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You will not get what you want from the 'Mueller Report'

Saturday  01:00,   23 march 2019

This moment we've been waiting for might not provide the clarity so many had hoped for. Read More >>>

Michael Knowles: Trump has backed his Democratic opponents into a corner – A race to the left won't save them

Friday  19:00,   22 march 2019

The 2020 Democrat presidential candidates seem confident that we’ve entered a suicidal cycle of waste and foolery, and so they race each other to the radical left. No proposal is too extreme, no institution safe from demolition. What if Democrats... >>>

When Trump trashes John McCain, this is why we better not look away (opinion)

Friday  19:00,   22 march 2019

A President's words deployed against a deceased war hero -- and a stranger's ugly tweets at the senator's wife, Cindy McCain -- are not some coincidence, writes Richard Cherwitz. For elected officials -- and any of us -- to remain silent is the same >>>

Getting Rid of the Electoral College Isn’t Just About Trump

Friday  18:45,   22 march 2019

But does anyone really think popular vote losers make better... >>>

How Tucker Carlson Conned America Into Thinking His Heinous Opinions Don’t Matter

Friday  17:36,   22 march 2019

Carlson is like a kind of morbid bellwether for exactly how our culture has changed. But in the end, despite the backlash, Carlson’s career will surely be fine. Tempting though it may be to investigate whether he is actually a racist or simply plays >>>

Americans are tired of liberals skewing the mainstream news

Friday  17:10,   22 march 2019

The Democratic Party's influence on the biased mainstream media against conservatives is not going over well with American voters. According to a recent poll, a majority of respondents disagree with the Democratic National Committee's (DNC) decision >>>

John McCain probably wouldn’t have responded to Trump’s comments. As his friend, I will.

Friday  17:00,   22 march 2019

As his friend, I have a responsibility to defend him from the president’s... >>>

James Comey: What I Want From the Mueller Report

Friday  16:40,   22 march 2019

I am rooting for a demonstration to the world that the United States justice system... >>>

The War on Red Caps Roars on

Thursday  22:30,   21 march 2019

The beatings will continue until MAGA hats are... >>>

Why New Zealand's new gun controls would be unconstitutional in America

Thursday  20:00,   21 march 2019

As my colleague Anna Giaritelli notes, gun control activists are calling for U.S. adoption of New Zealand's new gun regulations, as ordered by Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern following last week's terrorist attack. One problem: these calls reflect... >>>

Electoral College is a hot topic again: Calling James Madison (opinion)

Thursday  19:09,   21 march 2019

People have been trying to get rid of the Electoral College since the founding fathers came up with it, writes John Avlon. And it's likely that the renewed drive for a national popular vote is alive again because Donald Trump lost the popular vote... >>>

Strip Kushner Of His Degree Or Free Felicity Huffman!

Thursday  18:05,   21 march 2019

As Ilhan Omar would say, it's all about the... >>>

9 Reasons a Biden–Abrams Ticket Is a Brilliant Idea for Both Biden and Abrams

Thursday  17:20,   21 march 2019

A kooky, out-of-the-box idea that actually makes total... >>>

If we lose free speech on college and university campuses, we lose America

Thursday  17:07,   21 march 2019

The criminalization of free speech on college and university campuses has reached epidemic proportions as simply expressing a point of view that runs counter to academic conventional wisdom can lead to ostracization and loss of basic freedoms. Even... >>>

Charles Kushner: Here’s the truth about my family and our business

Thursday  17:00,   21 march 2019

Critics and news reports have suggested false narratives about Jared Kushner’s business... >>>