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Technology The Phone Call Isn't Dead, It's Evolving

19:25  20 october  2019
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2 found dead near Long Prairie, suspect sought

2 found dead near Long Prairie, suspect sought The Todd County Sheriff is asking people to be on the lookout for a vehicle driven by a man suspected in the deaths of two people in rural Long Prairie. Sheriff Steve Och says deputies were dispatched Wednesday around 4:30 p.m. to a residence in rural Long Prairie after a 911 call from someone who had gone to check on a friend who had not returned texts or phone calls and found someone dead inside the home. Squads arrived and actually found two people dead inside the house. During the course of the investigation deputies identified a 22-year-old man they describe as a suspect in the two deaths.

Chats sometimes lasted almost all night—teens would go down for dinner with their families, only to come back upstairs and resume the conversation. “They would turn on a video chat and then just throw their phone some place,” To Read the Full Story.

“It still remains the biggest reach vehicle out there,” he told That wasn’ t the script analysts had in mind for 2018 after digital ad spending overtook New Ways To Buy The final way in which TV advertising is evolving is in how it ’ s bought and sold. While about 80% of display ads are bought and

When researchers at Yahoo Labs wanted to learn more about how young people use video chat, they asked 16 teenagers in the greater San Francisco Bay Area to keep a diary for two weeks. The subjects liked to multitask, cleaning their rooms and scrolling through social media, while talking with friends. Chats sometimes lasted almost all night—teens would go down for dinner with their families, only to come back upstairs and resume the conversation.

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“They would turn on a video chat and then just throw their phone some place,” says Yahoo principal research associate Frank Bentley. “They’d basically use it as open audio because the camera would just be pointing at the ceiling.”

Would You Die for a Motorola Phone?

Would You Die for a Motorola Phone? We’re back with a new season of Show Me Your Nerd, the show that documents the biggest nerds with the biggest collections. And there are few phone fans as passionate as the self-styled Motorola King of Montevideo, Uruguay. Felipe Berhau fell in love with Motorola when he was just 8 years old. He didn’t care that the business wasn’t doing well, or that newer, more exciting brands had replaced it in the market. There was just “something mystic about the logo,” he told Gizmodo. It made him want to get his hands on all the Motorola phones and accessories that he could.

In the kingdom of glass everything is transparent, and there is no place to hide a dark heart. -Vera Nazarian *Links and Sources* Ancient Roman Toilet https

The second option when it comes to choosing a Virtual Receptionist is going the route of a service provider that has a whole team of live virtual secretaries available to handle your Editor’s Note: This post was submitted by guest blogger, Victor T . Miller. Enjoy! Nowadays, it ’ s important more …

“Open audio” sounds a lot like making phone calls. But don’t tell those teens. “It’s almost seen as rude to call someone,” says Mr. Bentley, who worked with lead author Mia Suh, a Ph.D. candidate at the University of Washington on the study. It’s as if they’re saying, “I am going to disturb someone and make their phone ring and interrupt them and kind of force them to pay attention to me,” he says.

Talking was the most popular way to communicate via cellphone in the fall of 2012, with 94% of survey respondents having done so in the prior week, according to consumer-research firm MRI-Simmons. By the spring of 2019, talking had fallen to least popular, behind texting, emailing, posting to social media and using chat apps, with just 45% reporting doing it in the prior week. In other words, less than half had used their phone for an actual phone call.

Police: Two shootings leave one person dead Wednesday night

Police: Two shootings leave one person dead Wednesday night Baltimore City police are investigating two separate shootings Wednesday night, one that left a man dead. Around 9:30 p.m., police were called to the 5600 block of Northwood Drive at East Belvedere Avenue, where a 35-year-old man was found suffering from gunshot wounds to the chest, according to officials. The victim was transported to Johns Hopkins Hospital, where he was pronounced dead around 10 p.m. Due to the seriousness of this incident, homicide detectives were called to investigate this incident. On Wednesday at 7 p.m., officers responded to the 500 block of Druid Hill Avenue for a shooting.

Cold calling is not dead , and inbound marketers are doing it all the time. But in the age of inbound marketing, the way that we practice cold calling has The good news is, it ’ s easy. We have so much more consumer information available to us these days; you can use social selling techniques to find a

That doesn’t mean the web is dead ; it means that the web, and the way we use it, is evolving . The Internet ecosystem isn ’ t as complicated as all these fan-boy magazines make it out to be. On my phone it ’ s a much more arduous process to open a browser, enter a website address, and in many

Multiple people I interviewed said when the phone rings unexpectedly, they assume someone has died. But some app developers and investors think voice communication over the phone isn’t the problem, just the act of making a phone call itself. Between the rise of smart speakers and Apple’s wireless AirPod earbuds, and the ubiquity of group messaging and video chat, they’re betting now might be the time for voice to make a comeback.

