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White House Reportedly Asked How To Get A New President's Face On Mount Rushmore

Monday  06:15,   10 august 2020

A White House aide asked South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem (R) last year how an interested party might go about adding another giant presidential face to Mount Rushmore, a source told The New York Times. Which president? Here’s a hint: Noem greeted... >>>

Democratic House candidate to stay in race amid allegations of inappropriate relations with college students

Monday  05:50,   10 august 2020

Holyoke, Mass., Mayor Alex Morse (D) said Sunday he will remain in his congressional primary race against Rep. Richard E. Neal (D-Mass.) amid a University of Massachusetts investigation into allegations that Morse had sexual relationships with... >>>

Trump says he's open to allowing unemployed to get enhanced benefits without states paying part of the cost

Monday  05:30,   10 august 2020

President Donald Trump opened the door on Sunday to allowing some unemployed Americans to get enhanced unemployment benefits even if the states in which they live won't pay part of the costs.President Donald Trump opened the door on Sunday to... >>>

Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine entered a pact to buy thousands of COVID-19 antigen tests. After a false positive, he's more skeptical.

Monday  05:05,   10 august 2020

The Republican governor tested positive for COVID-19 last week, but subsequent tests came back negative. Speaking to CNN, the Republican governor said the experience points to issues that exist with rapid antigen tests.Last week, DeWine and six... >>>

Democratic women leaders call out sexist news coverage of female vice presidential candidates

Monday  03:50,   10 august 2020

A group of Democratic women leaders is calling out sexist coverage of female Democratic vice presidential contenders — and they're asking that newsrooms to do better. © CNN In an open letter to top newspaper and network executives, the group... >>>

Puerto Rico partially suspends primary voting due to lack of ballots

Monday  03:05,   10 august 2020

Puerto Rico partially suspended primary voting on Sunday over a lack of ballots, according to officials. The elections commission said primaries for voting centers that had not received ballots by early afternoon are expected to be rescheduled,... >>>

Polls: Biden leads Trump in Pennsylvania and Wisconsin

Monday  02:15,   10 august 2020

Trust in Biden to handle the coronavirus crisis seems to be playing a role in his advantage.There’s still plenty of time for things to change until the election, and battleground state polling should be taken with a grain of salt, but the results... >>>

Trump, US face pivotal UN vote on Iran

Monday  02:15,   10 august 2020

The Trump administration's Iran strategy will face a key test this week as the United States calls for a vote at the United Nations on its resolution to extend an arms embargo against the Islamic Republic.If the resolution fails - which experts... >>>

Woman claiming to be from 'Freedom To Breathe Agency' gets into viral exchange with store employee over mask policy

Monday  01:30,   10 august 2020

A California woman claiming to be from a group called the "Freedom To Breathe Agency" was seen in a viral video warning a grocery store employee in Orange County that she could face legal consequences after reportedly being told masks were required... >>>

Is Trump Defunding Social Security and Medicare? Concerns Mount After President's Executive Order

Monday  00:16,   10 august 2020

"Trump announced that if he is re-elected he will permanently defund Social Security," Senator Bernie Sanders warned."First one is on providing a payroll tax holiday to Americans earning less than $100,000 per year," the president said during a... >>>

Joe Biden VP rankings: The *final* list

Monday  00:15,   10 august 2020

With Joe Biden expected to formally announce his vice presidential pick this week, I'm breaking format to bring you the five women most likely to be his choice. These picks are based on conversations with knowledgeable sources, reporting and... >>>

HuffPost reporter: Biden's VP shortlist doesn't suggest progressive economic policies

Sunday  23:50,   09 august 2020

HuffPost senior reporter Zach Carter said in an interview with Hill.TV that presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden's vice presidential shortlist doesn't indicate an interest in pursuing progressive economic policies."If he were really... >>>

National Security Adviser Warns of Russia, China Interference in 2020 U.S. Election: 'We're Not Going to Put Up With It'

Sunday  23:05,   09 august 2020

National Security Adviser Robert O' Brien said China's efforts to interfere with the 2020 election are focused on ensuring that President Donald Trump does not win re-election on November 3. © ALEX WONG / Staff/Getty Images White House... >>>

The foreign threats to the US election (opinion)

Sunday  23:05,   09 august 2020

The updated election threat assessment by the US intelligence community's top election security official shows that foreign actors still view US politics as a playpen, writes Samantha Vinograd. That means the very intelligence aimed at... >>>

Democrats knock Trump for saying virus will 'go away'

Sunday  22:41,   09 august 2020

The Democratic National Committee knocked President Trump in a campaign ad released Sunday, for repeatedly saying the virus will "go away" or "disappear" throughout the pandemic.The DNC War Room released the campaign ad as the U.S. surpassed 5... >>>