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We need a Herbert Hoover to reel in Big Tech

Saturday  18:15,   17 april 2021

The nation could use a Herbert Hoover today to take on Big Tech and to look out for the interests of average Americans. Hoover's regulatory designs for the electronic media of that era were far from perfect, but at least there was some mechanism to... >>>

As mass shootings mount, enacting stricter gun laws is the morally right thing to do

Friday  22:26,   16 april 2021

An estimated 22% of U.S. gun owners acquired their most recent firearm without a background check. This ought to shock us all. Even amid unprecedented death and grief during the COVID-19 pandemic, American gun deaths reached a historic high,... >>>

General Override

Friday  21:15,   16 april 2021

After years of deferring to the uniformed military on major decisions, presidents are pushing back.On Wednesday, President Joe Biden announced that the United States would fully withdraw from Afghanistan by September 11, 2021, exactly two decades... >>>

The Backstory: Nancy Pelosi's No. 1 lesson on power: 'Nobody's going to give it to you. You've got to take it.'

Friday  13:05,   16 april 2021

In a new book by Susan Page, Pelosi talks about her mother, her leadership, the "Squad" and tearing up Trump's speech."No one's going to give you power. You have to seize it." That's a lesson Nancy Pelosi's father taught her, and a top... >>>

Conservative Judges Are Manipulating the History of Eugenics to Overturn Roe v. Wade

Thursday  23:25,   15 april 2021

In upholding a ban on certain abortions, a federal appeals court drew directly Justice Clarence Thomas’ playbook.To get around precedent, the Sixth Circuit drew heavily from Justice Clarence Thomas’ 2019 solo opinion in Box v. Planned Parenthood,... >>>

The US should help Palestinians vote regardless of potential outcomes

Thursday  22:50,   15 april 2021

While the dilemma posed by a potential Hamas electoral victory is real, the administration’s current posture is a mistake. First, 2006 should not be the sole reference point for projecting the outcome. Forty percent plus of the registered... >>>

Make the Supreme Court lots bigger. It's not a priesthood, it should represent America.

Thursday  22:50,   15 april 2021

A Supreme Court of 59 justices would cut down on politics, mystique and the Ivy League, and be more like the legislature it's now called on to be.That will outweigh any justices Trump is able to appoint between now and then, even if he gets a... >>>

How to Start a War

Thursday  18:20,   15 april 2021

Joe Biden, and those around him, seem determined to upset the peace they inherited. Soon after Donald Trump left office, Vladimir Putin began massing troops on the Ukrainian border and threatening to attack. Putin earlier had concluded that Trump... >>>

A Wake-Up Call for Conservatives

Thursday  01:30,   15 april 2021

Millennials and Generation Z show no sign of growing more conservative over time like the Boomers did. We must address the age gap.With a few exceptions, the data gathered by surveying 801 high-school students and 819 college students makes it plain >>>

The Voters Propelling Andrew Yang’s Lead

Thursday  00:40,   15 april 2021

As he maddens his rivals, the mayoral frontrunner is riding on outsider appeal.Through it all, Yang naysayers and rivals have tried to soothe themselves with the notion that his appeal is ephemeral, his rise to the top based mostly on name... >>>

Will Republicans Try Another Election Coup in 2024?

Wednesday  14:50,   14 april 2021

Jonathan Last argues that 2020 could have been a dress rehearsal, and that a 2022 purge by Trump could make it work next time.To Republicans who aren’t deep in the fever swamps of MAGA-land, this is just Trump continuing his narcissistic and... >>>

Which human screams affect us most? The answer might surprise you

Wednesday  05:20,   14 april 2021

Humans, unlike other animals, scream for a variety of reasons -- fear, pain and anger, yes -- but also joy, delight and surprise. Which do you think we respond to more? A new study provides insight.You scream, I scream, we all scream -- and not just >>>

The Lessons of the Afghan War

Wednesday  02:40,   14 april 2021

Two decades of the conflict have shown us what American foreign-policy failure looks like. What success looks like remains unclear.This represents a small extension of the U.S. presence after the Trump administration negotiated a withdrawal... >>>

New: Group to fight Democrat-CEO ‘wokism, anti-Americanism’

Tuesday  22:25,   13 april 2021

Fed up with corporate CEOs “caving into woke pressure” from liberals to cancel traditional values and question reasonable election reforms, the nation’s leading conservative group announced a new center to challenge the trend on Tuesday.The American >>>

Fauci’s mistake on masks was driven by bad economics, not uncertain science

Tuesday  22:25,   13 april 2021

Anthony Fauci has admitted to flip-flopping on mask-wearing guidance. Well, not exactly. © Provided by Washington Examiner On Sunday, MSNBC host Mehdi Hasan replayed a 60 Minutes clip from March 8, 2020, in which the National Institute of Allergy... >>>