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Opinions | Eight ways Bolton has changed the trial and boxed in Republicans

Monday  23:10,   27 january 2020

This is the most dispositive evidence imaginable.Editor’s note: The opinions in this article are the author’s, as published by our content partner, and do not necessarily represent the views of MSN or... >>>

Joe Biden: Trump is worst possible leader to deal with coronavirus outbreak

Monday  22:40,   27 january 2020

Donald Trump has blithely tweeted that 'it will all work out well.' Yet the steps he's taken as president have only weakened our capacity to respond. Trump has rolled back much of the progress President Obama and I made to strengthen... >>>

John Bolton's quest for vengeance and book sales

Monday  22:25,   27 january 2020

It has been a while since one of the president's men has been declared a hero of the republic. The pattern should be familiar by now: James Comey, a GOP hack if not a quasi-traitor for his last-minute announcement about Hillary Clinton's... >>>

John Bolton's missing link

Monday  20:40,   27 january 2020

Former national security adviser John Bolton could be the firsthand witness the Democrats need, according to the New York Times. This qualifier makes Bolton’s testimony relevant to the Senate’s impeachment trial. But in terms of impact, this changes >>>

Bolton Blows Up Trump Team’s Foolhardy Quid Pro Quo Defense

Monday  20:25,   27 january 2020

They advanced an argument they didn’t need to make, and now it will cost them.Editor’s note: The opinions in this article are the author’s, as published by our content partner, and do not necessarily represent the views of MSN or... >>>

Harmeet Dhillon: Trump’s Senate impeachment trial team is showing Schiff how it’s done, with facts and class

Monday  19:25,   27 january 2020

President Trump’s team brought not only tactics but also a compelling overarching theme – the context of the extended and ahistorically partisan impeachment spectacle in an election year when the people themselves can decide in nine months.... >>>

The Utter Ridiculousness of the U.S. Senate

Monday  17:55,   27 january 2020

The world’s greatest deliberative body? Really? The Senate was never destined to shroud itself in glory during the president’s impeachment trial. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s early announcement that he would work “in total coordination... >>>

As we March for Life, remember the pro-life movement's roots

Friday  20:45,   24 january 2020

This year’s March for Life, the country’s largest annual pro-life rally, will surely call renewed attention to aggressive pro-life laws on the state level. It will be the first march since the passage of these laws last year, which had groups from... >>>

Donald Trump and the moral decline of the pro-life movement

Friday  20:45,   24 january 2020

Donald Trump's decision to become the first president ever to attend the annual March for Life in Washington on Friday is a very big deal for both the Republican Party and the pro-life movement — though not in the way that either of them fully... >>>

America Has Come Full Circle in the Middle East

Friday  20:20,   24 january 2020

“We are opening a Pandora’s Box,” Dwight Eisenhower warned when he ordered the first U.S. combat mission in the region. Little did he know how right he would be.In 1958, U.S. leaders stood at the threshold of an American era in the Middle East,... >>>

Republicans: There’s No Point in More Evidence, Trump Will Just Obstruct It

Friday  20:10,   24 january 2020

A circular argument for letting Trump block all the impeachment evidence.Republicans have spent the impeachment trial alternatively arguing that the House had not produced enough evidence to prove its case, and that more evidence is unnecessary.... >>>

Forever Wars Don’t End. They Just Go Corporate.

Friday  19:55,   24 january 2020

Two recent attacks reveal the U.S.’s troubling reliance on military contractors.President Trump speaks frequently about his desire to bring U.S. troops home from places like Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan and bring a close to the “endless wars” he... >>>

Schiff tries to punch through the Republican wall

Friday  19:40,   24 january 2020

Errol Louis writes that it is crucial for the Democrats' case to establish the danger of inviting foreign interference in American elections -- and that Schiff tried to send that message in a passionate speech that closed the proceedings on... >>>

Charlie Kirk: The 2020 presidential primary tells us a lot about the Democratic Party

Friday  19:30,   24 january 2020

Pass the kale and enjoy the show. (Just as soon as Bernie gets released from impeachment purgatory in the... >>>

The loser of November’s election may not concede. Their voters won’t, either.

Friday  19:30,   24 january 2020

It’s all too easy to imagine scenarios where the results are... >>>