Travel How to explore the seaside towns of southern Maine during COVID-19

02:16  18 september  2020
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Green tea: an ally against food allergies?

 Green tea: an ally against food allergies? © wenn A new study suggests that drinking green tea may help people with food allergies. Researchers at the University of Shinshu in Japan have found that certain gut microbes can affect the way the immune system responds to certain allergens, and found that the number of flavonoids, a diverse group of phytonutrients, can positively improve bacteria. in the intestine.

Since March 2020, we've been adapting to life amid a pandemic. While many challenges arose, so too did creativity, inspiration and perseverance. A new sense of getting back to nature sprouted as many of us paused and appreciated the world around us.

To celebrate the many majestic communities across the U.S., TMRW is packing its bags and reviving the classic American road trip. Join us in the passenger's seat as we explore, eat and rest in southern Maine. It's time to get on the road again.

Why are so many artists drawn to Maine?

  Why are so many artists drawn to Maine? As the state marks its bicentennial, creative thinkers look to crashing waves, craggy mountains, and colorful seasons for inspiration.Painters Betsy Eby and Bo Bartlett spend their summers on Maine’s remote, tiny Wheaton Island. The speck of earth—nearly 22 miles from the mainland—is reachable by charter boat or plane or a short row from the nearby fishing community of Matinicus Island. The pair find inspiration amid its waves and weather.

Maine is a spacious, scenic state dusted with quaint seaside towns and cities along its coast. With a statewide population that is one-eighteenth of New York City, this serene destination was made for outdoor experiences and social distancing long before COVID-19.

According to a survey of 450 people conducted by Live and Work in Maine, a nonprofit initiative that promotes quality work-life opportunities, the majority of people who came to work remotely in Maine during the pandemic decided to or are strongly considering making a permanent move. For any East Coaster looking to tip-toe back into travel after being stuck at home for months, Maine’s a great place.

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The One COVID Symptom Everyone Gets Most

  The One COVID Symptom Everyone Gets Most A new study joins earlier research in suggesting that one symptom of coronavirus (COVID-19) is most common: Fever.In a study published Nov. 9 in The Journal of Emergency Medicine, scientists looked at nearly 12,000 people who were tested for COVID-19 at emergency rooms around New York City. In that group, the most common symptoms that accompanied a positive COVID test were: fever (74%), shortness of breath (68%), and cough (65%). Read on, and to ensure your health and the health of others, don't miss these Sure Signs You've Already Had Coronavirus.

So hop in the car, pack a lightweight jacket (and your mask!) and get ready to evoke the Mainer spirit on a road trip to Maine’s highlight cities, Kennebunkport and Portland.

As travel restrictions and guidelines change constantly on a state and county level, always check the local government's site concerning travel and COVID-19 for all states being traveled to, from and through. This article was written based off of guidelines in effect for Aug. 16 through Aug. 24.


Learn how to fish for lobster (or just take in the sights)

a person standing next to a body of water: Learn how to catch lobster in a lobster pot and take in the sights around the Portland Harbor. (Erica Chayes Wida) © Erica Chayes Wida Learn how to catch lobster in a lobster pot and take in the sights around the Portland Harbor. (Erica Chayes Wida)

I couldn't spend five nights in Maine without learning how professionals catch the state's most famous dish. Armed with a sense of adventure and some friends, I hopped aboard the Lucky Catch — a lobster boat that brings guests on a 90-minute lighthouse tour around the Portland harbor while instructors teach us how to catch lobster. The boat is large enough for adequate social distancing and its staff deep cleans between excursions. Whether or not you opt to load the lobster pot with dead fish (it's all part of the fun), the views of majestic lighthouses and old military forts from the water are reason enough to book a trip and support the local economy.

Dr. Fauci Says This is the Most Important Thing You Can Do Right Now

  Dr. Fauci Says This is the Most Important Thing You Can Do Right Now "The cavalry is on its way. If we can hang on and implement the public health measures, help is really on the way,” dr. Fauci said."What's the most important thing for people to do between now and when the cavalry arrives?" he was asked. The calvary referenced is the coronavirus vaccine, two of which—from Pfizer and Moderna—have been shown to be 95% effective in trials.