“Calling is fundamentally broken,” says Alex Ma, 26, co-founder and CEO of the company behind audio-chat app TTYL. “We went from landlines to the iPhone X but we haven’t changed the way we call people.”

After Mr. Ma graduated from college, he found it hard to keep in touch with friends; texting didn’t make him feel connected enough so he started calling them weekly. But the calls felt like they had to be scheduled events.

The app he launched last summer is like a voice-only version of Houseparty, the popular video hangout app recently acquired by Epic Games, the maker of “Fortnite.”

Is this weird evolving furball the next hot toy?

Is this weird evolving furball the next hot toy? I sang to it for over an hour to find out. Because journalism.

There’ s no denying it , as technically-savvy and progressive as we claim to be, we still need to call and talk to another human being at times. Even one the simplest of receptionist tasks, message taking, has evolved to a new standard. New technology allows a virtual receptionist to take a message from

It ’ s not like sales coaching was possible. There wasn’ t a strategy, it was all about logging time on the phone and hoping for the best. RingDNA offers local phone numbers, call tracking, voicemails, automated emails, and call logs to engage with customers easily and effectively.

With TTYL (as in “talk to you later”), you put your earbuds in and open the app, then your friends get notified you’re free to talk. People can either keep a “room” open for others to join, or lock it for privacy. The app is designed for small, close groups: You wouldn’t have as many friends on TTYL as on Facebook or Instagram—only people you’d actually want to hear from.

“What our app allows you to do is in a single tap, jump into someone’s ears and start a conversation,” says Mr. Ma.

Another new app called Chalk allows users to combine a text chat with the ability to quickly switch to a voice conversation. They can also go into listen-only mode, where they can hear everything but can’t talk back. (They can text back, or quickly turn their microphones back on.) The idea is to reduce the time and effort it takes to switch back and forth between communication modes.

“People were designed to have voice conversations,” says Juyan Azhang, 28, co-founder and CEO of the company behind Chalk. “I don’t think we were designed to have phone calls, and I think people lump those things together and I guess our goal is in some ways to peel that apart.”

The industry’s magic bullet for robocalls is currently useless on an iPhone

  The industry’s magic bullet for robocalls is currently useless on an iPhone STIR/SHAKEN comes to iPhones, but not in a useful wayApple finally added support for STIR/SHAKEN with iOS 13, which should be great news in theory, adding millions of new devices that will now get this verification technology. But there’s just one problem: Apple’s implementation of the feature is essentially useless for actually identifying incoming robocalls, rendering the whole thing moot.

Ministry of Sound ClubVideosNightlife isn ' t dead ; it ' s evolving .

It ’ s estimated that by 2017, the average amount of time we spend online each day will be over two hours – an increase of 143% since 2010. This year, Publico24 will take this even further by launching a new feature called “The Newspaper of Dreams”.

Mr. Azhang thinks live chat has more of a future than voice messaging, where people sling recordings at each other. That is already a function of Apple Inc.’s iMessage and Facebook Inc.’s Messenger, WhatsApp and Instagram. This type of voice messaging is popular abroad but hasn’t really taken off in the U.S.

Voice-first platforms have launched—and failed—many times over the years, some of them not too long ago. Ryan Hoover, who invested in TTYL and runs the startup-tracking service Product Hunt, says there’s a graveyard of audio-based apps on his website.

“Part of it is simply the timing,” he says. “AirPods did not exist. Bluetooth headphones were far less prominent. Very few people had smart speakers.”

It takes time for people to adjust their behavior. He acknowledges it might even still be too early for TTYL. For a voice platform to really take off, Mr. Hoover says, it’ll have to reduce as much of the existing friction as possible and be faster and easier than what people can do now—kind of like what Snapchat did for sending photos.

Karsten Weide, an analyst with International Data Corp., says he’s not convinced there’s enough demand for messaging services with additional voice functions.

“Sure, you have teenagers or people in their early 20s hanging out in voice chat rooms with their friends maybe but I don’t see this as a mass phenomenon,” he says. “I’m 56 and I hate using the phone.”

