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Americans need to know about the horrors of life in Gaza

Tuesday  09:40,   17 september 2019

For Palestinians it is not about religion. It is about occupation. I wish that you could have held the dying baby I held last October.  Majid ("glory" in Arabic) was dying from a severe birth defect.  His father had contacted my friend for help. The >>>

Iran Might Be America’s Enemy, but Saudi Arabia Is No Friend

Tuesday  02:25,   17 september 2019

In 1987, an Iraqi warplane attacked an American Navy frigate, the Stark, on patrol in the Persian Gulf. Accepting Saddam Hussein’s explanation that the attack, which killed 37 sailors, had been an accident, American officials promptly used the... >>>

Trump impeachment: Democrats must investigate, whatever the outcome

Monday  21:16,   16 september 2019

Will impeaching Donald Trump protect the public, deter criminal behavior and promote respect for the rule of law? If so, Democrats have a duty to... >>>

America is a foreign policy control freak

Monday  20:35,   16 september 2019

Whether it was undertaken by Iranian-backed Houthi rebels in Yemen or by Iran itself, the bombing of an oil refinery in Saudi Arabia is obviously an act of war. But was it an act of war against the United States? Just as obviously, it was not. The... >>>

I spent a decade addicted to opioids: Here's why Pete Buttigieg gives me hope

Monday  20:12,   16 september 2019

For years, I’ve been shouting from the rooftops to get policymakers to include people in recovery in their decision-making processes. Finally, I feel like our voices are being heard. Our community and the people impacted by mental health and... >>>

This is how Democrats will ensure Trump's re-election

Monday  20:11,   16 september 2019

Continuing to force this incorrect diagnosis of the gender wage gap provides limitless fodder for right-wing media to hammer the Democrats as the 2020 election contest ramps up. Beyond the gender wage gap, the rise of "identity" politics has... >>>

Inside the Mind of the Biden Voter

Monday  19:55,   16 september 2019

Understanding those not-so-young Democrats who aren’t looking for a... >>>

Mary Anne Marsh: Mitch McConnell, it’s time for you to stand up to Trump and the NRA

Monday  17:41,   16 september 2019

As majority leader, McConnell wields enormous power. But on many important matters, including gun violence, McConnell decides to do nothing. Rather than using his power to stop senseless killings by guns that happen on average to 100 people every... >>>

Joe Biden Is Problematic

Monday  17:01,   16 september 2019

All five of these things are simultaneously true: Joe Biden is the Democratic front-runner and may well be the nominee. He is by far the favorite candidate among black voters. He was a loyal vice president to Barack Obama, and the two men seem to... >>>

What a successful Trump strategy on Iran must include

Monday  07:35,   16 september 2019

Holding Iran accountable is a core component of any coherent Iran strategy, writes Samantha Vinograd. To date, the administration has suffered from self-inflicted policy wounds and a lack of a thoughtful strategy to get back to the negotiating... >>>

The Saudi oil attacks are signs of Trump’s Mideast fiasco

Monday  07:35,   16 september 2019

Saturday’s attacks on two major Saudi oil facilities appear to represent a sharp escalation in the struggle for regional primacy between Saudi Arabia and Iran. A drone strike was said to have knocked out half of the Saudis’ daily oil production. The >>>

Opinions | The Kavanaugh revelations: Why the Supreme Court is broken

Monday  05:55,   16 september 2019

Questions about Kavanaugh and the Supreme Court itself will continue to haunt... >>>

The New York Times Anti-Kavanaugh Bombshell Is Actually a Dud

Monday  01:25,   16 september 2019

Maybe Pogrebin and Kelly’s book is stronger than their essay, but I’m... >>>

The Kavanaugh Nomination Corrupted Everything It Touched

Monday  01:00,   16 september 2019

The New York Times reports on another layer of it. The moment that made pretty much anything said about Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh credible was the moment in which he asked Senator Amy Klobuchar if she'd ever been blackout drunk. This was >>>

Opinions | Why Biden will never recover from his ‘record player’ line

Sunday  02:45,   15 september 2019

You don't come back from something like... >>>