Related: "Be prepared emotionally and psychologically ... to hold off," said Rick Steves.

Go to the 24-hour L.L. Bean store

Live and Work in Maine executive director Nate Wildes, who is an avid Maine enthusiast and runs a naval station turned brewery outside of Portland, told me, "You're not a Mainer until you go to the L.L. Bean store and arm yourself with some winter gear." Even if you’re not a Maine transplant, the flagship store for cozy clothing is worth the drop in.

Walk the funky, cobblestone streets of downtown Portland

a group of people walking on a sidewalk: Portland, Maine, is an old port city filled with cool little shops, breweries, art and seaside restaurants. (Erica Chayes Wida) © Erica Chayes Wida Portland, Maine, is an old port city filled with cool little shops, breweries, art and seaside restaurants. (Erica Chayes Wida)

Shops with eclectic home goods, handmade pottery, vinyl, vintage, medical marijuana and surf boards are just a few things to peruse in this trendy yet historic port city. My husband and I chose to keep our masks on and shop inside, but window shopping would certainly suffice. The scene was vibrant but remained relatively quiet in mid-August without the droves of cruise ship passengers that usually flood the city during summer.

Dr. Fauci Says This "Innocent" Activity Could Get You Killed

  Dr. Fauci Says This Dr. Fauci worries that Thanksgiving travel will cause a surge of coronavirus (COVID-19) cases that might overwhelm hospitals. "When you think of the holiday season and the congregating indoors at what are innocent, lovely functions like meals with family and friends, you've got to really think" of the risk factors, said Fauci.

Take a bike ride to the Bush compound in Kennebunkport

Our hotels offered complementary bicycles for guests, so my husband and I explored the darling little town on two wheels instead of four. Kennebunkport's oceanside streets lend themselves to gorgeous bike rides any time of day. My favorite ride was from the Lower Village along Ocean Ave. out to the Bush Family Compound, Walkers Point, one of the areas most famous sites.

George H.W. Bush and his wife, Barbara, spent every summer at the sprawling estate from mid-May to October (aside from their time at the White House). After their passing, the home remained in the family and is still frequented by George W. Bush, Laura and their daughters, including TODAY's own Jenna Bush Hager.


Lobster, lobster (and more) lobster!

a close up of food on a table: Plates of soft-shell lobster from The Lobster Shack in Kennebunkport, Maine. (Erica Chayes Wida) © Erica Chayes Wida Plates of soft-shell lobster from The Lobster Shack in Kennebunkport, Maine. (Erica Chayes Wida)
  • The Lobster Shack, Kennebunkport: This classic, family-run shack is the oldest running seafood market in the state and delivers weekly to the Bush compound. I fell in love with its lump soft-shell lobster meat, which is cooked on an old-fashioned stove in saltwater for exceptional flavor. Don't forget to order their iconic lobster roll with both mayo and butter.
  • EvenTide, downtown Portland: Known for its elevated spin on lobster rolls with browned butter and chives on a steamed bao bun, this hipster-friendly downtown spot can have up to two-hour waits in summer for outdoor seating. So just be sure to plan ahead and reserve your table in-person before strolling around town.
  • Luke's Lobster, Portland Harbor: Stunning views of the water from a two-story deck and cocktail popsicles were two of my favorite things about this Portland, Maine, staple. Recently renovated with clean, ocean decor, the lobster rolls were a smash, the salad was fresh and the fried chicken bites with spicy sauce were definitely worth the second order.

DIY lobster meal kits to cook at home or in your rental

To help maintain business flow during coronavirus shutdowns, The Lobster Shack, Luke's Lobster, Eventide, Black Point, Get Maine Lobster, Hancock Lobster Co. and McLoons Lobster Shack all launched their own DIY lobster kits, which can be viewed on their websites. Most deliver nationwide in 24-hours and offer in-person pickup for locals and folks driving through. I snagged one from The Lobster Shack and from EvenTide for a friendly cook-at-home competition and it was a tough call to rule which was the winner.