Google Pixel 4 might call for help automatically if you're in a car crash

  Google Pixel 4 might call for help automatically if you're in a car crash Pixel phones' Emergency Information app is reportedly being renamed "Personal Safety."The updated app, renamed "Personal Safety," uses your location and sensor readings from the accelerometer and microphone to detect if you've been in a crash. It then plays an alert at maximum volume and vibrates. If you don't mute the app, it automatically calls emergency services and gives them your location.

It does however signify that manufacturing is changing, and it ’ s changing at a pace that is challenging for us to keep up with. On June 21, President Obama announced a coalition to help rejuvenate the U.S. manufacturing industry by bolstering innovation in "smart manufacturing."

This is in contrast to traditional phone calls , which require a dedicated circuit to connect the callers at each end. Because VOIP service relies on software VOIP phones provided by cable companies usually cannot be moved to a different internet provider elsewhere in the world. It is this portability that

Mr. Weide says that in most cases, text is going to be more efficient.

Peter Rojas, a partner at Betaworks Ventures, a seed-stage venture-capital firm, says there’s a benefit to not just tacking voice onto a text chat app. It’s hard enough to nail the user experience when you’re focusing on audio first, let alone making it a secondary consideration.

“You have to balance the things that are special and better about audio with the things that are annoying,” he says. He thinks it’s worth a try, in part because of this new generation of talkers. “If you have never really spent a lot of time using phone calls, your relationship to audio is going to be different,” he says.

Betaworks Ventures recently announced an 11-week Audiocamp that includes mentorship and funding for startups focused on audio, and the firm is invested in Yac Chat, an audio-messaging platform for remote workers. Voice messages are sent and received the way instant messages are, but the person can listen to the message whenever they choose.

Mr. Rojas sees voice messaging as a better fit for the workplace. “Most people don’t want to be on a conference call all day,” he says. But he thinks that it does work with social groups gathering to pay attention to the same thing, like a videogame.

Gaming pretty much set the stage for modern-day audio chat.

Chalk’s founder, Mr. Azhang, is a former gamer who was using a handful of different platforms to communicate with his friends while playing League of Legends. They’d hop between texting in iMessage and Messenger and video calls on Skype.

McConnell contradicts Trump: We've never spoken about Zelensky call

  McConnell contradicts Trump: We've never spoken about Zelensky call McConnell contradicts Trump: We've never spoken about Zelensky callBut McConnell said Tuesday he’s never had a conversation about the phone call with the president.

News Analysis: The good old PC has actually been in decline for awhile. But that doesn' t mean it ' s going away. What used to be called a PC has just evolved into a variety of highly mobile devices, smaller, faster and ever more versatile.

The phone call isn ' t dead . Despite what many a journalist/blogger/paranoid internet commenter might have you believe, smartphones can indeed still dial out. Of course, that doesn't mean it ' s not in the process of dying. And if you have even a shred of decency about you, you'll help take it out back

Then, in 2015, Discord launched as a platform for people to communicate through text and audio while playing videogames. It has since has grown to 56 million monthly active users, many of whom aren’t gamers. (My colleague Julie Jargon has written about the dark side to that growth.)

Discord’s chief executive, Jason Citron, says that one third of users communicating through voice chat on Discord aren’t playing a game at the same time.

“As more people have adopted Disord, we keep finding more and more people using it for nongaming purposes,” says Mr. Citron. “Perhaps it was a leading indicator of how people wanted to communicate in general.”

Mr. Citron says he’s seen nonprofits offering mental-health services like talk therapy on the app. One Discord server has 450 trombone enthusiasts who used voice chat to make music together.

The company’s Twitter profile no longer mentions gamers. “We’re going through an exercise now about how are we going to talk about ourselves,” says Mr. Citron. “It’s very much all-in-one voice and text and video chat.”

Meanwhile, Epic Games ended up launching a voice chat feature that lets users talk, even when they’re not playing “Fortnite.”

Facebook doesn’t share the number of voice-only calls made on its platforms though it did say 400 million people connect via video and voice on Messenger each month. A spokeswoman didn’t divulge any plans for forthcoming audio-specific features, but she did note one finding: On longer calls among teens, the phone’s camera is often pointed at the ceiling.

Australia launches anti-espionage task force amid China spy concerns .
Australia on Monday launched a high-level intelligence task force to combat what officials say is rampant foreign interference in the country and after claims of bold Chinese spying operations Down Under. Prime Minister Scott Morrison said the new force would involve all the country's top intelligence agencies "to disrupt and deter anyone attempting to undermine our national interests". Prime Minister Scott Morrison said the new force would involve all the country's top intelligence agencies "to disrupt and deter anyone attempting to undermine our national interests".

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