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Ask the Captain: What causes smoke in cockpits? How do pilots deal with time changes?

Sunday  23:50,   20 october 2019

Captain John Cox explains common causes for smoke in airplane cockpits and what it's like to switch back from Daylight Savings Time as a pilot.Question: Last weekend, a JetBlue flight had to divert due to smoke and an “electrical smell” in the... >>>

These Are 2020's Hottest Travel Destinations, According to Airbnb

Sunday  23:50,   20 october 2019

Courtesy of Airbnb An unexpected trip can be the most exciting kind of vacation to... >>>

The 'Joker' stairs might be New York's latest tourist attraction

Sunday  20:20,   20 october 2019

Fans of the "Joker" movie, which hit theaters earlier this month, are making the stairs featured in the film New York's newest tourist attraction.Fans of the "Joker," which hit theaters earlier this month, are taking photos in front of those... >>>

WATCH: Cruise Ship Navigates Tiny Corinth Canal

Sunday  19:20,   20 october 2019

At only 78 feet wide, it was a tight squeeze.No, nobody really made that announcement and those products weren’t... >>>

Qantas test flight completes record 19-hour non-stop flight from New York to Sydney

Sunday  16:50,   20 october 2019

Australian airline Qantas has completed the longest non-stop commercial passenger flight, researching the potential impacts of ultra-long haul flights on pilots, crew and passengers. © James D Morgan/Qantas Crew on the Qantas flight from New York to >>>

How every passenger on this Delta flight scored a first-class upgrade

Sunday  00:00,   20 october 2019

What are some ways to fly first class on Delta? Then there’s another route, which is what happened Wednesday for nine travelers departing Atlanta (ATL) to Orlando... >>>

Doing it for the 'gram? Royal Caribbean says no to that, bans guests for life

Saturday  23:19,   19 october 2019

Doing it for the 'gram? Royal Caribbean Cruises doesn't seem to think that's a good idea, particularly when it's dangerous.Royal Caribbean Cruises doesn't think that's a good idea, particularly when it's... >>>

Would you pay $59 a year for overhead bin space? Delta is betting the answer is yes

Saturday  23:19,   19 october 2019

Would you be willing to pay to have a better shot at overhead bin space? Delta is offering it as a perk in its new SkyMiles Select subscription."Board sooner and find the perfect overhead bin space," reads a promotion for Delta's $59 annual SkyMiles >>>

Tips for Surviving the Holiday Season Ahead

Saturday  23:19,   19 october 2019

Hilton experts share their top tips for navigating the busy and sometimes stressful holiday travel season successfully.The latest bit of advice to be issued for holiday travelers comes courtesy of Hilton Hotels, which has just released its top tips... >>>

Put down the phone: You can now chat with JetBlue for assistance

Saturday  23:17,   19 october 2019

You can now forget JetBlue’s hold music. Starting today, users of JetBlue’s iOS app can now chat with the airline instead of picking up the phone. JetBlue quietly released Version 4.10 of the airline’s app to the iOS App Store. As part of the... >>>

What Is Jet Lag and How Can You Really Cure It?

Saturday  22:25,   19 october 2019

Jet lag is actually a real, temporary disorder. Here's why it happens, and what you can do to cure it.Traveling can make anyone tired, though it affects some people more than others. This phenomenon is known as jet lag and it’s actually a real,... >>>

The Best Credit Cards for Airport Lounge Access in 2019

Saturday  15:35,   19 october 2019

Traveling today is stressful. Load factors are at an all-time high in the US, and airports always seem to be crowded. It’s important to keep your blood pressure down by taking advantage of every option available to make the preflight experience more >>>

10 Carry-On Items That Could Save Your Life

Saturday  01:00,   19 october 2019

Even when you're trying to travel light, these small items are essential. In fact, they could be real heroes in an expected... >>>

This enormous 262-foot 'hybrid' superyacht will have an onboard spa and whiskey lounge

Friday  23:21,   18 october 2019

The huge concept boat includes the best of both yacht worlds and includes amenities such as an onboard gym and... >>>

Ever Feel Boxed In? Try Breaking Out of a Haunted New Orleans Mansion

Friday  22:50,   18 october 2019

Ghost tours and the French Quarter are clichéd tourist traps. How about a live game of Clue instead?A desk filled with props within one of the rooms at Escape My... >>>