and... >>>

Mauritius Has Some of the Most Gorgeous Beaches on Earth — and It's Enticing Remote Workers With a New Long-stay Visa Program

Thursday  22:35,   29 october 2020

The new visa allows visitors to stay for up to a year and can be renewed. Video: Expert Walking Tour of Old San Juan | Explore Historic Puerto Rico | Walk with Travel + Leisure (Travel + Leisure) Your browser does not support this video Mauritius is >>>

8 tips for a successful multigenerational ski trip

Thursday  22:35,   29 october 2020

So, you think Disney World is expensive? Try skiing with the entire family. If you aren’t strategic, single-day ski lift tickets can cost as much as $209 per day — almost double that of Disney World tickets. On top of that, you need significantly... >>>

You could move to an almost 'COVID-free' island in the Caribbean for up to 2 years, but only if you make almost triple what the typical American makes

Thursday  22:35,   29 october 2020

A new visa program lets wealthy travelers work remotely from the Cayman Islands, which its minister of tourism described as "basically COVID-free."But while the new program is pretty similar to other countries', there's one big difference: To apply, >>>

Incredible places you won't believe are in the USA

Thursday  22:35,   29 october 2020

From sand dunes to glaciers, here are 60 places you won't believe exist in... >>>

Zoom overtakes Exxon Mobil in market value amid COVID-19 pandemic

Thursday  20:55,   29 october 2020

A nine-year-old video software provider is now worth more than an oil giant that can trace its founding back to the 1870 formation of Standard Oil. In Thursday trades, Zoom Video is now worth $140 billion, surpassing Exxon Mobil's market... >>>

Lanai Locks Down As Hawaii Welcomes Tourists With Negative COVID-19 Tests

Thursday  20:55,   29 october 2020

The two-week stay-at-home order prohibits all nonessential travel to and from Lanai. Ellison's properties on the 140-square-mile island include the Four Seasons Resort Lanai at Manele Bay. Lanai confirmed four COVID-19 cases on Oct. 20. Within a... >>>

Beyoncé’s Adidas x Ivy Park Releases Online

Thursday  20:55,   29 october 2020

Explore local cuisines on these epic food trails around the world, from California to... >>>

Is It Okay to Fly If I’m Only Taking a Short Trip?

Thursday  19:40,   29 october 2020

In our Ethical Traveler advice column, we tackle the tricky moral dilemmas and questions that arise when traveling during a pandemic. Whether you're flying for a short trip or planning to stay a while, remember to act with the same caution you do at >>>