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Biggest international travelers come from US, China and Germany: Mastercard

Biggest international travelers come from US, China and Germany: Mastercard For US travelers, Mexico, Canada and Italy are the top three most popular international travel destinations, while travelers from mainland China prefer Thailand, Japan and the US, in that order. That's according to Mastercard's "Global Destination Cities Index," which ranks the biggest globetrotters by country and their favorite destinations. Overall, the report reveals that travelers from the US, China, Germany, the UK and France are the most mobile, taking up the top five spots on the index of biggest source markets for international travel. Authors also note the dramatic rise in Asia-Pacific: Just a decade ago, Korea and Taiwan didn't crack the top-10 list.

We all want to get the best value for our money when putting together our trips. Lucky for us there are some awesome places around the globe providing cheap vacations options So if you’re willing to pay a bit more on the airfare, you can go to some incredible places where your dollar will stretch far .

The strong dollar means vacation destinations that were once out of reach are now affordable. Travel expert Pauline Frommer has countries you might not have

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President Trump, Rand Paul, and others seem to think we can get peace by pulling out of places that are not yet pacified, because they imagine that people are “tired” of war.

They could not be more terribly wrong.

History — World War II for example, and “peace in our time” — should have cured them of that thinking.

This fall upscale travelers are hunting for new adventures. Here is where they are finding them.

This fall upscale travelers are hunting for new adventures. Here is where they are finding them. Tried-and-true destinations remain popular but a number of new destinations are emerging as the rich seek out more private, low-key travel experience or travel with family on multigenerational trips. The top 10 destinations "Americans increasingly choose to travel domestically for the holidays," said Virtuoso, which puts the United States, with its vast array of destinations and attractions, in the lead spot for this fall.

Here are four incredible locations where your dollar goes far . Travel to Bali to create your own “Eat, Pray, Love” experience. Rated as the most popular island holiday destination in the Indonesian archipelago, Bali is known for its rich culture and warm hospitality.

8 Remarkable Travel Destinations Where Your Dollar Goes Far . 8. We’re far off our own 2008 crisis, when the dollar was worth half the British pound, and two thirds of a Euro. It’s still not so cost effective to visit Europe in large, either, since its primary destinations are expensive in any economy.

If you think people are tired now, think how exhausted they were in 1946. After four years of war (seven in Europe and some parts of Asia), they had to suit up again for what one World War ll veteran would later describe as a “long twilight struggle.” The Cold War was less given to bombings and bloodshed but costly and nerve-wracking.

Some people, like Robert A. Taft and Joseph P. Kennedy, opposed this reaction, but Harry Truman, George Marshall, Dwight Eisenhower, and John F. Kennedy all believed otherwise. Over the next twenty years, these men built and enhanced the set of alliances that contained the Soviet Union until its empire crumbled in 1989.

Key to this success were the kind of residual forces that until recently protected the Kurds in Syria and were the key to the end of the Cold War. As the late Charles Krauthammer explained: “During the Cold War, we stationed troops in Germany to face the massive tank armies of Soviet Russia…a deliberate message to the enemy that if you invade our ally you will have to kill a lot of Americans first. Which will galvanize us into full-scale war against you.”

These Are the Top 10 Destinations to Travel to This Fall, According to Airbnb

These Are the Top 10 Destinations to Travel to This Fall, According to Airbnb Airbnb predicts these will be the most popular fall vacation destinations come autumn. September is nearly upon us, and with falling temperatures comes the prospect of fall vacations. Even if summer doesn't technically come to an end until September 23, now is as good a time as any to pack your bags. If you're hoping to plan an unforgettable autumnal getaway, Airbnb has the booking data to help determine your next vacation. In a new internal Airbnb study that analyzed annual growth bookings, the popular lodging marketplace reveals 10 locales that experienced a notable spike in on-site searches.

As destinations go , it’s further than most, but there are direct flights from Los Angeles that are a fairly reasonable 12-hour journey. While New Zealand isn’t a cheap destination when it comes to food and adventure sports, your dollar goes further this year, with 1.5 New Zealand dollars to the US dollar .

Wondering where to go on vacation in 2019? The finance and travel website determined just how far the U.S. dollar will go in popular international summer destinations this year, based both on the strength of the dollar compared to the local currency and overall affordability.

As a result, nobody dared to kill the Americans until the Soviet Union imploded. This is something that Trump and his defenders now ignore.

It is the willingness to sacrifice small numbers of people that secures the safety of millions and millions, and the willingness of the defenders to be the defenders that in turn keeps them safe. In removing the tripwire people, as Obama once did and Trump is now doing, you open the gates to flood tides of violence, which one way or another you will one day be forced to clean up.

The Islamic State had to sweep through the Middle East and plant bombs in Europe before Obama came to his senses and started responding. Trump might take a little more convincing.

Trump and his ilk express their concerns for the troops on the ground and the strain on their loved ones, but this, too, seems misplaced.

Joe Kennedy misunderstood the plans of the Axis and/or their depravity, but he was above all a father, whose concerns for his sons (and all sons and all fathers) eclipsed all other matters, leading him once to ask of Truman, “What are you doing campaigning for that crippled son of a bitch that killed my son Joe?”

Roosevelt of course had his own sons in battle — one of whom, Elliott, was in a small plane following that flown by Joseph P. Kennedy, Jr. on his final mission.

The only way to stop war is to be ready to wage it. “I hate war,” FDR said famously. But what he hated even more was the period in the late 1930’s and in 1940, when he saw the Axis rise and then rampage, and knew, because of the public’s war weariness, that there was nothing at all he could do.

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