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23:35  18 october  2019
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Self-folding 'Rollbot' changes its shape in response to heat

Self-folding 'Rollbot' changes its shape in response to heat Soft robots have potential applications in everything from space exploration to health care, as they're able to change shape depending on the needs of their environment. Most soft robots need to be "tethered" though, meaning they need to be attached to a cable which supplies compressed air or instructions. Now, a team of scientists has come up with an untethered soft robot which is able to change its shape in response to heat. In a new paper in Science Robotics, a team from Caltech describe using sets of folds like origami to create a flexible soft robot.

Japanese airline ANA Holdings recently announced that it is developing a telepresence robot that could travel in place of those who are unable.

a group of young men playing a game of football: ANA Holdings plans to launch an avatar robot that lets people who can't travel see matches 'in person.'© Image Source / Istock.com ANA Holdings plans to launch an avatar robot that lets people who can't travel see matches 'in person.'

For those who are unable to travel due to age or disability, ANA Holdings is developing a telepresence robot which functions as a physical avatar that can travel on behalf of an individual.

Though this service has the potential to work with various types of bots, it has been undergoing testing with an original robot called "newme." This avatar is equipped with a full HD, 2K display which works as the traveler's face. Users will be able to interact with the robot's surroundings in high resolution. Optional and customizable body accessories would help users tailor their avatar's abilities to their travel desires.

According to the company, robotic avatars have the potential to "open up new possibilities and help reshape everything from business and education to healthcare and entertainment." The company even suggests that such a device could potentially help people find employment.

To offer a range of experiences, ANA Holdings has plans to collaborate and partner with companies and governments worldwide to make an international network for the newmes.

ANA Holdings' avatar program is slated to launch in April 2020 with 1,000 being deployed by the summer.

Developers can now program the actions of Sony's robot dog Aibo .
Aibo, the robotic dog by Sony, recently received a software update that lets developers customize the pup's actions. For years, Sony has been developing robot dogs that have the capacity to emulate the behavior of real pups. Last year, the sixth generation of Aibo went on sale in the US complete not only with pooch mannerisms, but also with AI and cloud-connected technology. Since this launch, Aibo has become as much of a house watchdog as a companion thanks to software updates that take advantage of the device's cameras and sensors to send owners live reports of their house while they're away.

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