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Republicans Want a White Republic. They'll Destroy America to Get It

Wednesday  23:40,   17 july 2019

Why don't Republicans condemn Trump's racist tweets? Carol Anderson, author of White Rage, says it's because he promises white... >>>

Opinions | The Squad’s defenders represent a better America than Trump does

Wednesday  18:00,   17 july 2019

And the GOP is increasingly becoming a white nationalist... >>>

Trump’s ‘Love It Or Leave It’ Jingoism Was Predictable All Along

Wednesday  17:45,   17 july 2019

Ross Douthat’s suggestion that Trump perverted an initially healthy skepticism about American virtue misses the authoritarian impulses he... >>>

Jason Chaffetz: Dems demand Trump advisers testify before Congress, but excused Obama advisers

Wednesday  17:41,   17 july 2019

The Trump administration has been the very model of transparency compared to what I dealt with during eight years of... >>>

In the Squad, Trump Finds His Foil

Wednesday  17:41,   17 july 2019

In picking a fight with the quartet of Democratic congresswomen known as the squad, President Trump has done more than divide the American public — again — on the question of whether he’s a racist, a political opportunist or an occasionally... >>>

Paul Ryan is once again being cast as a pariah

Wednesday  17:20,   17 july 2019

The former GOP House speaker and 2012 vice presidential candidate is a unifying figure these days. Liberals have long despised him -- unfairly in my mind. Anti-Trump conservatives are infuriated by his "surrender to Trumpism," in the words of... >>>

I've Been Fighting Alongside Eric Garner's Family for Five Years—and I Won't Stop Now | Opinion

Wednesday  17:01,   17 july 2019

After the Justice Department's decision on Tuesday, the last hope for justice in Garner's death lies with the NYPD commissioner and the mayor, who must fire the officer who killed... >>>

The utterly pathetic Republican Party

Wednesday  16:55,   17 july 2019

Look what Trump has made Republicans give: their standards and principles, their judgment and intelligence, their honor and pride, their souls. For nearly three years now (since he was anointed the Republican Party's standard bearer at the 2016 GOP... >>>

In the Democratic Civil War, Root for Pelosi and Biden

Wednesday  16:55,   17 july 2019

They mostly stick to what’s plausible, and that’s vital in polarized... >>>

Kim Jong-un Is Pushing the Limits of His Friendship With Trump

Wednesday  16:55,   17 july 2019

If Kim does go ahead and resume testing, Trump’s assurances go down the... >>>

John Paul Stevens: Justice and Jedi Master

Wednesday  14:25,   17 july 2019

A Republican adept at cobbling together majority opinions in favor of his more liberal views on an increasingly conservative court, the long-serving justice was a patriotic maverick -- with a remarkable life -- writes Richard... >>>

Will Trump’s Racist Tweets Work?

Wednesday  05:55,   17 july 2019

They’re morally indefensible. Are they politically indefensible,... >>>

Opinions | Trump’s tweets are a distraction for something else he doesn't want us to see

Wednesday  05:55,   17 july 2019

Trump doesn’t care diddly-squat about ‘the Squad.’ He’s obviously up to... >>>

Beyond 'racism,' let's get language right

Tuesday  20:05,   16 july 2019

Words matter. Especially emotionally loaded words such as “racist.” That’s why it is so frustrating to see President Trump’s awful, inexcusable tweets telling Democratic congresswomen to “go back” to other countries mischaracterized as racist. Race... >>>

Trump and the ‘Racist Tweets’

Tuesday  20:01,   16 july 2019

There’s a difference between racist and just... >>>