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The hidden secrets of insect poop

Monday  21:45,   21 january 2019

Insect defecation may not seem like one of the pressing scientific inquiries of our time, but in fact the faeces of these wee creatures serves an extraordinary variety of functions in bug and human life. Unlike most animals, many insect species... >>>

How to make your audio system sound better for free

Monday  21:45,   21 january 2019

Move your speakers into the middle of the room, and listen to them from 4 or 5 feet... >>>

Facebook's AR Glasses May Be Getting Closer To Becoming A Reality

Monday  21:45,   21 january 2019

Facebook is reportedly dumping resources into developing nifty new augmented reality hardware — but don’t put money on seeing its products anytime super soon. Business Insider’s Rob Price has revealed in a report published yesterday that Facebook... >>>

Been sleeping on smart lights? Time to wake up

Monday  21:31,   21 january 2019

Commentary: Smart bulbs, smart switches and other smart lights have never been better or more affordable -- and new options are coming this year from Ring, GE, Philips Hue and... >>>

Apple is once again selling its iPhone SE — for now

Monday  21:30,   21 january 2019

The phone is on sale in Apple’s clearance... >>>

Motorola patent teases a RAZR-like phone with a foldable display

Monday  21:16,   21 january 2019

A newly-discovered Motorola patent may be our first look at Lenovo's rumoured RAZR foldable... >>>

Spotify will soon let you mute and block artists

Monday  21:16,   21 january 2019

You’ll be able to block R. Kelly... >>>

Planet Nine might not actually be a planet

Monday  19:55,   21 january 2019

It could be something even cooler. Planet Nine could exist without actually being a planet. There’s something bizarre lurking around the outskirts of the solar system. It’s 10 times more massive than Earth, about 10 to 20 times farther away than... >>>

Facebook's WhatsApp limits text forwards to 5 recipients to curb rumours

Monday  18:06,   21 january 2019

Facebook Inc's WhatsApp messenger service is globally limiting the number of times a user can forward a message to five, in a bid to fight "misinformation and rumours", company executives said on Monday. "We're imposing a limit of five messages all... >>>

A T. rex and a shark as neighbors? Yes, eons ago in South Dakota

Monday  17:31,   21 january 2019

A T. rex and a shark as neighbors? Yes, eons ago in South... >>>

This stunning iPhone 11 concept might be the iPhone of our dreams

Monday  17:21,   21 january 2019

For just a moment, let's ignore the fact that Apple's new iPad Pro tablets bend out of shape much more easily than they should. Visually, they feature a design that is without question the hottest iPad design we’ve ever seen from Apple. It harkens... >>>

Facebook is adding petitions to your news feed

Monday  11:55,   21 january 2019

"Community Actions" will start rolling out to users in the US on... >>>

U.S. eclipse watchers howl at Blood Wolf Moon but bitter cold cancels other festivities

Monday  10:05,   21 january 2019

LUNAR-ECLIPSE/ (UPDATE 2, PIX, TV, GRAPHIC):UPDATE 2-U.S. eclipse watchers howl at Blood Wolf Moon but bitter cold cancels other... >>>

A.I. Policy Is Tricky. From Around the World, They Came to Hash It Out.

Monday  03:05,   21 january 2019

Dozens of senior policymakers who are trying to agree on rules for artificial intelligence gathered at M.I.T. There was even some... >>>

8 Things You Should Be Automating on Your Smartphone

Sunday  20:55,   20 january 2019

We live in an age of super-smart technology built to make our lives easier, so don’t struggle with the menial chores of the day when your phone could be doing the job for you. Here are some of the best automations you can set up on your phone,... >>>