Technology Google wants to help you survive a world filled with data breaches

13:45  02 october  2019
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Google Duo rolls out low light mode to let videocallers see each other, even in the dark

Google Duo rolls out low light mode to let videocallers see each other, even in the dark Because poor lighting is a chronic impediment to videocalling in various parts of the world, Google announced on Monday that its videocalling app, Google Duo, is getting a new feature: low light mode. In various parts of the world -- especially where electricity is expensive and power outages are frequent -- finding lighting strong enough for video calls is difficult. For this reason and others, Google announced yesterday that they're

The three survival points that I touch on briefly (but by no means should be considered a comprehensive list) will help Knowing who wants your data and how they are most likely going to get it is necessary if you want to have a fighting chance of surviving a breach .

"We'll want to see the employee manual. That will help us define the rules people work in. We'll need names and e-mails, work and personal, of any In that moment of panic where the company suspects foul play, the urge to tamper with data can be irresistible. Sometimes data is spoiled by a malicious

Each time there's a major data breach, it's up to users to look out for an email from the compromised company or stay on top of the news to figure out how best to protect themselves if their personal information has been compromised.

  Google wants to help you survive a world filled with data breaches © Max Pepper/CNN

Google is trying to help users navigate that headache by rolling out new tools.

On Wednesday, the company announced its new Password Checkup feature will automatically check all your saved passwords for security problems and alert you if passwords have been exposed in a third-party data breach.

Light version of the Google app to be released worldwide

Light version of the Google app to be released worldwide Following a conclusive testing phase in India and Indonesia, Google Go, the "light" version of the essential mobile search app, will finally freely available worldwide. At just 7MB in size, the app uses 40% less data than the Google's classic Search app. This makes it ideal for older devices, or those with little storage. The only minimum spec is that the device runs Android Lollipop (5.0) or above. The stripped-back app nonetheless features a number of useful features and can handle voice queries. To date, Google Go has been downloaded over 100 million times.

To help companies avoid such madness, Fitzgerald recently sat down with CSOonline to outline five steps that can be taken to ensure a smooth Sometimes data is spoiled by a malicious insider with something to hide. But many times the culprit is an honest person who accidentally destroys data in a

Tomorrow's world is today.Which are the creative technology tasks we should encourage children to take up? Since this is a process you ’ll want to do on a semi-regular basis, it’s a good idea to automate it with the Task Hardware failure, security breaches , natural disasters, thieving scumbags

The tool will also tell you if your password is being reused across different sites by bad actors or if you have a weak password that should be updated.

This functionality — first introduced earlier this year as an extension for its Chrome browser — is now being more deeply integrated into the core Google experience through its password manager.

Later this year, Google said it would also add this same tech to its Chrome browser. If a username and password has been compromised in a data breach, a notification will pop up encouraging you to change your password.

Google pulls in data to check breached passwords from the open Web and Dark Web, said Mark Risher, director of account security at Google, at a briefing with reporters in New York. Usernames and passwords are often "dumped" on the open Web in the wake of data breaches, he said. Google has found 4 billion unique username and password combinations from crawling only the open Web.

Is your Google Calendar flooded with spam? Google says it's working on it

Is your Google Calendar flooded with spam? Google says it's working on it If you opened up Google Calendar sometime in the last few weeks only to find your schedule filled with things like "WIN A FREE iPHONE!" or "CHEAP RAYBANS HERE", you're by no means the only one. Spammers have found a way to trick Google Calendar into adding these things to your calendar without you doing anything. Google says it's aware of the issue, and is working on it. So what's going on here? At some point, Google Calendar picked up a feature that automatically adds any event you're invited to right onto your calendar, presumably to keep the invite from getting lost in your inbox. The problem: there... doesn't seem to be much of a filter.

The seed bank designed to preserve the world ’s crops and plants in the event of global disaster isn’t prepared to withstand the greatest global disaster facing our planet: global warming. Melting permafrost on the Norwegian island of Spitsbergen, where the Svalbard Global Seed Vault is located, has seeped

Google has announced another Google + data breach , this time affecting more than 50 million users. Google + may be a punchline in the social-network world , but there’s something seriously wrong with it. For the second time in as many months, Google has announced that Google + has been

Two-thirds of US adults use the same password for more than one online account, according to a new survey conducted by Harris Poll in partnership with Google. And 59% admit to using a name, such as their own or a pet's, or a birthday as part of their password.

Those are concerning results: Experts recommend choosing passwords that aren't easily guessed and having different passwords for all the services you use.

Google's free tools could make it harder for paid password manager services like 1Password to compete, although they will still appeal to tech-savvy users or businesses who want additional functionality.

Gmail's Smart Compose is coming to Google Docs .
The automatic predictive text suggestions which Gmail offers users while they compose emails is launching for Google Docs. In 2018, Google launched Smart Compose in Gmail for G Suite users; now, the feature is coming to Google Docs. Smart Compose is a tool that helps users compose emails by intelligently autocompleting the message based on an individual's writing habits. For example, "it can fill in common phrases and relevant addresses, like that of your home and office." Over time, the feature makes suggestions more and more tailored to each person.

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