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Opinion: The latest political cartoons

Thursday  22:10,   06 may 2021

Opinion: The latest political... >>>

The Ringmaster Is Gone

Thursday  20:25,   06 may 2021

But the circus... >>>

The Trump Decision Turned Content Moderation Into Shark Week

Thursday  18:55,   06 may 2021

This is new, and this is bizarre.Okay, and no surprise. What might be surprising, if you haven’t been tuned in to content-moderation chatter for the past 10 years, is how much of an event this has become. Never before has a blog post about an... >>>

Despite Facebook ban of Donald Trump, social media remains a mess. Here's how to fix it.

Thursday  18:55,   06 may 2021

When Americans log onto social media, they see a culture war fought in seemingly every post and thread. Start the day smarter. Get all the news you need in your inbox each morning. But when you take political conversations beyond a news sound bite... >>>

This is America: Why we need to validate each other's pain

Thursday  18:06,   06 may 2021

Pain is universal, yet we're intent on turning away from it.Maybe this sounds strange, since you're reading "This is America," a newsletter centered on race, identity and how they shape our lives. I’m Alia, a reporter at USA TODAY covering... >>>

My school forced me into special education. Now, I am going to college.

Thursday  13:40,   06 may 2021

As college admissions officers struggled to understand my experience, I had to cross dream schools off my list.Simply because I didn’t pass a standardized test, I was labeled with a learning disability and forced into a special education program. I... >>>

Dr. Fauci Shouldn’t Have Publicly Dismissed Herd Immunity

Thursday  12:40,   06 may 2021

Dr. Anthony Fauci, our most trusted health communicator for good reason, was right when he told a beleaguered nation more than a year ago that “the showstopper will ultimately be a vaccine.” It is, and will be, but only if we vaccinate most of the... >>>

As a psychologist and a jail warden, my duty was to bring humanity to an inhumane system

Thursday  12:40,   06 may 2021

Many who are incarcerated have suffered trauma. And help for Black and brown community is scarce. I decided early not to be 'doomed' by the system.Help for those conditions over-incarceration is especially hard to attain for Black and brown... >>>

Reasons to be cheerful — and worried

Wednesday  23:40,   05 may 2021

Two-thirds of the public (64%) are optimistic about the direction of the country, according to an ABC News/Ipsos poll that coincided with President Joe Biden’s first 100 days in office. That’s a high number, but the glaring question it leaves... >>>

‘Constitutional’ Carry? Maybe Not

Wednesday  21:40,   05 may 2021

There are reasons to be skeptical of an effort to do away with Texas’s requirement of a permit to carry firearms in public.I am of two minds about... >>>

The Problem Is Facebook

Wednesday  21:40,   05 may 2021

Facebook’s “Supreme Court” might have upheld Donald Trump’s suspension, but that doesn’t make it a real court.For now, Trump’s suspension stays in place. But the board has given Facebook six months to “reexamine the arbitrary penalty it imposed on... >>>

Ban Him Forever

Wednesday  20:50,   05 may 2021

To send the right message, Donald Trump’s removal from Facebook must be permanent.The reasons for this are straightforward. In many ways, the question of sanctions for Trump is no different from the theory of how a society sanctions any sort of... >>>

The second wave of “cancel culture”

Wednesday  20:15,   05 may 2021

How the concept has evolved to mean different things to different people.It sometimes seems all-encompassing, as if all forms of contemporary discourse must now lead, exhaustingly and endlessly, either to an attempt to “cancel” anyone whose opinions >>>

Police crisis won't be solved with convictions alone. Eradicate the thin blue line.

Wednesday  16:26,   05 may 2021

We cannot prosecute our way out of a policing system devised to protect the wealthy and maintain white supremacy. We need a full transformation.His act was so depraved that it compelled Minneapolis’ police chief to publicly testify against his own... >>>

Why Authorized Biographies Are Best

Wednesday  14:05,   05 may 2021

There’s value in knowing what the subject wanted told about himself.Outrage, disgust, finger-pointing, and justice-seeking all make sense as responses to the ongoing Bailey-Roth scandal. But why did Bailey’s biography take off in the first place,... >>>