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Google launches #AndroidHelp hashtag for tech support on Twitter

Tuesday  10:15,   28 january 2020

Google will now answer your Android-related problems on Twitter, and you don't even have to slide into its DMs. The company has announced that it's now assisting users who tweet their issues with the hashtag #AndroidHelp. Google has also... >>>

Wienermobile gets pulled over, and fans relish the jokes

Tuesday  07:25,   28 january 2020

Here are the five best burns delivered by social-media hotdoggers."What really happened on that fateful day with the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile?" the Waukesha County, Wisconsin, Sheriff's office tweeted on Monday. "The driver of the Wienermobile was... >>>

Feast your eyes on these stunning new iPhone 12 renders

Tuesday  05:55,   28 january 2020

This year is set to be a major one for the iPhone, with the new iPhone 12 series poised to include 5G support, four phones in three display sizes, and at least some of the models boasting the biggest redesign the phone has seen over the last few... >>>

Amazon asks FCC to give swift approval to Project Kuiper satellite network despite SpaceX opposition

Tuesday  05:55,   28 january 2020

Amazon fired its latest volley today in a debate over whether the company can proceed in an expedited fashion with its Project Kuiper mega-constellation for broadband internet access. © Provided by Geekwire Multiple mega-constellations of satellites >>>

NFL Twitter accounts hacked, including those of Super Bowl-bound Chiefs and 49ers

Tuesday  04:55,   28 january 2020

A Saudi hacker group claimed responsibility for compromising several accounts, including those of Kansas City and San Francisco.OurMine, a Saudi hacking account that promotes its own cybersecurity services, said it hacked a number of the league's... >>>

New leak says the Pixel 5 won’t be Google’s first 5G phone

Tuesday  04:30,   28 january 2020

Google is widely expected to launch two smartphone lines this year: the affordable Pixel 4a at I/O 2020, and the Pixel 5 that should see the light of day in October. Both, however, will appear in leaks much earlier than that, considering what... >>>

Nvidia GeForce 1650 Super rumored to be coming to a laptop near you

Tuesday  04:30,   28 january 2020

Leaked benchmarks show possible Nvidia GeForce GTX 1650 Super and 1650 Ti graphics processors in laptops, hinting at what may be coming.Specifically shared were a Geekbench scores for mobile Nvidia GeForce GTX 1650 Ti in an unnamed Lenovo laptop and >>>

Best LG phones 2020: finding the best LG phone for you

Tuesday  04:05,   28 january 2020

From premium to budget, here are the best LG phones you can get right now.The company was once a lot more popular, but that doesn’t mean its phones have got worse. If you don’t market your phones, you might not sell many, LG! But if you’re reading... >>>

Facebook's rivals reportedly contacted by DOJ as part of antitrust probe

Tuesday  03:00,   28 january 2020

The agency's investigation focuses on Facebook.The Information, citing an email from the DOJ, reported on Monday that the agency is reaching out to social media executives to learn about "the competitive landscape of the industry, along with... >>>

One of the Galaxy S20’s best features will be on this upcoming budget phone

Tuesday  02:45,   28 january 2020

One of the signature features of the Galaxy S20 will be the 120Hz high-refresh OLED display, which will be a first for Samsung phones. But the Galaxy S20 flagships will apparently be more expensive than we expected, so you'll have to pay a... >>>

Two old satellites could collide over US, space debris tracker warns

Tuesday  02:05,   28 january 2020

A space telescope and an experimental US payload are getting dangerously close.The company said its monitoring the approach, and that its latest metrics "show a predicted miss distance of between 15-30 meters." That distance is concerning given the... >>>

No, these YouTube videos don't show Kobe Bryant's helicopter crash

Tuesday  01:55,   28 january 2020

More than a million people have been fooled by footage of a 2018 United Arab Emirates disaster.CNET is choosing not to link to the hoax videos here, but the headline of one should've given away the fact that it was fake. It's titled "Video Footage... >>>

Peregrine falcons nesting in the Boeing MAX hangar will be kicked out soon

Tuesday  01:45,   28 january 2020

The doors of the hangar will be closed often because the plant has been idledThe two falcons have been nesting in the 737 Max factory in Renton, The Seattle Times reports. But because the doors of the idled plant will be closed more often, the... >>>

Galaxy S20, Z Flip, Galaxy Buds Plus: Everything we expect from Samsung's Feb. 11 event

Tuesday  01:20,   28 january 2020

Samsung's Unpacked events usually center on phones, and other software and hardware treats.This render imagines how the Galaxy Z Flip phone's hinge might look with the foldable phone opened... >>>

Holocaust victims honored on Yad Vashem's digital remembrance wall

Tuesday  01:00,   28 january 2020

It's an emotional site, but an important reminder.Monday, which is Holocaust Remembrance Day, brought more than 70,000 people to the IRemember Wall. This year, Facebook International is teaming up with Yad Vashem to encourage Holocaust... >>>