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How I changed my mind on 'Medicare For All'

Wednesday  03:26,   15 july 2020

Universal coverage was once championed only by the most progressive. Then came COVID-19. COVID has taught us that every member of our society needs adequate health care. This is not just a progressive talking point, it is the reality of infectious... >>>

Trump Loving Cartoonist Sues The Anti-Defamation League for Defamation

Tuesday  23:05,   14 july 2020

Pro-Trump cartoonist Ben Garrison is suing the Anti-Defamation League for… defamation. Garrison alleges in his suit that when the famed Jewish non-governmental organization called one of his cartoons about wealthy Democratic financier George Soros... >>>

Gail Collins v. the Little Sisters: A Concurrence

Tuesday  21:52,   14 july 2020

Cataloguing some of the errors in a New York Times column on the Little Sisters of the Poor v. Pennsylvania.1. Collins begins by spinning a hypothetical in which a group of nuns had a religious objection to cardiac care and refused to cover it for... >>>

Unemployed Should ‘Find Something New,’ Urge Heirs to Fred Trump’s Fortune

Tuesday  21:52,   14 july 2020

Have you thought about online courses? Or inheriting your dad’s crooked real-estate fortune?Ivanka’s personal pathway to success began with being the child of a crooked real-estate millionaire and going to work in the family business. This was also... >>>

The Perils of Radicalism

Tuesday  20:28,   14 july 2020

In times of political and economic upheaval, we must resist the siren calls of prefabricated Theories of Everything. For decades, a large proportion of France’s intelligentsia vehemently supported the USSR. It took the publication of Aleksandr... >>>

Czech Republic has lifesaving COVID-19 lesson for America: Wear a face mask

Tuesday  17:42,   14 july 2020

There is no question that the Czech Republic's remarkable progress on COVID-19 was the result of requiring an entire society to wear face masks.  None of the other emergency measures adopted by the Czech government at the outset of the crisis... >>>

Daniel Silva's new book 'The Order' -- Read the first chapter

Tuesday  15:30,   14 july 2020

The new thriller by Daniel Silva features art restorer and legendary spy Gabriel Allon . © Provided by FOX News Fox News Flash top entertainment and celebrity headlines are here. Check out what's clicking today in entertainment. Allon has slipped... >>>

Donald Trump's laissez faire federalism is as toxic as Covid-19

Tuesday  14:26,   14 july 2020

Right now, there is neither a muscular federal response nor freedom of action for the states. The current system is a misbegotten carnival game of “Push Me Pull You.” Coronavirus uncertainty: I tested negative, then positive, then negative again.... >>>

Progressives’ Supreme Court Victories Will Be Fleeting

Tuesday  13:27,   14 july 2020

The groundwork is now in place for major conservative wins in the years ahead.One of the most crucial apparent victories for progressives came in the Louisiana abortion case. The Supreme Court struck down Louisiana’s restrictive abortion law that... >>>

Attorney General William Barr was once widely respected. Thanks to Trump, not anymore.

Monday  17:53,   13 july 2020

Barr's repeated interventions in the Justice Department in support of Trump’s political goals have blackened what was once a sterling reputation. In just the past six months, he has personally intervened in Roger Stone's case in an effort to... >>>

United or Divided States of America? 6 ways to think about removing Confederate statues

Monday  17:53,   13 july 2020

The more difficult work will be to dismantle the byproducts of slavery, such as mass incarceration and educational inequalities for children of color. © Eze Amos/Getty Images In Richmond, Virginia, on July 8, 2020. Which statues to remove, and... >>>

Black health matters. COVID has shown that improving care must be a national priority.

Monday  17:53,   13 july 2020

Racism is a pandemic that threatens Black people. Let’s use this moment to create a country that not only protects their lives, but helps them thrive.We emphatically endorse the need to develop policies to dismantle the racist structure of policing... >>>

The Traditional Interpretation of the Pardon Power Is Wrong

Monday  16:27,   13 july 2020

Properly understood, the commutation of Roger Stone’s sentence is unconstitutional.The power to grant “pardons and reprieves” includes the power to commute, or reduce, sentences after convictions. But this power is constrained by a limit: “except in >>>

A Deeply Provincial View of Free Speech

Monday  15:20,   13 july 2020

Many prominent writers and thinkers seem invested in the notion that simply facing strong public criticism is a threat to free speech.In an open letter published on the Harper’s website last week, 153 figures, including J. K. Rowling, Fareed... >>>

Mike Huckabee: Biden-Bernie economics — Here's how they'll hurt businesses, workers, families

Monday  13:55,   13 july 2020

Biden’s big-government agenda would strangle the economy and leave entire communities destitute. The artificial downturn caused by the coronavirus pandemic has made it even more imperative that we avoid Biden’s destructive economic policies. SALLY... >>>