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08:30  27 november  2021
08:30  27 november  2021 Source:   pressfrom.com

Bitcoin set a new all-time high above $68,000 on Wednesday, increasing the bitcoin worth only two days after breaking the $68,000 barrier for the first time on Monday. Bitcoin is also one of the top currencies because there is no other currency to compete with it. In each moment, its worth is increasing and going to touch the sky soon.

While its price quickly fell below $65,000 after reaching a new all-time high on Wednesday, Bitcoin's most recent new milestone is an astounding performance, considering the currency was hovering around $15,000 per coin only a year ago.

Despite recent high prices, bitcoin remains a highly volatile and speculative investment. Indeed, after hitting a record high in mid-April, the Cryptocurrency quickly lost more than half its value and fell to less than $30,000 by mid-July. Visit the Bitcoin trading platform and enjoy the best deals.

What is bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a decentralized cryptocurrency first defined in a white paper by individuals or groups calling themselves Satoshi Nakamoto in 2008 and was launched in January 2009, shortly after that.

Bitcoin is peer-to-peer Internet money, and all transactions are conducted directly between equal and independent network users, without the need for an intermediary to allow or promote transactions.

The idea of a similar decentralized electronic money had existed before BTC, but the first Cryptocurrency used was Bitcoin.

What is the value of Bitcoin?

The current price of Bitcoin is USD 63,777.37 and the trading volume for 24 hours is USD 36,722,503,971. Bitcoin is also so volatile you can get an idea Bitcoin can rise 2.25% in 24 hours. Currently, CoinMarket Cap ranks first with a live market capitalization of $1,235,411,043. The maximum offer is 21,000,000 BTC parts, and the distribution offer is 18,870,975 BTC parts.

What are the characteristics of Bitcoin?

It is interesting to know Bitcoin was the first Cryptocurrency so that it also attained massive power among all others. He established a global community and created a whole new activity of millions of fans who produce, invest, trade, and use bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in their daily lives. The birth of the first Cryptocurrency has established a conceptual and technological foundation that will be the catalyst for developing hundreds of competing ventures.

The entire cryptocurrency industry, which is presently valued and over $2 trillion, is based on the notion reached by Bitcoin: wealth that can be exchanged and collected by anybody, anywhere else in the world, without depending on trusted financial intermediaries and banking and finance firms.

For the last ten years, Bitcoin has been an influential crypto and also has a huge trading volume on a daily basis, it all due to its pioneering style. Even after losing its uncontested supremacy, Bitcoin remains the most prominent Cryptocurrency, with a market value that crossed $1 trillion in 2021, when the Bitcoin price reached an all-time high of $64,863.10 on April 14, 2021. It is primarily due to increased institutional interest in Bitcoin.

Bitcoin is not merely a currency that someone invented. In the late 2000s, an economic crisis was caused by the failure of a banking company called Lehman Brothers. As a result, many individuals lost some money, but many are still recuperating from it now.

That "something else" was bitcoin, a virtual currency that has been on the rise since its inception in 2009 – and will continue to climb as more people use it.

Why is Bitcoin so valuable?

  • In short, Bryan Routledge, an assistant who thinks that Bitcoin is worth "because people believe so.
  • People believe that Bitcoin will one day become more valuable, increasing demand for Bitcoin and increasing its value like gold.
  • Gold is essentially the metal that we value because it's flashy. Same as gold, Bitcoin is also an emerging currency. If you can invest in it after a few years, it will pay you more than your expectations. Bitcoin worth is not constant. It is volatile and also going up.


You can't (usually) buy or sell Bitcoins like gold in a store, but you can buy and hold them. But gold has an advantage that Bitcoin does not have, at least not yet, because gold has been around long enough; its long-term value has been demonstrated repeatedly.

Bitcoin and Co.: Violent crash on the crypto market: Why Bitcoin and Co. Lose Massively value .
The descent for crypto feeds continues. Within a few days, the crypto market has lost massively value. How can this be explained? For the Bitcoin, the first week of the new year starts everything but good: the course fell rapidly. On Friday morning, the Bitcoin notes much less than $ 42,000 - as deep as since September no longer. For comparison: In November 2021, the crypto currency was about $ 67,000, the previous record value. not only the bitcoin has been on descent for months.

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