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Eat your way across these food trails in 2020

Monday  07:35,   16 december 2019

There are hiking trails and historic trails, and then there are food trails, the delicious routes that carve their way through cities, states and even regions. Those who follow these trails will not leave hungry.Food trails chart the course through... >>>

Sea-Tac Airport to allow people without tickets to go past security

Sunday  22:15,   15 december 2019

Seattle-Tacoma International Airport is restarting a program that allows people to go through security and meet loved ones at the gate without purchasing a ticket. The idea is that non-ticketed visitors will use the program to surprise arriving... >>>

American Airlines Cancels Boeing 737 Max Flights Until April

Sunday  22:00,   15 december 2019

American Airlines has removed the Boeing 737 Max plane from its schedule until at least April, the latest delay for the beleaguered plane, the company said in a statement Thursday. The move follows this week’s release of a damning Federal... >>>

The Worst Airlines and Airports for Holiday Flight Delays

Sunday  22:00,   15 december 2019

If you don't want your flight home for the holidays to be delayed, these are the airports and airlines you should avoid.Beyond getting to the airport on time and keeping track of your flight status, there are steps you can take to help your... >>>

The Real Cost of Bad Airplane Behavior, Ranked

Sunday  22:00,   15 december 2019

What kind of poetic justice can we get when someone’s selfish actions result in our flight being delayed, diverted, or even grounded?That’s exactly what happened to passengers on an American Airlines flight heading from Pensacola, Florida, to Miami... >>>

What Travelers Need to Do to Prepare for REAL ID Compliance in 2020

Sunday  20:30,   15 december 2019

Time is running out to become REAL ID compliant and ensure you won't miss your flight in 2020.If you haven't yet secured your REAL ID, don't worry because you're not... >>>

These are the best airlines for healthy airplane food 2019-2020

Sunday  14:05,   15 december 2019

Alaska Airlines and Air Canada share the top spot in a study of the healthiest in-flight dining options. © JanJBrand / A new report ranks healthiest airlines for airplane food 2019. In the 2019-2020 edition of the Airline Food Study, 11... >>>

This Survey Explains What Not to Do on an Airplane

Saturday  21:06,   14 december 2019

YouGov has released a data report of the most commonly accepted (and unaccepted) behaviors on airplanes, here are the results.These are all questions travelers have had for... >>>

5 Free Airline Perks to Make Flying With Kids More Bearable

Saturday  21:05,   14 december 2019

Even if you're flying in economy, these free toys, supplies, and services from airlines will make traveling with small children more bearable. Holiday travel is stressful enough, but throw in a baby, toddler, or tween, and navigating through a... >>>

Black Death and rotten shark? Try these 10 unique foods in Iceland

Saturday  07:25,   14 december 2019

On your next Iceland vacation, try these unique and authentic local dishes, from bread baked underground by geothermal heat to a shot of pure whey from an ancient dairy farm in the countryside.Here are 10 unique dishes you should try in... >>>

Antelope Canyon Will No Longer Offer Photo Tours Due to Overcrowding

Saturday  02:00,   14 december 2019

Antelope Canyon Will No Longer Offer Photo Tours Due to OvercrowdingAccessible only by guided tour, Upper Antelope Canyon has been a long-standing destination for Arizona visitors eager to capture the epic formations. However, recently Navajo Nation >>>

A family of 8 is traveling through Australia's most remote regions in a fully customized double-decker camper van. Here's a look inside.

Saturday  01:25,   14 december 2019

SLRV didn't disclose the final cost of the ultra-luxe RV but estimated that the price would fall between $670,000 and... >>>

This is the worst thing you can do at the airport

Friday  22:50,   13 december 2019

It can be easy to be rude without even realizing it, especially in an environment that’s stressful and confusing, like an airport. Oh yeah. We’re talking about all those people who crowd the boarding area long before their boarding group is... >>>

15 of the Best Family-Friendly Travel Destinations for 2020

Friday  21:05,   13 december 2019

15 of the Best Family-Friendly Travel Destinations for... >>>

Places to Escape the Crowds in 2020

Friday  21:05,   13 december 2019

Places to Escape the Crowds in... >>>