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See how COVID-19 dropped airline passenger numbers to record lows

Friday  12:25,   16 april 2021

Reaching record highs is one thing — but then one year later to bottom out with record lows is another. In 2019, most would not believe this narrative to be possible in the airline industry because of the extreme numbers of travelers corralling... >>>

12 Unique Cruise Port Destinations We Can't Wait To Visit Again

Friday  12:25,   16 april 2021

When cruising returns, travelers will be clamoring for these popular... >>>

Hydrogen stocks under pressure: Production of the hope danger Risk for resources?

Friday  07:15,   16 april 2021

worldwide are large production capacities for hydrogen in planning, even in water-poor regions. Environmentalists warn against strong interventions in the water balance. Suitable for the doubts, the rally of hydrogen shares on the stock exchanges... >>>

Beautiful stately homes hiding dark secrets

Friday  03:05,   16 april 2021

Worthy of several Game of Thrones plotlines and then some, these heritage homes have seen everything from grisly murders and executions to arson attacks, witch trials, terrifying hauntings and even werewolf hunts. Get ready to uncover the chilling... >>>

9 Coffees and Teas From Around the World You Can Make at Home

Friday  01:50,   16 april 2021

9 Coffees and Teas From Around the World You Can Make at... >>>

Afghans who worked for US plea for help after Biden announces exit

Friday  01:50,   16 april 2021

"Everyone is in shock and fear about the coming empowerment of the brutal Taliban, especially those who worked with the U.S. government and NATO," Abdul told ABC News After a decade of delays and bureaucratic hurdles, he was granted approval for one >>>

How to Plan a Seamless Family Camping Trip

Friday  01:00,   16 april 2021

Step-by-step guidance on finding a campsite during high season, easy and delicious meal ideas, and games that'll turn your kids into lifelong campers.“Don’t confine yourself to this picture of what you think camping is from what you've seen in... >>>

How Long Does It Take to Get a Passport?

Friday  01:00,   16 april 2021

Depending on whether the passport is for a minor or adult, needed in a hurry, is a renewal or a first-time passport, and other scenarios will impact how long it takes to get a passport. The post How Long Does It Take to Get a Passport? appeared... >>>

Covid-19: The Maldives want to vaccinate tourists to restart the economy

Friday  00:15,   16 april 2021

© provided by the Point Maldives, Vaccination, Tourism D years A world where Voyager rhyme with "complicated", the Maldives have more 'a turn in their bag. They offer tourists ready to brave the fear of being infected with COVID-19 the possibility... >>>

Delta confirms travel recovery is underway as airline posts $1.2 billion loss for Q1

Thursday  23:40,   15 april 2021

Delta on Thursday reported what it expects could be its last major quarterly loss of the COVID-19 pandemic era, saying it expects to see travel demand continue to pick up and allow the airline to reach break-even by next quarter. The airline... >>>

Airbnb Is Blocking Some July 4 Reservations to Prevent Potential House Parties

Thursday  22:55,   15 april 2021

The rule is a part of the company's "Summer of Responsible Travel" plan."As the July 4 weekend approaches, we are deploying more stringent restrictions on one and two-night reservations that may pose heightened risk for parties," Airbnb wrote in >>>

This Is How Much the Moderna Vaccine Really Protects You, New Study Says

Thursday  22:00,   15 april 2021

Joshua Tree, the Everglades, and White Sands top the list of most affordable stays from April 17 through... >>>

The strangest roadside attractions in the US

Thursday  21:45,   15 april 2021

The strangest roadside attractions in the... >>>

Everything you need to know about Wheels Up private jet memberships

Thursday  21:45,   15 april 2021

So you want to start flying private? Or maybe you’re already hooked on flying private and want to find ways to maximize your flights. Navigating the ins and outs of private jet travel can seem overwhelming, but one of the easiest ways to dip your... >>>

Everlane Just Launched Its First Collection of Stylish, Sustainable Swimwear

Thursday  21:45,   15 april 2021

You'll want to add these pieces to your swim collection ASAP. Gallery: 10 men's bomber jackets that are perfect for transitional spring weather (INSIDER) Plus, as with much of Everlane's collection, this swimwear is sustainably made with... >>>