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Sen. Elizabeth Warren earned nearly $2 million consulting for corporations and financial firms, records show

Monday  06:43,   09 december 2019

The documents, abruptly released by the Massachusetts senator, in some cases deviated from her presidential campaign positioning as a crusader against corporate interests. Subscribe to the Post Most newsletter: Today’s most popular stories on The... >>>

Inside Giuliani’s dual roles: Power-broker-for-hire and shadow foreign policy adviser

Monday  05:56,   09 december 2019

The president’s lawyer has used his singular perch to try to influence U.S. policy and criminal investigations — at times pushing the interests of foreign figures who could benefit him financially. In 2017, Giuliani tried to get Trump and top... >>>

Nunes blasts Schiff for 'blatant disregard' of impeachment rules; blames 'vendetta' against Trump

Monday  04:56,   09 december 2019

EXCLUSIVE: House Intelligence Committee Ranking Member Devin Nunes blasted committee Chairman Adam Schiff for what he called an “alarming” and “blatant disregard” for the rules governing the House impeachment inquiry against President Trump, saying... >>>

The Indispensable Man: How Giuliani Led Trump to the Brink of Impeachment

Monday  03:45,   09 december 2019

Not so long ago, it seemed to Rudolph W. Giuliani that he would be presiding over a hefty part of the world. Holding court a few nights after the 2016 election in a private cigar bar on Fifth Avenue, glass of Macallan at hand, Mr. Giuliani boasted... >>>

Barr Dives Into the Culture Wars, and Social Conservatives Rejoice

Monday  03:10,   09 december 2019

WASHINGTON — When President Trump nominated William P. Barr as attorney general a year ago, establishment Republicans who had chafed at Mr. Trump’s takeover of their party were relieved. Between Mr. Barr’s work in the Reagan White House and his... >>>

Trump’s defense of Saudis grows more isolated after deadly shooting on military base

Monday  02:30,   09 december 2019

As more information trickled out over the weekend about the Saudi-born gunman, some Republicans pushed for a reassessment of the U.S. relationship with Saudi Arabia. “Of course, what happened in Pensacola has to inform on our ongoing relationship... >>>

How Giuliani and Barr set out to defend Trump

Monday  01:41,   09 december 2019

One lawyer took the outside lane and embroiled his client in scandal. The other played a different game entirely.The first — a former New York City mayor-turned fixer for various foreign potentates and, ultimately, for the president of the United... >>>

Bernie Sanders responds to Hillary Clinton's accusation that his delayed endorsement hurt her candidacy: "I'm sorry that Hillary Clinton is rerunning 2016"

Monday  01:25,   09 december 2019

Sen. Bernie Sanders on Sunday denied an accusation made by Hillary Clinton last week that the Vermont senator's delayed endorsement in 2016 hurt her Democratic presidential candidacy, saying that he did everything he could to get the former... >>>

Democrats leveraged Trump’s fixation on Space Force to pursue parental-leave victory for federal workers

Monday  00:31,   09 december 2019

In private negotiations, Trump aides were willing to make dramatic concessions to secure Space Force. >>>

Jewish Groups Blast Trump's 'Anti-Semitic' Remarks, Warning They Could Have 'Deadly Consequences'

Sunday  22:50,   08 december 2019

"We call on the Republican Party to disavow the white nationalism and anti-Semitism that exists within their ranks in such open display," Emily Mayer of IfNotNow told Newsweek.During his speech, Trump complained that some Jews "don't love Israel... >>>

Trump Lashes Out at Fox News for Giving Airtime to Democrats: ‘Pathetic!’

Sunday  22:50,   08 december 2019

President Donald Trump is angry at Fox News again, teeing off once again while watching Fox News Sunday. Wallace spoke with Congressman David Cicilline about impeachment this morning.The president took to Twitter — after Cicilline’s interview played >>>

Fox News Anchor Calls Out Trump Defense Secretary for Saying He'd Comply With Impeachment Inquiry, Then Stonewalling Congress

Sunday  22:15,   08 december 2019

Mark Esper said in October that the Department of Defense "do everything we can" to comply with the impeachment inquiry.Fox News anchor Chris Wallace called out Donald Trump's Defense Secretary Mark Esper for saying in October that he'd "do... >>>

'Weird': Congress reacts to Giuliani's latest Ukrainian venture

Sunday  22:15,   08 december 2019

Rep. Matt Gaetz, one of President Donald Trump's top allies, said the recent trip by the president's attorney to Ukraine was "weird" and "odd."However, Rep. Matt Gaetz, R-Fla., told ABC's "This Week" it was promising to hear that Trump said... >>>

Deepening Divide Turns Impeachment Into Another Partisan Brawl

Sunday  21:50,   08 december 2019

The clash comes to a head on Monday with a hearing in the Judiciary Committee where Democratic lawyers plan to present the case for impeaching Mr. Trump while the White House sits out the process. That will set in motion a rapid-fire set of actions... >>>

Schiff: Dems can't "charge everything" in articles of impeachment

Sunday  21:40,   08 december 2019

The chair of the House Intelligence Committee said Democrats can't charge every transgression they believe President Trump has committed while in office in their articles of impeachment . require(["medianetNativeAdOnArticle"], function... >>>