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Queen Elizabeth II .: The evening before the wedding, Philip got cold feet.

Saturday  12:15,   24 october 2020

They have been married for almost 73 years, are considered an iron couple that can not easily be disturbed: Queen Elizabeth (94) and her husband Prince Philip (99). A new documentary now reveals that Philip should have got cold feet the night... >>>

highly sensitive? Tips for couples

Saturday  12:15,   24 october 2020

Around one in five people worldwide is considered to be highly sensitive - so the probability that you will have a relationship with such a person is relatively high. But don't worry - the media world is preparing you well for... >>>

Frédéric Beigbeder drunk: Thierry Ardisson tells an embarrassing anecdote

Saturday  12:10,   24 october 2020

© AGENCE / BESTIMAGE Frédéric Beigbeder drunk: Thierry Ardisson tells an embarrassing anecdote In Everyone's talking boxes, alcohol flowed freely. Which sometimes pushed Thierry Ardisson to be confronted with embarrassing situations. In particular... >>>

Jennifer Lopez oozes leaves a business meeting in Hollywood

Saturday  11:56,   24 october 2020

She recently credited 'individuality' as the secret to her success. And Jennifer Lopez looked every bit the megastar, while leaving a business meeting in Hollywood with two bodyguards by her side on Friday night.The 51-year-old triple threat >>>

Between Andros and Materne, the gourd is full

Saturday  11:45,   24 october 2020

War has indeed been declared between the two companies specializing in compotes. The bone of contention: recyclable packaging. Storm in a compote gourd. Between Andros and Materne, both specialists in fruity recipes, this is not the time for sweet... >>>

Rules for the meat industry: SPD throws Union blockade before

Saturday  11:20,   24 october 2020

In the coalition dispute over stricter rules © Jan Woitas / dpa-Zentralbild / dpa Pork halves hang in a slaughterhouse. for the meat industry accuses the SPD parliamentary group leader Rolf Mützenich of blocking the Union in favor of lobby... >>>

Uncharted film adaptation: Tom Holland's Nathan Drake deserves more imagination

Saturday  11:15,   24 october 2020

The first picture of Tom Holland as a young Nathan Drake is a detailed, but also a bizarre sight that leaves no imagination. But hope is not yet lost. © Sony Uncharted film adaptation: Tom Holland's Nathan Drake deserves more imagination The... >>>

Restless baby sleep: From 7th to 9th month it is due to the stranger phase.

Saturday  10:15,   24 october 2020

Around the 7th month, many babies begin to sleep restlessly. They fall asleep badly and keep waking up crying. But why is that - especially if sleep had actually worked out pretty well before? © iStock / LeManna Baby cries In fact, this has... >>>

"King of Queens": SHE almost became "Carrie"

Saturday  10:15,   24 october 2020

Your browser does not support this video Leah Remini inspired us for ten years as "Carrie Heffernan" in the successful series "King of Queens". But did you know that the role of "Doug's" wife was actually offered to someone else? Megan Mullally was >>>

Jennifer Aniston casts vote for Biden, shades Kanye

Saturday  09:25,   24 october 2020

Jennifer Aniston goes into detail about why she supports the Biden/Harris ticket.On Oct. 23, the beloved "Friends" star posted a series of Instagram photos that shows her dropping off her ballot at an authorized ballot drop off box for the 2020... >>>

John Boyega teases he'd be open to returning to the Star Wars universe

Saturday  09:25,   24 october 2020

John Boyega opened up once again about his experience in the Star Wars universe, and how he'd be open to revisiting his character Finn - if the circumstances were right. Speaking to Yahoo on Wednesday, the British-born Boyega, 28, discussed an... >>>

Bethenny Frankel Reveals If She'd Ever Return to The Real Housewives of New York City

Saturday  09:00,   24 october 2020

Bethenny Frankel dished on whether she'd ever consider returning to The Real Housewives of New York City during a recent episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Hear her answer here.The Real Housewives of New York City alum revealed if she'd... >>>

How Anya Taylor-Joy mastered chess and her craft for Netflix's The Queen's Gambit

Saturday  09:00,   24 october 2020

Here's how Anya Taylor-Joy mastered chess and her craft for her role in Netflix's 'The Queen's Gambit.'“She came to us exhausted,” says The Queen’s Gambit co-creator Scott Frank, who also wrote and directed every episode. “She... >>>

Oliver Hudson Thought His Life Was 'Ruined' After Getting Botox That Made Him Look Like a 'Villain'

Saturday  09:00,   24 october 2020

The 44-year-old actor got candid about the work he had done.Noting that he'd gotten the popular blood facial, Oliver added that he also agreed to try some... >>>

Bethenny Frankel Opens Up About Her Split from Paul Bernon: 'Not Everything Has to End Badly'

Saturday  08:50,   24 october 2020

The Skinnygirl mogul started dating Paul Bernon, a real estate developer and film producer, in the fall of 2018 after the death of her on-off boyfriend Dennis Shields. Frankel, however, is still married to her daughter Bryn's father, Jason Hoppy.... >>>