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AMD Radeon RX 6800 XT and 6900 GPUs target 4K gaming, start at $579

Wednesday  22:45,   28 october 2020

The RDNA 2 graphics architecture in the new Xbox Series X and S and PS5 consoles comes to the desktop, optimized for new AMD CPUs.Hardware performance improvements stem partly from the higher-density on-die Infinity Cache design (all have 128MB) and >>>

This PhoneSoap UV sanitizer wirelessly charges your phone while killing germs – and it’s 20% off

Wednesday  22:10,   28 october 2020

Your smartphone is filthy, and there are countless studies out there that prove it. If you're looking for a great way to keep your phone clean, definitely check out Amazon's deal on the awesome PhoneSoap Wireless UV Smartphone Sanitizer.... >>>

Corona: Astronaut tips against loneliness

Wednesday  20:27,   28 october 2020

This winter will be harder than others. Due to Corona, we have to stay at home as best we can. But what can be done about loneliness? This astronaut has a good tip © istockphoto We'll remember these tips istockphoto If someone knows what it's like... >>>

This stranded Venezuelan oil tanker is a potential disaster. Here's what we know.

Wednesday  20:01,   28 october 2020

After the U.S. tightened sanctions on Venezuela's state-owned oil company, more than a million barrels of crude oil were abandoned offshore.The Nabarima, photographed on October 16, shows signs of tilting. Three officials from Trinidad and... >>>

Teenage Engineering is making Capcom-themed pocket synths

Wednesday  18:50,   28 october 2020

Teenage Engineering has teamed up with Capcom for its latest series of pocket-sized synths. The PO-128 Mega Man and PO-133 Street Fighter models, which each cost $89, include samples and animations from the respective game franchises. The Street... >>>

Amazon Prime members can get true wireless earbuds with 10,000 5-star reviews for $24 today

Wednesday  18:50,   28 october 2020

When it comes to Amazon deals on headphones, nothing can quite measure up to Apple's AirPods Pro and AirPods 2 in terms of popularity. Before you go and buy either of those earphones though, there's another deal on true wireless earbuds that >>>

Insta360 One X2 is a 360 camera that unlocks your creativity for $430: Hands-on

Wednesday  17:20,   28 october 2020

The updated dual-lens 5.7K-resolution camera and the company's app and community will help shake up your social sharing.The One R is designed to be a versatile all-in-one action cam. Costing $430 (about £330 or AU$600 converted), the One X2 is... >>>

This water-powered shower head speaker pops out for use on the go

Wednesday  17:20,   28 october 2020

A hydroelectric solution for your shower audio woesShower Power’s main difference from earlier water-powered speaker Hyquadio is that the device is actually two pieces; there’s an attachment for your shower head that intercepts your water flow to... >>>

Teenage Engineering’s new $89 synths produce live Mega Man and Street Fighter soundtracks

Wednesday  17:20,   28 october 2020

They look gorgeous and come loaded with video game soundsThanks to the partnership with Capcom, Teenage Engineering has loaded these pocket operators with original sounds from their respective games. That means you can make your own live Mega Man... >>>

Facebook's Zuckerberg struggles to connect, forcing U.S. Senate hearing to pause

Wednesday  17:15,   28 october 2020

Facebook's Zuckerberg struggles to connect, forcing U.S. Senate hearing to pause"We are unable to make contact with Mr. Mark Zuckerberg," Senator Roger Wicker, who chairs the committee, said agreeing to a five-minute delay after the chief... >>>

Factbox: Where do Trump and Biden stand on tech policy issues?

Wednesday  16:45,   28 october 2020

Factbox: Where do Trump and Biden stand on tech policy issues?(Reuters) - The chief executives of Facebook Inc and Alphabet Inc's Google were grilled about the regulation of Big Tech by U.S. senators on Wednesday, a hot-button issue ahead of the... >>>

Explainer: What's in the U.S. law protecting internet companies - and can it be changed?

Wednesday  16:45,   28 october 2020

US-USA-TECH-SECTION-230-EXPLAINER:Explainer: What's in the U.S. law protecting internet companies - and can it be changed?(Reuters) - The chief executives of Twitter Inc, Facebook Inc and Alphabet Inc's Google defended a law protecting internet... >>>

Green, green, green are all of our clothes: Zalando launches sustainable capsule collection

Wednesday  16:40,   28 october 2020

heart against head. The two of them are getting in each other's way more and more often when shopping. Because first we fall in love with our eyes and then with all our hearts in a new piece that would complement our wardrobe so delightfully. But... >>>

Unboxing the Xbox Series X: Everything in the box

Wednesday  16:15,   28 october 2020

This minimalist console gets a similarly sparse set of extras in the box, but it does include two AA batteries.Here's what's in the box (as pictured... >>>

Alphabet’s Loon sets a new record for longest stratospheric flight

Wednesday  15:45,   28 october 2020

Google parent Alphabet has revealed that one of its Loon balloons spent 312 days aloft, breaking its previous stratospheric flight record of 223 days, by a wide margin. It had quite a journey during that time, launching in Peurto Rico and heading to >>>