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Tucker Carlson Sincerely Asks, ‘Why Do We Laugh at Alex Jones Again?’

Wednesday  06:15,   23 june 2021

Fox News host Tucker Carlson once again dipped his toes in conspiratorial waters on Tuesday night, openly sympathizing with deranged conspiracy theorist Alex Jones and suggesting that the scientific community is currently contemplating “human... >>>

Washington Post promotes self-segregation and self-loathing as way to fight racism

Wednesday  01:05,   23 june 2021

My new pet theory is that the people who own newspapers don’t actually know or interact regularly with people of color. © Provided by Washington Examiner It would certainly explain why our largest and most powerful newsrooms have gone hard into the... >>>

Pride march in Chicago alters flyers depicting burning American and Israeli flags

Tuesday  20:01,   22 june 2021

A Pride march in Chicago changed its online posters and flyers after backlash on social media. © Provided by Washington Examiner The Chicago Dyke March, a parade set to take place the afternoon of June 26, posted an Instagram photo Saturday of its... >>>

USA Today’s Partisan Hatchet-Job Reporting on Juneteenth

Tuesday  20:01,   22 june 2021

Burying the news that the Juneteenth holiday-designation vote was highly bipartisan is just one of the paper’s many deceptions.An extraordinarily sympathetic reading of the 1,900-word article might cast it as an informational piece to familiarize... >>>

The For the People Act will protect democracy: Sen. Jeff Merkley

Tuesday  15:40,   22 june 2021

Opposing View: Don’t believe the misinformation. Americans deserve the government promised to them by the Constitution – of, by and for the people.For Our View, read “Sen. Manchin has good ideas on voting rights, and a very bad... >>>

Trump Wanted His Justice Department to Stop ‘SNL’ From Teasing Him

Tuesday  11:05,   22 june 2021

It was the middle of Donald Trump’s presidency, and he was—yet again—mad at Saturday Night Live. And he wanted the federal government to help him settle the score. In March 2019, the then-president of the United States had just watched an episode of >>>

Is This the Dumbest Filibuster Defense Ever Written?

Tuesday  10:55,   22 june 2021

I cannot believe this column was published in a national newspaper.The column is written by Mike Solon and Bill Greene, former advisers to Mitch McConnell and John Boehner, respectively, and now (naturally) lobbyists. Despite the fact that they are... >>>

The Race for Mayor Has Gone Absolutely Berserk

Tuesday  03:10,   22 june 2021

Yang and Garcia team up. Adams cries victim. Wiley goes after them all.Candidates flung accusations of racism, anti-Semitism, and sexism at one another with abandon, even calling into question the integrity of the ranked-choice system some are using >>>

NYC Mayoral Race Nears Contentious End: Updates

Tuesday  02:05,   22 june 2021

With Primary Day hours away, the candidates are making their final pitches — and attacks.191,000 Democrats took advantage of early voting, which ran from June 12 to... >>>

Washington Post Video Urges White People to ‘Get Together, Specifically around Race’

Monday  23:15,   21 june 2021

The video is an instant classic of a Post genre that has become increasingly hectoring and bizarre.The Washington Post Dabbles in Some Light Racial... >>>

Catholic Bishops Move Toward Denying Biden Communion

Monday  22:06,   21 june 2021

Conservative bishops are trying to be more Catholic than the pope on enforcing opposition to abortion. A big fight is brewing.So it’s somewhat shocking that the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, acting against the public and private advice of the >>>

Why the culture war matters

Monday  16:05,   21 june 2021

The left, and some factions of the right often eschew the culture war as irrelevant, unwinnable, unnecessary, even silly. A look back at the last few days alone proves they’re far more imperative. © Provided by Washington Examiner Drag queen Nina... >>>

Reparations, slavery trauma: My teacher's lack of empathy was generations in the making

Monday  05:40,   21 june 2021

Talking about trauma is not an attempt to downplay Black success. Instead, it's a call for America to rectify abuses that caused long-term damages.Those comments, while shocking, didn't come from a place of isolation. Sadly, more than a third of >>>

A World of High Wages and Cheap Burrito Bowls Is Possible

Sunday  17:20,   20 june 2021

Why better pay for some doesn’t necessarily mean more expensive goods for others.This is, apparently, the GOP’s new message about the Biden... >>>

The Incredible Shrinking Mayor of New York

Sunday  14:25,   20 june 2021

In the past, big personalities emerged with big visions for how to run the city in moments of crisis. The latest election has focused on petty criticisms and personal scandals.Instead, as New York putters to the end of its first-ever ranked-choice... >>>