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Pocket money helps children to handle money

Tuesday  20:25,   14 july 2020

Regular pocket money helps children to learn how to use money. The amount of pocket money depends on the age. © Photo: Jan Woitas / dpa-Zentralbild / dpa-tmn You don't learn at school how to save money and how to manage it. Therefore parents should >>>

DIW - "Property inequality has been significantly underestimated so far"

Tuesday  17:55,   14 july 2020

© Reuters / BENOIT TESSIER 50 euro banknotes are displayed in this picture illustration Berlin (Reuters) - According to a study by the Berlin institute DIW, wealth in Germany is much more unevenly distributed than previously assumed. The paper will >>>

JDD INFO. Post-Covid housing units are arriving

Tuesday  16:40,   14 july 2020

© AFP BNP Paribas Real Estate teams are presenting a smart home adapted to containment. Who offers accommodation with shared outdoor spaces, contactless common areas, a building equipped with wi-fi on all floors and fully modular housing with the... >>>

In New York devastated by the Covid-19, the urban exodus has started and, around it, house prices are soaring

Monday  14:25,   13 july 2020

© Provided by La Tribune Employees move a stack of new coffins from a warehouse to a truck delivery, April 24, 2020, in the Brooklyn district of New York, extremely affected by the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19). The trauma of the pandemic has... >>>

Grünheide: Tesla plans to have up to 10,500 employees for a new factory

Monday  12:20,   13 july 2020

© dpa Grünheide: Tesla plans to have up to 10,500 employees for a new factory For the factory in Brandenburg, US electric car manufacturer Tesla is looking for more specialists. In a three-shift operation, cars are to be manufactured there in just... >>>

Despite high cash reserves: Buffett waved

Monday  09:26,   13 july 2020

despite sufficient capital, Warren Buffett thankfully declined this takeover. © Provided by Finanz.net GmbH PHILIPPE HUGUEN / AFP / Getty Images • LVMH made a takeover offer to Tiffany & Co. • Tiffany looked for further potential buyers around • In >>>

Why Tesla has weathered the corona crisis better than other automakers

Monday  08:25,   13 july 2020

The COVID 19 pandemic has hit many industries hard. Car manufacturers, in particular, suffered from production downtimes and plant closings and are likely to feel the effects of the crisis for a longer period of time. But Tesla seems to have coped... >>>

Bond giant Gundlach warns: Investors should be absolutely clear about these two risks

Monday  08:25,   13 july 2020

The central banks are trying to mitigate the economic consequences of the corona pandemic by making huge changes to the money market. This has consequences that investors do not pay enough attention to, warns bond expert Jeffrey Gundlach. •... >>>

Lang & Schwarz share: volatility gain - this price development can be expected

Sunday  22:41,   12 july 2020

© REDPIXEL / AdobeStock reader investment © BÖRSE ONLINE Lang & Schwarz is known to many stock marketers primarily because of the Wikifolios. The company is an operator of marketplaces and a classic broker. In recent weeks, business has benefited... >>>

Alessandra Sublet: this page which turns with Clément Miserez

Sunday  17:50,   12 july 2020

© JACOVIDES-BORDE-MOREAU / BESTIMAGE Alessandra Sublet: this page which turns with Clément Miserez Since the end of 2018, Alessandra Sublet and Clément Miserez are separated, but the divorce does not should be pronounced only this year, in 2020.... >>>

positive in the Corona crisis: Deutsche Bahn is as punctual as it has not been for a long time

Sunday  10:55,   12 july 2020

© dpa symbol image. In the Corona crisis, there are still significantly fewer people traveling by train than usual - but they are getting to their destination on time more quickly than in years. In the first half of this year, an average of 83.5... >>>

Bill Gates is "optimistic" in the fight against coronavirus

Saturday  20:30,   11 july 2020

© GETTY IMAGES Bill Gates claims to be optimistic about the global fight against coronavirus. Microsoft founder Bill Gates, who is involved in international health projects with his foundation, says the global fight against the novel corona virus... >>>

Jean-Pierre Pernaut: the secrets of his daughter Lou, 17 years old, about his couple

Saturday  19:25,   11 july 2020

© INSTAGRAM Jean-Pierre Pernaut: the secrets of his daughter Lou, 17 years old, about his couple In an interview with Oh my mag , Lou Pernaut, Jean-Pierre Pernaut's daughter confided in her relationship with her parents, her couple and her desire... >>>

Several feminist rallies planned in France this Friday against the reshuffle

Friday  12:15,   10 july 2020

In question, the appointments of Gérald Darmanin, accused of rape, at the Ministry of the Interior, and Eric Dupond-Moretti, critic of the #MeToo movement, at the Justice. © afp.com/Anne-Christine POUJOULAT The new Minister of the Interior Gérard... >>>

State foreign income in the tax return

Thursday  19:20,   09 july 2020

There is currently only little interest on the savings: According to FMH Finanzberatung, the average interest rate for overnight money offers is currently 0.03 percent (as of July 9). © Photo: Christin Klose / dpa-tmn Interest income is generally... >>>