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Young, Conservative and Working for Trump? The Dating Pool Is Small

Tuesday  00:05,   18 february 2020

Washington’s highly politicized culture can be brutal on dating life. This mirrors a larger trend taking place throughout the rest of America, according to experts: Singles, particularly members of the under-40 crowd, do not want to meet or match... >>>

Trump's budget would cut bomb-sniffing dogs at airports, train hubs

Tuesday  00:01,   18 february 2020

President Trump’s proposed 2021 budget released to Congress last week includes plans to eliminate a program that deploys dog teams to detect explosives at crowded travel hubs across the country. Last year’s budget allocated $59 million for 31 of the >>>

U.S. House speaker Nancy Pelosi warns NATO allies against using Huawei

Monday  23:50,   17 february 2020

No NATO ally should succumb to the temptation of letting Chinese tech giant Huawei into their next-generation cellular networks, U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Monday at Allied headquarters, turning U.S. opposition to Huawei into a bipartisan... >>>

Warren, Markey demand Border Patrol 'reverse course' on deploying SWAT teams to sanctuary cities

Monday  23:35,   17 february 2020

Massachusetts Democratic Sens. Elizabeth Warren and Edward Markey demanded over the weekend that Customs and Border Protection "reverse course" on its decision to send specially trained agents to sanctuary cities to help Immigration and Customs... >>>

Trump campaign fires back after Obama claims credit for economic boom

Monday  23:02,   17 february 2020

The Trump campaign fired back Monday after former President Barack Obama, in a subtle swipe at President Trump, claimed credit for the economic gains in both their terms. © Provided by FOX News Reaction from Peter Morici, University of Maryland... >>>

Trump aims West Coast swing to raise cash and counterprogram Democrats

Monday  22:30,   17 february 2020

President Donald Trump journeys west this week for a mixture of political and official events -- and to counter-program his potential Democratic rivals as they convene in Nevada. © Joe Raedle/Getty ImagesTrump isn't ordinarily a fan of nights on the >>>

2020 election: Bloomberg unleashes on Sanders over supporters' online comments in new digital ad

Monday  22:20,   17 february 2020

Former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg attacked Bernie Sanders on Monday in a new digital ad featuring aggressive and derogatory tweets, memes and videos purportedly posted by the Vermont senator's online supporters.The nearly minute-long... >>>

Nancy Pelosi warns Democrats 'must be unified' to ensure Trump isn't re-elected

Monday  22:10,   17 february 2020

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi warned fellow Democrats in an exclusive CNN interview that the party "must be unified" to defeat President Donald Trump in the 2020 presidential race, while noting that any of the candidates running to face him "would be a >>>

John Bolton to break his silence as White House wrangles over content of his book

Monday  22:00,   17 february 2020

President Donald Trump's former national security adviser John Bolton is due make his first public speech since the impeachment inquiry into Trump wrapped up, even as his lawyers continue to wrangle with the White House over the contents of his... >>>

Can a Republican take on Trump and survive? Mitt Romney is proving it’s possible.

Monday  21:20,   17 february 2020

Utah Sen. Mitt Romney has managed to pull off — for now, at least — what no other Republican has: openly challenging the legitimacy of Trump’s presidency and living to tell the tale. That doesn’t mean that Romney has lit a path for other would-be... >>>

Want Impeachment Documents Signed By Trump? Yes, They’re Up For Auction

Monday  20:50,   17 february 2020

A copy of the Committee of the Judiciary House of Representatives’ motion to impeach President Donald Trump signed by Trump on Dec. 18 [the day he was impeached] are up for auction. A copy of the Committee of the Judiciary House of... >>>

'He acts like a caudillo.' New anti-Trump ads compare him to authoritarian leaders

Monday  20:40,   17 february 2020

The largest Democratic super PAC is launching a new series of attack ads starring Florida Latinos who've fled oppressive governments in their home countries, featuring footage of President Donald Trump alongside images of Fidel Castro, Nicolas... >>>

Abrams 'absolutely' wants to run for president, but says she'd accept VP slot in 2020

Monday  20:10,   17 february 2020

Stacey Abrams, the former Georgia gubernatorial candidate, said she "absolutely" sees herself running for president one day, but for the 2020 cycle, she "would be honored" to run for vice president. "Why should we not want someone to have the... >>>

Why some Democrats are worried Bernie Sanders could be unstoppable for the 2020 nomination

Monday  18:20,   17 february 2020

Even if he keeps winning only a quarter of the vote, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders could still capture the 2020 Democratic nomination for president.He has fewer delegates than Pete Buttigieg, the former mayor of South Bend,... >>>

'No One' at the State Department Believed Trump Ukraine Theory: Taylor

Monday  18:15,   17 february 2020

Former U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Bill Taylor has said that no officials at the State Department ever seriously considered conspiracy theories alleging that Ukraine interfered in the 2016 presidential elections to undermine President Donald... >>>