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Carbon taxes are out, and clean electricity standards are in

  Carbon taxes are out, and clean electricity standards are in Top Democrats are ditching carbon pricing and carbon taxes in favor of a policy known as a clean electricity standard. © Provided by Washington Examiner President Biden placed a clean electricity standard, targeting 100% carbon-free power by 2035, at the center of his aggressive climate plans. Top Democrats on the House Energy and Commerce Committee have supported the policy, making it a centerpiece of their sweeping climate bill, known as the CLEAN Future Act.

On the occasion of its mega-launching, Xiaomi has confirmed on Tuesday to start a subsidiary, which should operate as a manufacturer of electric cars. Rumors had been given longer.

Xiaomi-Chef Lei Jun verkündet den Smart-Cars-Einstieg. © Xiaomi Xiaomi Chef Lei Jun announces the smart cars entry.

Started on February 22, 2021, Xiaomi had demented to work on its own electric car. However, the Dementi was formulated butter soft. Xiaomi has not initiated "no formal project when it comes to an investigation of the business for the production of electric vehicles," it said in a statement . Xiaomi, however, confirmed that the Group has interest in the industry and observed the corresponding trends.

Xiaomi's latest flagship smartphone has an AMOLED selfie viewfinder

  Xiaomi's latest flagship smartphone has an AMOLED selfie viewfinder The Mi 11 Ultra has an AMOLED rear display that can be used as a selfie viewfinder, an always-on display, or a notification window.What Xiaomi has touted about the Mi 11 Ultra is its camera system, which has an AMOLED screen housed inside a camera bump on the back of the device.

Xiaomi whips decision per smart cars with power by

on March 30, 2021, the thing looks much clearer. It turns out that the rumors had substance. Because Xiaomi boss Lei Jun confirmed on Tuesday that he completed a veritable decision-making marathon with his management team in the last 75 days. More than 85 meetings with more than 200 experts together with various internal team and board meetings would have taken place, so Lei.

In the end, a broad decision is a broad decision to set up a subsidiary. The Xiaomi already communicated to the Hong Konger Stock Exchange (HKEX). Thereafter, the 100 percent subsidiary should start with an initial investment of $ 1.5 billion. Overall, Xiaomi wants to invest about ten billion dollars within ten years in the project.

Xiaomi Challenges Samsung With Its Own Foldable, the $1,500 Mi Mix Fold

  Xiaomi Challenges Samsung With Its Own Foldable, the $1,500 Mi Mix Fold China’s largest smartphone maker is finally joining Samsung and Huawei in the flexible phone market, and while it isn’t the mysterious tri-fold device that Xiaomi teased awhile back, but the company’s new Mi Mix Fold is here. © Screenshot: Xiaomi Priced at 9,999 yuan (around $1,520), the Mi Mix Fold is significantly cheaper (though still relatively expensive) than both Samsung’s $2,000 Galaxy Z Fold 2 and Huawei’s recently announced $2,800 Mate X2, while still sporting a bunch of high-end features and a very similar design.

as boss of the "Smart Electric Vehicle Business" should act Xiaomi founder Lei Jun. He promises to put all his strength in this last venture of his life. He sees his company perfectly set up.

Xiaomi is in his heyday and have created solid foundations for breaking new ways and starting building his business with intelligent electric vehicles. According to the recent financial results, Xiaomi achieved 146 million smartphones sold worldwide and thus claimed its position among the three high-speed smartphone manufacturers. Sales of premium smartphones have exceeded 10 million units.

The TV sales have led to the market in Chinese mainland in eight consecutive quarters, according to Xiaomi. And with over 324.8 million networked devices on Xiaomis AIOT platform and around 87 million monthly active users for the Xiaoai AI Assistant, the Chinese manufacturer is leading in the smart home industry.

The 7 best things your smart display can do

  The 7 best things your smart display can do While a smart speaker might get the job done, a smart display offers unique features worth considering.While some people may want to keep AI out of their personal lives, Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa can be extremely helpful management tools, especially for families who have a lot of moving parts to their schedules.

Not unlikely: At the end of 2020, the Group had a cash reserve of $ 16.4 billion.

Lei Jun sees massive potential in the Stromer Business

"smart electric vehicles represent one of the largest business opportunities in the next decade and are an indispensable part of the smart life. The entry into this business is a natural decision for us to expand our smart AIOT ecosystem and to fulfill our mission, to enable all people in the world a better life through innovative technology, "said Lei Jun.

concrete was Not. So it remains unclear what Xiaomi actually understands under the entry into the smart car industry. Is it about a model, is about a diversified portfolio, it may be in addition to cars also to useful or trucks? All that we have to wait.

The power industry for Xiaomi is not unknown. The Tech Group is about shareholder with the Chinese Tesla challengers XPENG and NIO. Both set Xiaomi technologies, such as when it comes to intelligent vehicle crosslinking or vehicle apps. In addition, Xiaomi should have worked on the mini-e-car Baojun E300.

Biden's sweeping climate goal comes down to one thing .
The president wants a sprint to slash greenhouse gas output throughout the U.S. economy. But electricity is the only sector with a running start. The White House did not unveil specific 2030 targets for various sectors Thursday, but energy analysts believe that electricity emissions may have to drop more than 80 percent from 2005 levels to make the math work, and Biden has already set a goal of a completely emissions-free power grid by 2035.

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