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Carte grise, identity card… you no longer have proof of address to provide to request it

Friday  17:25,   03 july 2020

© Flashpop / Getty Images Carte grise, identity card… you no longer have proof of address provide to make the request Applicants for an identity card, a passport, a driving license and a gray card have recently benefited from simplified procedures. >>>

Instant mode: All about the Black in Fashion Council

Friday  16:40,   03 july 2020

© Cover Media The editor of Teen Vogue, Lindsay Peoples Wagner, and the founder of Sandrine Charles Consulting, Sandrine Charles, created the Black in Fashion Council, Council of black people in fashion, driven by the Black Lives Matter movement.... >>>

Want a heated steering wheel in your BMW? You'll be able to download one via subscription

Friday  16:17,   03 july 2020

In the near future, you could get a heated steering wheel in your BMW through a software download. Then, a year or two later, if you decide that you no longer need the feature you can unsubscribe and stop paying for it. © Adrian Dennis/AFP/Getty... >>>

70 percent market share: Google Chrome breaks through another brand

Friday  16:06,   03 july 2020

© Shutterstock The Google Chrome browser is the number one worldwide. New milestone: Google Chrome breaks the 70 percent market share mark in June and continues to expand its worldwide leading position among Internet browsers. According to a survey >>>

Labs are being deconfigured, researchers are trying to repair the damage

Friday  16:05,   03 july 2020

© ANNE-CHRISTINE POUJOULAT As soon as Emmanuel Macron announced the confinement in March, the CNRS sent instructions to its laboratories to close Sacrificed animals, biological material to the freezer, dormant telescopes ... The coronavirus crisis... >>>

Evo 2020 canceled after co-founder abuse allegations

Friday  15:52,   03 july 2020

Fighting game tournament Evo 2020 has been canceled after co-founder Joey “Mr. Wizard” Cuellar was accused of assaulting a minor. The esports tournament, which announced in May that it was going online-only in the wake of COVID-19, will now not go... >>>

Lost (Amazon Prime): how the creators thought the controversial end as of season 3

Friday  15:40,   03 july 2020

"Lost" recently celebrated the 10 years of its controversial end as well as the arrival of the integral on Amazon Prime. Its co-creator Damon Lindelof recently unveiled how the final was thought, what were their references... >>>

What it's like working on the first 5G laptop you can buy

Friday  14:51,   03 july 2020

The new Lenovo Flex 5G adds buzz-heavy 5G to an otherwise gray suit of a laptop.Now I can go anywhere, do anything, and not be at the mercy of coffee shop Wi-Fi systems or tethering to my phone and its much slower 4G (or as AT&T unfortunately calls... >>>

Spahn: 300 infections previously reported via the Corona Warn app

Friday  14:25,   03 july 2020

Federal Minister of Health Jens Spahn assumes that around 300 Covid-19 infections have so far been reported via the German Corona Warn app. © Photo: Michael Kappeler / dpa With the Corona warning app, citizens are notified if they have stayed near... >>>

This is how wearables could catch early coronavirus symptoms

Friday  13:20,   03 july 2020

Wearables could be used to catch early coronavirus symptoms, experts said. One device in particular, the Oura ring, generated headlines when the company partnered with the NBA -- Sports Illustrated called it the "key to the NBA's... >>>

"The last time in this constellation": Hegering hopes for extra energies

Friday  13:08,   03 july 2020

Actually, the DFB Cup final weekend is always a highlight. In Berlin as in Cologne. But in Corona times, both the Olympic Stadium and the FC arena remain largely empty. This is "totally bitter", especially for the finalists from Essen and... >>>

Huawei brings Uber rival Bolt to its AppGallery store

Friday  12:16,   03 july 2020

Huawei's app store sorely needed a ride-hailing app -- and it's getting one this week.Bolt is an Estonia-based ride-hailing company that's quickly gaining traction in European countries, including in London where it's garnering a reputation... >>>

"He has become a friend ...": back in Les 12 Coups de midi, Eric sympathized with a freshly landed Maître de midi!

Friday  12:05,   03 july 2020

© Capture TF1 "He has become a friend ...": back in Les 12 Coups de midi, Eric sympathized with a freshly landed noon master! Eliminated from the 12 Rounds of noon two weeks ago, Eric, the biggest winner of the TF1 game, in turn comes into play in... >>>

After the blocking of 59 Chinese mobile applications, how far will India go?

Friday  11:25,   03 july 2020

© Prakash SINGH / AFP Members of Working Jounalists in India (WJI) hold placards calling on Indian citizens to remove Chinese smartphone applications and boycott "made in China" products during a demonstration in New Delhi , June 30, 2020. India... >>>

OM, pro-PSG tweets that are blemishing

Friday  09:50,   03 july 2020

© Provided by Sports.fr In addition to OM, Al-Walid Ben Talal would like to buy the Stade Vélodrome. Barely arrived at the Marseille Olympics, Hugues Ouvrard, the new Deputy Managing Director of OM, saw resurgent old tweets hardly charitable with... >>>