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Cuomo Was Always New York’s Bad Guy. Here’s Why He Was Finally Exposed.

Tuesday  15:56,   02 march 2021

I do sometimes wonder why it took so long. Why is it now, in 2021, that so many people are finally waking up to the reality of Andrew Cuomo? A year ago, he was elevated to the status of hero and myth, so absurdly lauded—the magazine covers, the... >>>

Wait Just One American Moment

Tuesday  14:03,   02 march 2021

A new organization’s complaints about conservatism seem somewhat disingenuous — and self-serving.But if you believe the people behind the new organization American Moment, the main problem with the Swamp is simply that the wrong people have been in... >>>

20-Year-Old MAGA Pol’s War on Antifa Backfires Horribly

Tuesday  12:26,   02 march 2021

Chaos. Incivility. Lack of respect for authority. Those are the things a Montana lawmaker accuses anti-fascists of in a new resolution intended to designate the movement a “domestic terrorist organization.” But the measure is struggling to get off... >>>

Biden's 'commonsense' gun law reforms make no sense

Tuesday  07:42,   02 march 2021

The Biden administration has started the long-promised march toward disarmament. “I am calling on Congress … to enact commonsense gun law reforms, including … banning assault weapons,” wrote President Biden in a statement last month. © Provided by... >>>

Too Often, Journalists Think Analytics Can Tell Them Everything About Their Audiences

Monday  16:16,   01 march 2021

The news audience is unknowable.In the fall of 2018, Ezra Klein spoke with media critic Jay Rosen about journalism’s relationship with its audience: “There are a lot of ways somebody can tell you what they want,” the Vox.com founder and then... >>>

Trump’s Future Agenda: Suppress the Vote and Purge the RINOs

Monday  05:22,   01 march 2021

His speech at CPAC didn’t promise a candidacy in 2024, but did suggest he’d fight anyone he does not endorse.Much of the speech was rehashed from the brag sessions of the 2020 campaign, treating his administration as one long parade of unprecedented >>>

The Ghost of Theodore Roosevelt

Sunday  14:01,   28 february 2021

He defied GOP orthodoxy, favored constant action, and made his persona a party brand. Sound familiar?Roosevelt’s life reflected the advice he gave to others. He was, as his friend Henry Adams said, “pure act,” filling his days and his years with... >>>

Vaccine Hesitancy Isn’t Just One Thing

Sunday  13:27,   28 february 2021

We’re going to need a portfolio of strategies to solve it. Kolina Koltai has been studying online disinformation since 2015, with a special focus on anti-vaccine groups on Facebook. “People come into the space for a variety of reasons,” she said.... >>>

Stephen Miller caged children. And he thinks Biden's immigration policies are cruel?

Sunday  13:26,   28 february 2021

Former Trump policy adviser Stephen Miller is doing Biden a huge favor by calling his immigration policies cruel and inhumane.Can you believe... >>>

Nurse: I'm correcting COVID conspiracy theories inside and outside the hospital

Sunday  12:15,   28 february 2021

Misinformation runs rampant online, even from my colleagues in the health care industry. We need to do better.As a community nurse in and around Chicago, I have been personally and professionally thrust into the role of social media fact checker for >>>

Underfunding classics and humanities is dangerous

Saturday  19:16,   27 february 2021

We must invest in the humanities and classics — it's not too late to start. Fund the humanities, save democracy. Ayelet Haimson Lushkov is an associate professor of Classics at the University of Texas at Austin, the author of "Magistracy and the >>>

American Cynicism Has Reached a Breaking Point

Saturday  03:44,   27 february 2021

The nation’s politics is in dire need of earnestness. Can its culture meet the moment?This anti-investigation, like so much of what happens on Carlson’s show every day, was funny right up until it was frightening. (Just before informing his viewers... >>>

Former Leader of Magical Cult That Channels Ghost of Trump Speaking at CPAC

Friday  14:43,   26 february 2021

TOKYO—Even by the standards of the alleged kooks and conmen commonly found on the CPAC roster, one of this year’s speakers has an extraordinary background which includes fronting an organization which claimed—in all seriousness—to be able to channel >>>

Come together: Why music class is an essential refuge for students amid COVID-19 pandemic

Friday  13:22,   26 february 2021

We underestimate the importance of music at the expense of our youth. Being a music educator during the pandemic has caused me to rethink the role I play in my students’ lives. This past year, so many of my students have struggled to just get... >>>

An Iran that doesn't exist

Friday  06:52,   26 february 2021

Biden's team fundamentally misunderstands the nature of the regime.On Dec. 23, an Argentine federal court acquitted Carlos Telleldin, who was “charged with supplying the truck that was used in the deadly terrorist bombing of the [Argentine... >>>