Travel This is the No. 1 thing you need to avoid when traveling for the holidays

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Make sure you book your holiday flights by this date

  Make sure you book your holiday flights by this date For us mere mortals getting the window seat on a flight seems like a luxury, but that’s nothing compared to some of the perks of flying like a royal. Buzz60’s Susana Victoria Perez has more.

Use this ultimate guide to remind you of useful essentials you need to buy for your travels whether it’s shower gel, socks, clothes or sunnies. When it comes to packing, the best way to pack a backpack is to save space. Our top tip is to fold your clothes efficiently. Remember: Heavy stuff at the bottom, stuff

This is definitely a big no-no, especially if you ’re traveling on the holidays . All you need to do is to print out your boarding pass and then take it with you at the airport. Some major airlines also post kiosks in airports where you can check yourselves to your flight without having to go through those

The holiday season is one of the busiest times of the year. There are flights to book, gifts to purchase and busy airports to navigate. But if you’re one of the 115.6 million people expected to travel for the holiday, you can take a little bit of stress off by keeping it light — your bag that is. The No. 1 thing to avoid doing before holiday travel is overpacking your bags.

a man and a woman sitting on a couch: This is the number one thing you need to avoid when traveling for the holidays© iStock.com/staticnak1983 This is the number one thing you need to avoid when traveling for the holidays

There are things that you should never travel without. Comfortable shoes, copies of important documents and a first-aid kit are essentials. But don’t pack your entire closet just because you’re afraid you won’t have the perfect outfit.

Make sure you book your holiday flights by this date

  Make sure you book your holiday flights by this date Surviving holiday travel is quite the ordeal — you’d probably welcome any and all advice for how to make it easier. You know to avoid the worst days of the year to fly, such as the Friday before Christmas, but do you know exactly what day you’ll arrive? You really want to make those plans as soon as you can. The sooner you get your tickets, the cheaper they’ll be — but wait too long and there’s a point of no return. After a certain date, ticket prices for the holidays go way up.

Your love for travel can never reach it’s zenith if you haven’t traveled alone sometime. Taking a trip with your loved ones is certainly the idea of We've always read lists telling us about the advantages and the tips for doing a solo travel jig, but this time, I am going to tell you stuff you need to AVOID

Travelling without googling about where am going to be. This is to avoid regrets about what I could have done but couldn't, just because I wasn't aware. When traveling abroad or at home do your best to look like you belong and not stand out as someone of interest to predators.

In addition to baggage fees costing you an arm and a leg, checked bags are misplaced by airline carriers every day (that's why there are plenty of things you should never pack in them). Mishandled bags are defined as checked bags that are lost, damaged, delayed or stolen. According to air travel consumer reports released by the U.S. Department of Transportation, more than 166,000 bags were mishandled during the December 2018 holiday season. More than 2.2 million bags were mishandled by U.S. airline carriers between January and September 2019. Imagine losing half your favorite outfits because you packed them all. And if your bags are stuffed because you want to travel with gifts, here’s another tip: consider a hardshell suitcase to avoid damage.

How to Thrive During the Holidays if Being Around Family Is Hard

  How to Thrive During the Holidays if Being Around Family Is Hard A person describes five ways people can not only survive, but thrive through the holidays if being around family is difficult.1. Mindfulness.

Travelling to Russia for the first time may seem like a crazy adventure – and though a ‘closed door’ Check if you need a visa. Citizens of most countries outside of the former Soviet Union will be To avoid any difficulty, exchange your local currency for roubles in advance to get a good rate, and have

Avoid these things for smooth holiday travel . If you ’re traveling from a frosty location to a warm-weather destination this holiday season, don’t forget to pack the essentials for your return flight. Spontaneity is important when planning any trip. No one wants to have a strict itinerary similar to a

Becoming an efficient packer will save you the possible headaches and expenses that come with overpacking. Don't forget to pack an outfit in your carry-on bag in case of an emergency and stick to only the necessities in your checked luggage. Keep anything valuable, including gifts you are bringing, on you or in your carry-on. Also remember to factor in any items or gifts you may be returning home with when packing for your trip. If necessary, bring an extra foldable bag with you.

Traveling during the holiday season can be a breeze if you master your packing game. This last-minute holiday tip is only one of the 20 things you should avoid when traveling for the holidays.

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