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PoliticsBill Clinton and Jeffrey Epstein: How Are They Connected?

05:30  11 july  2019
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Bill Clinton 'knows nothing' about financier Jeffrey Epstein's 'terrible crimes,' former president's spokesman says

Bill Clinton 'knows nothing' about financier Jeffrey Epstein's 'terrible crimes,' former president's spokesman says Bill Clinton "knows nothing" about the "terrible crimes" linked to Jeffrey Epstein, the former president's spokesman said Monday, in Clinton's first statement after new sex-trafficking charges were lobbed against the wealthy financier. "In 2002 and 2003, President Clinton took a total of four trips on Jeffrey Epstein’s airplane: one to Europe, one to Asia, and two to Africa, which included stops in connection with the work of the Clinton Foundation," the statement said. "Staff, supporters of the foundation, and his Secret Service detail traveled on every leg of every trip.

[What you need to know to start the day: Get New York Today in your inbox.]. Jeffrey Epstein , the wealthy financier accused of sexually abusing underage girls for more than a decade, has been linked in the past to celebrities, prominent businessmen, politicians and, at one point, Prince Andrew of Britain.

Jeffrey Epstein had a little black book filled with the names and personal phone numbers of some of the world’s wealthiest and most influential people, from Bill But Epstein also had an obsession. For years, Epstein lured an endless stream of teenage girls to his Palm Beach mansion, offering to pay

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Jeffrey Epstein, the wealthy financier accused of sexually abusing girls for more than a decade, has been linked in the past to celebrities, prominent businessmen, politicians and, at one point, Prince Andrew of Britain.

But it is Mr. Epstein’s ties to two United States presidents, Bill Clinton and Donald J. Trump, that have drawn the most attention in recent days.

Accusers speak out after Jeffrey Epstein charged and jailed

Accusers speak out after Jeffrey Epstein charged and jailed Billionaire financier was charged Monday with sexually abusing dozens of underage girls more than a decade after he secretly cut a deal with federal prosecutors to avoid nearly identical allegations. Now some of his alleged victims are speaking out. Sarah Ransome claimed she was recruited and trafficked for sex by Epstein in 2006 and 2007, the Miami Herald reported.  On Monday, Ransome said she's encouraged Epstein has been charged in New York.

In this Majority Report clip, we discuss Bill Clinton 's association with billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein — Clinton hasn't been implicated in any sex

Clinton ’s presence aboard Jeffrey Epstein ’s Boeing 727 on 11 occasions has been reported, but flight logs show the number is more than double that The girls testified they were lured to Epstein ’s home after being promised hundreds of dollars to be his model or masseuse, but when they arrived, he

In 2002, Mr. Trump called Mr. Epstein a “terrific guy” in an interview with New York magazine. But on Tuesday, Mr. Trump told reporters he “was not a fan” of Mr. Epstein and that the two had a “falling out” and had not spoken for some 15 years.

Mr. Clinton has denied having a close relationship with Mr. Epstein. On Monday, Mr. Clinton’s office said in a statement that Mr. Clinton “knows nothing about the terrible crimes” that Mr. Epstein has been accused of, and that Mr. Clinton had not spoken to Mr. Epstein in more than a decade.

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The former president has not been linked by prosecutors or officials to any of the current or previous accusations against Mr. Epstein.

Here’s what we know about Mr. Clinton’s ties to Mr. Epstein.

Trump Hasn’t Spoken to Jeffrey Epstein in 10 or 15 Years, Conway Says

Trump Hasn’t Spoken to Jeffrey Epstein in 10 or 15 Years, Conway Says President Donald Trump hasn’t spoken to or seen accused sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein in 10 to 15 years, White House adviser Kellyanne Conway said.

Former President Bill Clinton distanced himself on Monday from Jeffrey Epstein , a billionaire financier and former donor who was arrested for child sex trafficking over the weekend. Clinton , who has taken a lower public profile since the 2016 presidential race, issued a statement through his press secretary

Billionaire financier Jeffrey Epstein ’s arrest on fresh sex trafficking charges has ignited a media war, with outlets on each side of the spectrum rushing to tie their political opponents to the notorious It is even said that he likes beautiful women as much as I do, and many of them are on the younger side.”

