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Opinion: Congo crisis highlights UN's shortcomings

Saturday  10:40,   13 august 2022

The Democratic Republic of Congo's resentment of UN peacekeepers is a wake-up call and offers an opportunity for introspection. The UN must change its approach to missions in Africa's hot spots, writes DW's George Okach. After weeks of... >>>

All Because Salman Rushdie Wrote a Book

Saturday  03:10,   13 august 2022

Just as the mind recoils at the sight of a single book burned, the spilled blood of an author inspires revulsion. Rushdie himself has become something of an absolutist on the freedom of expression. In a speech at Emory University in 2015, he said... >>>

‘Stop the Steal’ Is a Metaphor

Friday  16:12,   12 august 2022

The scholar Theda Skocpol—renowned for her research on the Tea Party movement a decade ago—explains how American politics has evolved since then.The country has not changed much. Theda Skocpol, a Harvard sociologist and political scientist who has... >>>

Yes, you need the liberal arts

Friday  07:20,   12 august 2022

The success of this country depends on it.It’s easy to show how the study of medicine or business might be of use to individuals as well as to society. But when it comes to the liberal arts, and especially the humanities, showing the personal... >>>

CNN and MSNBC's left-wing bias has only gotten worse

Friday  01:10,   12 august 2022

A study published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences confirms what we already know about the Trump years: legacy media took a hard turn to the left. Meanwhile, they all wondered why trust in media was declining so sharply. The study... >>>

Wall Street Journal Columnist Says Presidential Houses Are Free-Crime Zones

Thursday  23:41,   11 august 2022

The most persuasive defense of Trump yet.Henninger’s position — to call it an “argument” would give him too much credit — consists of a few key... >>>

The Democrats’ 2022 death wish

Thursday  20:51,   11 august 2022

The Democrats, supported by many in the liberal mainstream media, are taking a victory lap for passing the $800 billion Inflation Reduction Act of 2022, a label that Gerry Baker, former editor of the Wall Street Journal, has deemed to be so... >>>

​​It’s time to double down on drones for future conflicts

Thursday  20:51,   11 august 2022

Success in future conflicts requires the U.S. to maintain a large and diverse inventory of combat drones. In a major war with China or Russia, reducing risks to U.S. forces will be essential. Against large, capable forces, the U.S. military risks... >>>

We need a new social contract for our polarized nation

Wednesday  21:41,   10 august 2022

Only by rebuilding trust can we improve the conditions from which robust policy commitments can emerge. If the COVID-19 pandemic has taught us anything, it is that we cannot rely on that which might seem like rational, science-based policy... >>>

Congress Just Passed a Big Climate Bill. No, Not That One.

Wednesday  20:21,   10 august 2022

A bipartisan act is quietly about to invest billions in boosting green technology.Updated at 12:25... >>>

Opinion | The Supreme Court Wants to End the Separation of Church and State

Wednesday  13:00,   10 august 2022

Justice Alito doesn’t think society is Christian enough. Recent court decisions show how he intends to remedy that.Considered alongside two First Amendment rulings last term, the Dobbs decision marks a serious step in an emerging legal campaign by... >>>

The Fallout Over the FBI’s Trump Raid Is Yet to Come

Wednesday  13:00,   10 august 2022

Republican reaction to the FBI’s raid on former President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort was swift, most notably on Fox News. And one thing that struck Fever Dreams podcast host Will Sommer “was how many guys who were also under investigation for... >>>

Putin’s war is economic suicide

Wednesday  09:20,   10 august 2022

If Russia were a business, it would be headed for bankruptcy. For years, Moscow built pipelines to Europe (through Ukraine, Belarus, Poland, Turkey and under the Black and Baltic Seas), but it has not built a single pipeline directly linking Russian >>>

Here’s how to pass family leave without failing another generation

Wednesday  06:41,   10 august 2022

Let’s give children what they need to thrive.If both parents could have taken leave, that would have been even better. But we are grateful for what we had. Parents bonding with their children during the most critical phase of their development is... >>>

The ‘lock-‘em-up’ Libs have their big day

Wednesday  05:30,   10 august 2022

At times, the American Left is a voice of mercy, compassion, and suspicion of federal law enforcement. Ever since the Trump Era began, however, the chorus from the Left sounds less like the tunes of Jean Valjean and more like the proclamations of... >>>