Irritable bowel syndrome: Avoid these foods

  Irritable bowel syndrome: Avoid these foods What is irritable bowel syndrome? During digestion, muscles contract to move food from the stomach and small intestine into the large intestine, also known as the colon. Those with irritable bowel syndrome experience contractions that are either too strong or too weak, resulting in unpleasant symptoms like diarrhea, constipation, pain, and cramps. While this illness has no cure, patients can avoid the foods listed here that tend to aggravate symptoms. Don't forget, however, to consult your doctor before starting any restrictive diet.

A four-course meal in an 1800s barn

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For those who want to transport to another time, the White Barn Inn offers a $150 per person pre-fixe dinner in its candlelit barn. The chef's fois gras encrusted beef tenderloin or chilled lobster with mint sorbet and edible flowers can run a bit steep, but it's a meal no one will forget.

For a more casual bistro experience, dine at the adjacent Little Barn (the Wagyu burger and seasonal burrata salad were two of my favorite menu items).

Avocado ice cream?!

If it's not too chilly, grab an ice cream scoop at one of Kennebunkport's finest: a Ben & Jerry's scoop shop in a historic white home or the ever-popular Rococo, known for its unique flavor combinations. I had a scoop of creamy avocado ice cream with cayenne pepper and a scoop of salted sweet cream vanilla. I still can't get the dreamy combo out of my head.


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The Kennebunkport Resort Collection

This comprehensive resort collection has a handful of properties around Kennebunkport and quickly adapted to making guests feel comfortable during the pandemic. It has remote check-in, individual rooms that allow for no-contact stays and, at some, breakfast dropped on your room's doorstep.

My husband and I stayed at the Yachtsman Hotel and Marina Club: a brightly colored marina-side property with individual rooms set up in the style of a retro motel. Its floating pool on the dock, umbrella-clad outdoor bar and candy-colored decor was made for Instagram.

The One Place You Shouldn't Go Even If It's Open

  The One Place You Shouldn't Go Even If It's Open There’s one place you should avoid to protect yourself and your family to whom you might unwittingly infect with COVID-19. That place is a bar.No matter where you live, there's one place you should avoid to protect yourself, your family, your neighboring states—and your fellow Americans, to whom you might unwittingly infect. That place is a bar. Read on to find out why they are so dangerous, and to ensure your health and the health of others, don't miss these Sure Signs You've Already Had Coronavirus.

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Other properties include The Hidden Pond, a magical, wooded property that turned its hotel rooms into luxury rentals for a more remote experience for families, Cape Arundel Inn and Resort, The Tides Beach Club, The Boathouse Waterfront Hotel, The Cottages at Cabot Cove, The Lodge on the Cove, Grand Hotel and the Kennebunkport Inn.

The White Barn Inn

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This New England-style barn and inn has been serving overnight guests since the 1800s. It's secluded, off-the-beaten-path vibe is still a short bike ride or walk into downtown. It has a stone pool (which was open in mid-August and had an attendant clean each lounge chair area between guests), outdoor games, a fire pit and an array of cottages and hotel rooms. Our room was housed in an old hay loft with a clawfoot bathtub, fireplace and cozy, animal-skin rug ... that's when you know you're in Maine.

Tips before hitting the road

  • If traveling from the tri-state area, the ride to Portland or Kennebunkport can be done in one swoop with just one or two bathroom breaks. It's smart to map out your route ahead of time and make sure you check the state's government sites for COVID-19 travel advisories. Some rest stops and bathrooms have limited hours or may be closed due to coronavirus restrictions.
  • Since we're in a pandemic, make sure you bring extra cloth face coverings or masks to keep in the car in case one gets dirty or you lose it. Keep hand sanitizer handy and be sure to wash hands often.
  • Always check the weather ahead of time and bring a lot of layers when traveling to Maine, including a light coat in summer. Temperatures ranged by about 20 degrees during our mid-August stay and it's cooler in oceanside areas like Kennebunkport and Portland.
  • Call hotels or check online in advance to be sure you're up to speed on their pandemic safety protocols. It's always good to keep yourself, other guests and staff comfortable!

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