How did Mr. Epstein and Mr. Clinton know each other?

During his career in finance, both at Bear Stearns and when he struck out on his own, Mr. Epstein had a reputation for being intensely private.

But in 2002, the former president took a trip on Mr. Epstein’s private jet, which brought a flurry of media attention.

At the time, Mr. Clinton had been out of the White House for two years and had started the nonprofit group, the Clinton Foundation. Through his work with the foundation, Mr. Clinton connected with Mr. Epstein.

The ride on the private jet was part of a visit to Africa that Mr. Clinton made in order to discuss economic development on the continent and the ongoing fight against H.I.V. and AIDS.

“Jeffrey is both a highly successful financier and a committed philanthropist with a keen sense of global markets and an in-depth knowledge of twenty-first-century science,” Mr. Clinton, through a spokesman, told New York magazine in 2002. “I especially appreciated his insights and generosity during the recent trip to Africa to work on democratization, empowering the poor, citizen service and combating H.I.V./AIDS.”

Jailed financier Epstein seeks to be released under house arrest

Jailed financier Epstein seeks to be released under house arrest American financier Jeffrey Epstein on Thursday asked a federal judge to let him out of jail and allow him to remain under house arrest as he awaits trial on charges of sex trafficking underage girls. In a filing in federal court in Manhattan, Epstein's lawyers argued that home confinement, along with electronic monitoring, surveillance and a bond secured by a mortgage on his $77 million Manhattan mansion would be enough to ensure that he does not flee the country.

Jeffrey Epstein , the convicted sex offender who is friends with Donald Trump and Bill Clinton , explained. Epstein has said that any encounters he had with his accusers were consensual, and that he believed they were 18 at the time. The story of how Epstein got such a light sentence — and who

Jeffrey Epstein , a Wall Street billionaire and political financier, was Here's what we know about the wealthy investor and his political ties that run all the way up to the Clintons and Donald Trump. How is President Trump involved? Several key players in Epstein 's web link back to Trump, including one

Mr. Epstein did not speak with New York magazine, but friends who were interviewed said that Mr. Epstein viewed his relationship with Mr. Clinton as an extension of his general networking philosophy.

“I invest in people — be it politics or science,” he told friends, according to the magazine. “It’s what I do.”

Was that the only trip?

In his statement on Monday, Mr. Clinton’s spokesman, Angel Ureña, said that Mr. Clinton took “four trips” on Mr. Epstein’s plane between 2002 and 2003 — one each to Europe and Asia, and two to Africa.

The trips all “included stops in connection with the work of the Clinton Foundation,” Mr. Ureña said, adding that Mr. Clinton’s staff, supporters of the foundation and Mr. Clinton’s Secret Service detail traveled with him on every leg of every trip.

Flight records published by Gawker in 2015 suggested that Mr. Clinton took at least a dozen separate flights on Mr. Epstein’s plane. A year later, Fox News reported that flight records showed President Clinton had flown at least 26 times on Mr. Epstein’s plane.

It was unclear how many individual flights were involved in each trip that Mr. Ureña mentioned and whether that may account for the discrepancy between the number he cited and what the flight logs show. Mr. Clinton’s office did not immediately respond for a request for comment.

Jeffrey Epstein Willing To Post $100 Million Bail

Jeffrey Epstein Willing To Post $100 Million Bail ​Epstein’s lawyer told a judge during a bail hearing that his client was "ready to sign" for bail no matter the cost. Last week, Epstein's lawyers proposed a bail package that would let the multimillionaire await trial while under house arrest at his Manhattan home. The judge said he plans on deciding whether or not to let him go on Thursday. Epstein was arrested earlier this month and charged with sex trafficking of minors, as well as conspiracy to commit sex trafficking of minors. Federal prosecutors, as well as two of Epstein's accusers, urged the judge to deny him bail.

