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Opinions | Why Biden will never recover from his ‘record player’ line

Sunday  02:45,   15 september 2019

You don't come back from something like... >>>

Elizabeth Warren’s Formidable Stride

Sunday  02:45,   15 september 2019

Elizabeth Warren didn’t have her best debate on Thursday night, nor was she the most poetic or passionate candidate on that overcrowded stage. But she demonstrated precisely why she has been on an upward trajectory in the race for the Democratic... >>>

Democrats finally realized who their real opponent is

Friday  18:05,   13 september 2019

After tearing each other apart for the first half hour of the Houston debate, the Democrats eventually came together against... >>>

Why Banning Flavors Won’t Stop Teen Vaping

Friday  17:51,   13 september 2019

Teens aren't vaping because of flavors. They are vaping because of nicotine. And the vape industry should stop playing dumb about... >>>

Beatable Biden runs in place at snoozefest

Friday  17:40,   13 september 2019

It was a dull evening of the major candidates running in place while throwing out canned and cutesy lines we have heard a thousand times before. To the extent that Biden said anything fresh, it came from a peculiar old-timey aside in response to a... >>>

It Will Take More than Cheap Shots to Knock Off Biden

Friday  17:27,   13 september 2019

Ageism was on display in a debate where Democrats tried their hardest to dent Joe Biden’s enduring... >>>

At third Dem debate, one big winner and two surprise losers

Friday  11:11,   13 september 2019

The top three candidates -- Biden, Warren and Sanders -- clashed for the first time on one stage in Thursday night, giving starkly different .proposals on the path Democrats should... >>>

Who Won the Democratic Debate? Texas

Friday  08:46,   13 september 2019

My once reviled home state is suddenly finding itself embraced in a bear hug as big as, well, Texas. Why would this be happening? Because Texas could maybe shift from the Republican column to the Democratic one, that’s why. Suddenly everyone is... >>>

The Moderators of the Democratic Debate Did a Good Job, for Once

Friday  08:46,   13 september 2019

It was that elusive beast we often invoke but rarely see: a debate about issues. Funny enough, the debate didn’t start off that way. The first question of the night, from Stephanopoulos to former Vice President Joe Biden, broached the topic of... >>>

Biden delivers the debate performance he needed, despite occasional missteps

Friday  08:46,   13 september 2019

The former vice president goes on the offensive against Warren and Sanders on health care and counters attacks from others on the stage. Lower-down candidates also... >>>

Democrats need to get aggressive about a single issue — not 10

Thursday  21:56,   12 september 2019

Are the Democrats actually going to blow it in... >>>

The history lesson 2020 Democrats can't afford to ignore (Opinion)

Thursday  19:55,   12 september 2019

By not recognizing that their enemy is not so much Donald Trump as their own myopic commitment to defining themselves in opposition to him, Democrats risk the future of the country with their lack of vision, says historian Thomas Balcerski. History... >>>

Warren’s Plan to Boost Social Security Is How to Beat Trump

Thursday  19:40,   12 september 2019

Democrats need to get serious about the national emergency that is the 2020 election with some actual popular... >>>

Hong Kong Protesters Wave the American Flag, but Is It Too Late?

Thursday  19:21,   12 september 2019

They see something in us. We can see something of ourselves in... >>>

A Strong Bipartisan Path to Tackle Gun Violence

Thursday  19:20,   12 september 2019

After a string of mass shootings this summer, Americans are demanding a response to curtail the violence. If we are looking to deliver a solution that reduces bloodshed and respects the rights of responsible gun owners, the only realistic action... >>>