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These ants can shrink and regrow their brains

Wednesday  10:50,   14 april 2021

These ants can shrink and regrow their brainsThings are different for the Indian jumping ant, a species with forceps-like jaws and large black eyes that inhabits forests along India’s western coast. In these colonies, if the queens die, workers host >>>

Security crucial as 5G connects more industries, devices

Wednesday  10:50,   14 april 2021

With more industries and machines connected as 5G networks roll out, securing these links will be a top challenge even as it becomes more complex to manage such ecosystems, says Nokia's Asia-Pacific head.Beyond just providing consumers with... >>>

Rand Paul Says Fauci Acts 'Against the Science,' Wants People to Stay In 'Biden's Basement'

Wednesday  07:15,   14 april 2021

Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) blasted Dr. Anthony Fauci for allegedly telling the public that "even though you've been vaccinated you still need to stay in Joe Biden's basement" amid the continuing COVID-19 pandemic on Tuesday.Fauci, the nation's... >>>

DogeCoin hits 10 cents: Why that has the internet excited

Wednesday  06:55,   14 april 2021

Here's why you're going to be seeing DogeCoin memes on your Twitter and Facebook accounts.It's the culmination of a semi-ironic movement that's involved thousands of buyers, tens of thousands of online posters and the world's richest man,... >>>

Review: Nest Hub Enters the Health & Wellness Space with its 2nd-Generation Model

Wednesday  05:25,   14 april 2021

When the Nest Hub first debuted — then called the Google Home Hub — I was unsure of its ability to truly add benefits to my home lifestyle. I owned smart speakers, tablets and smartphones, but could a non-portable device that combines these features >>>

Ludwig Ahgren breaks the Twitch subscriber record with a 31 day live stream

Wednesday  05:25,   14 april 2021

In early March, Ludwig Ahgren started streaming on his Twitch channel, promising viewers the stream would extend by ten seconds for every subscriber he received. 31 days later the subscriptions have continued to roll in, and he hasn't stopped... >>>

Rode’s Connect app simplifies recording multi-host podcasts on one PC

Wednesday  05:25,   14 april 2021

Rode has just unveiled Connect, a new tool aimed squarely at the home podcaster. The new, free app, aims to simplify multi-microphone recording with just one computer and no external hardware. The flagship features include recording up to four USB... >>>

UFO sightings spiked dramatically during the coronavirus pandemic

Wednesday  05:25,   14 april 2021

In a fascinating report, The New York Times discovered UFO sightings in New York doubled in 2020.A fascinating report by The New York Times uncovered that according to data from the National U.F.O. Reporting Center, UFO sightings surged across the... >>>

How to record separate audio for each person in a Zoom call

Wednesday  03:20,   14 april 2021

Recording a Zoom meeting can be helpful for lots of reasons, and creating separate audio files for each participant can make post-meeting editing much easier than trying to parse one big file.Luckily, Zoom has the option to record meetings, both in... >>>

Wearable insect pod protects you from cicadas, and your dignity

Wednesday  03:20,   14 april 2021

Hey bugs,... >>>

Best Apple Watch band in 2021

Wednesday  02:35,   14 april 2021

Let's explore some of the best Apple Watch bands available on the market. Case-Mate: Metal Linked band The subtle stunner © Provided by ZDNet best-apple-watch-band-1.jpg The simple and subtle design of this Apple Watch band makes it a... >>>

Finally, New Alienware and Dell Gaming Laptops Get AMD Ryzen CPUs

Wednesday  02:35,   14 april 2021

For the first time in 14 years, AMD CPUs will sit at the heart of two new gaming laptops from Dell and Alienware. The Alienware m15 Ryzen Edition R5 and Dell G15 Ryzen Edition laptops will be released in April and May respectively, giving gamers new >>>

5 best Android widgets for on-the-go professionals

Wednesday  02:35,   14 april 2021

If your daily grind makes it challenging to get things done, you need all the help you can get while out and about. Let these Android widgets help.The Event Flow Calendar makes it easy to see your upcoming calendar... >>>

Gigabyte is announcing three OLED gaming monitors with HDMI 2.1 and TV sizes

Wednesday  02:30,   14 april 2021

32, 43, and 48... >>>

motto: "Spring Loaded": On April 20, Apple shows new iPads and more

Wednesday  01:40,   14 april 2021

now is official: On Tuesday, April 20, Apple invites you to his big spring event. The invitation hopes for plenty of innovations. © pr / Apple The invitation to this year's spring event has packed Apple as always with hints this morning Siri had... >>>