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Clinton flew on Epstein ’s ‘Lolita Express’ private jet at least 26 times and this was reported by multiple media outlets in 2016. However, any reference to this on Epstein ’s Wikipedia page disappeared for a time yesterday before being added back in. The current Wikipedia page for Epstein does mention his

The flight logs, posted online by Gawker, also record Mr. Clinton as being present on a domestic flight from Miami to Westchester County Airport in West Harrison, N.Y., which is near Mr. Clinton’s home in suburban Chappaqua.

Did Mr. Clinton visit Mr. Epstein’s homes?

Mr. Clinton visited Mr. Epstein’s New York apartment once around 2002, according to Mr. Ureña’s statement. The former president was accompanied by a staff member and his security detail.

He never visited Mr. Epstein’s palatial residence in Palm Beach, Fla., Mr. Ureña said, nor has he been to the financier’s ranch in New Mexico or his private island in the Virgin Islands.

Mr. Clinton may not have been present at Mr. Epstein’s Upper East Side home in more recent years, but his image apparently was. One person who visited Mr. Epstein’s townhouse last year told The New York Times they saw a signed photograph of Mr. Clinton behind a large dining table. Mr. Epstein also had photos of Woody Allen and Mohammed bin Salman, the Saudi crown prince, on display at the house, according to the visitor.

Additionally, New York magazine reported in 2003 that Mr. Epstein once threw a dinner party at the house in Mr. Clinton’s honor. The former president never showed, but the magazine reported that the other guests included Mr. Trump, the magician David Blaine and Doug Band, who was then an adviser to Mr. Clinton.

Jeffrey Epstein accuser urges more women to speak out

Jeffrey Epstein accuser urges more women to speak out One of Jeffrey Epstein's accusers urged other women Tuesday to come forward with allegations against the wealthy financier as federal authorities prosecute him on sex charges. Courtney Wild told reporters at a news conference in New York that Epstein "will never stop sexually abusing children until he is in jail." "We will not get justice until you speak out," Wild said, addressing anyone who believes they have been abused by Epstein. "You are not alone, and this was not your fault." Wild's remarks came a day after she appeared in Manhattan federal court and urged a judge to deny Epstein bail.

“The Clinton relationship destroyed Jeffrey Epstein and did not help Clinton ,” said Epstein ’s former Wall Street mentor Steven Hoffenberg. “Because that was his first major high-profile relationship, and he enjoyed the media pizzazz, not understanding it and letting his ego be inflated by being put in

Citizen free press. Bill Clinton and Jeffrey Epstein … When the gubmint took away our gun rights, where were those people. They were plotting how to make money off of people losing their rights.

Are there any other ties?

Mr. Clinton had one other meeting with Mr. Epstein, in Mr. Clinton’s office in Harlem in 2002, according to Mr. Ureña.

At one point, Mr. Epstein’s personal phonebook, which was submitted as an exhibit in a court case against Mr. Epstein and was published by BuzzFeed in 2015, contained more than 20 numbers, emails and addresses to get in touch with Mr. Clinton, most of them listed under Mr. Band’s name.

Earlier this year, The Daily Beast reported that a charity organization formerly run by Mr. Epstein, the C.O.U.Q. Foundation, donated $25,000 to the Clinton Foundation in 2006. As of Tuesday, the foundation was named on a list of donors on the Clinton Foundation’s website.

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Financier Jeffrey Epstein to remain jailed until sex trafficking trial.
American financier Jeffrey Epstein will remain behind bars while he awaits trial on charges of sex trafficking dozens of underage girls, a U.S. judge ruled on Thursday. U.S. District Judge Richard Berman announced his decision at a hearing in federal court in Manhattan, rejecting Epstein's request to stay under house arrest in his New York mansion valued at $77 million. Epstein has pleaded not guilty. The money manager's social circle over the years has included Donald Trump before he became U.S. president, former President Bill Clinton and Britain's Prince Andrew.

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