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Credible Sondland is no Never Trumper. Hearings now need Bolton, Pompeo, Mulvaney.

Thursday  19:31,   21 november 2019

'We followed the president's orders,' Trump donor-turned-ambassador tells House impeachment investigators. Now call Bolton, Pompeo, Mulvaney: Our viewGordon Sondland is no Never... >>>

Republicans are throwing Rudy Giuliani under the bus

Thursday  19:31,   21 november 2019

A clearer picture of Rudy Giuliani has emerged during the first two weeks of impeachment hearings in the House of Representatives. He is Michael Cohen 2.0 — a henchman lawyer for President Trump, but with a better resume and a broader mandate. And... >>>

Playing nice isn't going to help the 2020 Democrats

Thursday  18:31,   21 november 2019

With less than 70 days until the Iowa caucus, the fifth Democratic primary debate should have been a debate about distinction. Instead, the candidates mostly played nice, refusing to have any serious contact with each other about their policy... >>>

Elizabeth Warren’s Military-Accounting Fiction

Thursday  18:21,   21 november 2019

Hidden in the candidate’s health-care announcement was an indication of what her foreign policy would look like.In the midst of a presidential campaign, it is difficult to gauge how the candidates would conduct themselves on the international stage. >>>

Why No One Is Attacking Pete Buttigieg

Thursday  18:21,   21 november 2019

After he spiked recently in polls, his team expected him to become a target. There’s a specific set of reasons opponents are laying off though.For days leading up to Wednesday’s Democratic debate, Pete Buttigieg and his team tried to figure out what >>>

Mary Anne Marsh: Fifth Democratic debate's big winners and surprising losers

Thursday  18:05,   21 november 2019

Here are the biggest winners and losers from the fifth Democratic debate in Atlanta on Wednesday night.After a day of impeachment hearings with some devastating developments for President Trump, the fifth Democratic debate opened Wednesday night in... >>>

Opinions | The real impeachment bombshell? How to pronounce ‘Kyiv.’

Thursday  17:45,   21 november 2019

Underlying the vowel dispute is a lesson in post-Soviet politics.Editor’s note: The opinions in this article are the author’s, as published by our content partner, and do not necessarily represent the views of MSN or... >>>

Donald Trump’s Gordon Problem

Thursday  17:45,   21 november 2019

Over the first three days of testimony in the impeachment inquiry into Donald Trump, Republicans have tried out a number of defenses. After the Wednesday testimony of Gordon Sondland, Trump’s ambassador to the European Union, almost all of them have >>>

Chick-fil-A’s Shameful Capitulation

Thursday  05:15,   21 november 2019

The chain operated in the only way a religious organization can earnestly operate — as though the religion it professed were true — but no longer.After what one Chick-fil-A executive called “years of taking it on the chin,” referring presumably to... >>>

Trump impeachment based on unreliable presumptions, rumor and innuendo – Not facts

Thursday  04:10,   21 november 2019

The House Intelligence Committee’s impeachment hearing Wednesday posed a conundrum. Better yet, let’s call it a riddle. When is a “quid pro quo” not a “quid pro quo?” The answer is … when it’s “presumed.” require(["medianetNativeAdOnArticle"],... >>>

None of Sondland's words will sway Republicans

Thursday  04:10,   21 november 2019

On the contrary, the ambassador's testimony may well help Republican politicians chart a path through the impeachment inquiry that separates Trump from the most serious allegations, writes Scott Jennings.Ambassador Gordon Sondland caught the... >>>

The conspiracy-theorist-in-chief tries his hand at conspiring

Wednesday  22:51,   20 november 2019

Gordon Sondland drew a blank. The details of his July 26 call with President Trump, conducted on a cell phone in a restaurant in Kyiv, Ukraine, are fuzzy, the U.S. ambassador to the European Union testified Wednesday at the fourth day of public... >>>

The Democratic Socialists Aren’t Winning Elections, But They Are Influencing Democrats

Wednesday  21:50,   20 november 2019

The Nov. 5 off-year elections were a coup for the DSA, and they've endorsed Sen. Bernie Sanders in the presidential race.The largest socialist political organization in the country, the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA), wants to turn the... >>>

With Sondland confirming quid pro quo, only Giuliani and Mulvaney can exonerate Trump now

Wednesday  19:30,   20 november 2019

Every other witness prior to Ambassador Gordon Sondland, however credible they may be, were second- or third-hand witnesses to the central question of the impeachment question. Of the witnesses allowed to testify in the inquiry, only Sondland could... >>>

The Two Most Important Sentences of the Impeachment Hearings

Wednesday  18:15,   20 november 2019

Ambassador Gordon Sondland delivered a bombshell this morning.“Everyone was in the loop. It was no... >>>