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Google expands Broadcast and adds more family-friendly Assistant features

Thursday  21:00,   06 may 2021

If you're a parent or often find yourself needing to wrangle a group of people in your household, Google's latest Assistant update might be helpful. It's expanding the Broadcast tool that was previously limited to its smart speakers and... >>>

NY AG report finds 18 million FCC net neutrality comments were fake

Thursday  20:25,   06 may 2021

Before the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) voted to repeal net neutrality at the end of 2017, the agency collected public opinion on the policy. In all, it said it received nearly 22 million comments. Over the years, there's been a fair... >>>

Amazon Web Services debuts 5-week accelerator for clean energy startups

Thursday  20:00,   06 may 2021

Amazon Web Services is announcing the creation of a 5-week accelerator to support clean technology startups. Applications to the AWS Clean Energy Accelerator are being accepted starting today until June 4. The company will select 10 participants. ©... >>>

Australia Isn't Doing Enough to Address Climate Change | Opinion

Thursday  20:00,   06 may 2021

As other nations rise to the challenge and intend to meet ambitious targets set by President Joe Biden for 2030, Australia's prime minister missed his opportunity to show the world that Australia is serious when it comes to combating climate... >>>

Call of Duty League will resume in-person events on June 17th

Thursday  20:00,   06 may 2021

In-person Call of Dutyesports are returning after more than a year of virtual events, although it's not quite a return to the pre-pandemic state of affairs. Organizers have revealed that Call of Duty League will hold a face-to-face competition... >>>

Brave's iOS browser now queues music and videos in a playlist

Thursday  20:00,   06 may 2021

You might soon have an easier time using your phone's browser as an impromptu media player. Brave is rolling out an updated iOS browser that introduces a Playlist feature for queuing audio and video. If you want to watch a string of cooking... >>>

Rolling the dice on network slicing: Kubernetes sparks a rethink of 5G edge

Thursday  18:46,   06 may 2021

The problem with distributed computing, as with distributed anything, is finding the appropriate system of governance. A management model for distributed computing may be emerging, though it might not be the one telcos were hoping for. What is... >>>

FCC’s net neutrality rollback overwhelmed by bogus industry comments, investigation finds

Thursday  18:25,   06 may 2021

The New York attorney general’s office released a new report detailing the effortThe attorney general’s multi-year investigation found that fake comments accounted for the vast majority of comments received in response to the order — nearly 18... >>>

Facebook threatens to make iOS users pay. Please do it, Mr. Zuckerberg

Thursday  18:25,   06 may 2021

Mark Zuckerberg's company is using fascinating scare tactics to get users to tolerate tracking.Such a good... >>>

Millions of older broadband routers have these security flaws, warn researchers

Thursday  18:25,   06 may 2021

A new investigation has found that older routers, which aren't regularly upgraded, present some serious security vulnerabilities.After surveying more than 6,000 adults, Which? identified 13 older routers that are still commonly used by consumers >>>

How the USPS is deploying AI to help track 7.3B packages a year

Thursday  18:11,   06 may 2021

As the Postal Service leverages edge AI systems to transform its vast, distributed enterprise, it serves as a model for other government entities as well as private businesses. What is AI? Everything you need to know about Artificial Intelligence >>>

Scientists unsure where uncontrolled rocket debris will hit Earth

Thursday  17:41,   06 may 2021

Its fast speed makes its landing place nearly impossible to predict, but it is expected to make landfall in the coming days. © Provided by CBS News A Long March-5B Y2 rocket carrying the core module of China's space station, Tianhe, blasts off from... >>>

How Dementia Patients Used Morse Code to Escape From a Senior Living Facility

Thursday  17:40,   06 may 2021

Security experts analyze the clever way the husband and wife briefly broke free.On March 2, 2020, a resident of a secure memory care unit in Elmcroft of Lebanon, a Tennessee nursing facility,“eloped” with his wife from the premises, according to a... >>>

Ransomware: There's been a big rise in double extortion attacks as gangs try out new tricks

Thursday  16:26,   06 may 2021

More and more ransomware gangs are adopting tactics around threatening to publish stolen data in an effort to force victims to pay.There's been a big rise in the number of ransomware gangs that threaten to release information stolen from the victims >>>

The best travel gear for graduates

Thursday  16:26,   06 may 2021

While it’s hard to pin down an exact date, sometime in the next year or so it will become much safer to travel. At that point, you’ll want to see your new grad off on a trip. After all, your child might have finished school, but that doesn’t mean... >>>