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Not everyone is happy about NASCAR's new iRacing format. Some Cup drivers are left out.

Sunday  05:25,   05 april 2020

Last week's virtual NASCAR race at Texas Motor Speedway drew 1.3 million viewers on Fox and FS1, according to Nielsen. The cable network began broadcasting live iRacing after the official NASCAR season was postponed over three weeks ago to... >>>

Fields of green: Mild winter, no games aid ballpark grass

Sunday  05:00,   05 april 2020

Nicole Sherry poked some holes in the turf at Camden Yards, cut the grass and then left the ballpark about the same time the Baltimore Orioles should have been wrapping up their season opener. “What a beautiful day it would have been for a... >>>

This day in sports history: Kris Jenkins beats buzzer, UNC for thrilling Villanova championship

Sunday  05:00,   05 april 2020

There are thrilling buzzer beaters that win NCAA tournament games. Four years ago today, the Villanova forward stunned North Carolina and sent Philadelphia into a frenzy with one of the most dramatic moments in basketball history. Villanova entered... >>>

President Trump's hope for NFL's return doesn't align with college football's reality

Sunday  04:46,   05 april 2020

The governors of both Alabama and Nebraska made pleas to the citizens of their states to practice social distancing to help college football come back. Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey, according to Alabama Political Reporter, dangled football as a lure after... >>>

Report: UFC president Dana White named in Las Vegas sex-tape extortion lawsuit

Sunday  04:30,   05 april 2020

UFC president Dana White was named in a lawsuit on Friday as the “prominent Las Vegas businessman” involved in a sex-tape extortion scheme in 2015, according to the Las Vegas Review-Journal. Ernesto Joshua Ramos filed the lawsuit against White,... >>>

Arash Markazi: WWE and esports enjoy moment in spotlight, but will it last?

Sunday  04:30,   05 april 2020

Entering a fourth week without live sports broadcasts you might have noticed a trend when tuning into ESPN or Fox Sports out of habit this weekend. Whether it's FS1 broadcasting NASCAR iRacing, ESPN televising NBA2K games or both networks... >>>

Governors use college football to urge fans to practice social distancing

Sunday  04:15,   05 april 2020

Stopping the spread of the virus is vital to playing sports again, and we have several months to make that happen. These governors seem to know it, too. News to stay informed. Advice to stay... >>>

We’ll never see another Hall class with the likes of Kobe, Tim and KG

Sunday  03:30,   05 april 2020

The Hall has called three of the NBA’s most iconic figures to its doors, and although the circumstances have made it tough to celebrate them in full, it’s the most star-studded, decorated class that will be enshrined in Springfield in some time.... >>>

Opinion: Kobe Bryant deserved to give what would have been a memorable Hall of Fame speech

Sunday  03:05,   05 april 2020

Kobe Bryant was supposed to deliver a speech that fully matched his complex personality, full of epic stories about his life and love for basketball.So when the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame announced Bryant as a first ballot selection... >>>

Bucs QB coach Clyde Christensen feels as if he ‘failed’ Jameis Winston

Sunday  02:30,   05 april 2020

Winston, 26, had been with the Bucs for his entire five-year NFL career, but Christensen was hired in 2019. For what it’s worth, Winston saw a large increase in volume last year but also led the league in picks and saw his stock plummet, making him... >>>

The busts: Top prospects from each AL club who never panned out

Sunday  02:05,   05 april 2020

Prospects are all the rage these days. For many organizations, building an elite farm system is almost as important as constructing a competitive major-league roster, and the players scattered throughout the minors face plenty of pressure as they... >>>

University of Oklahoma's amended schedule suggests delay to 2020 CFB season

Sunday  02:05,   05 april 2020

This fits in well with concern among CFB insiders that the 2020 season might in fact have to be canceled. At this point, no one knows exactly what’s going to happen as it relates to the COVID-19 pandemic. Almost 8,000 Americans have died from the... >>>

Kings rookie Kyle Guy urges public to heed coronavirus orders after grandfather's death

Sunday  01:55,   05 april 2020

SACRAMENTO, Calif. - Kings rookie Kyle Guy is urging people to follow public health orders after losing a loved one to the coronavirus. Guy shared his grief in a moving tribute to his grandfather Saturday on Instagram. Guy said his grandfather died... >>>

NBA fans react to report that players could play a televised game of H-O-R-S-E

Sunday  01:30,   05 april 2020

NBA fans react to report that players could play a televised game of H-O-R-S-EWojnarowski reported Saturday that the NBA and ESPN are planning a broadcast featuring “high-profile” players competing in a game of H-O-R-S-E. Players would not be... >>>

President Trump's call with sports leagues was wishful in sentiment but wistful in reality

Sunday  01:05,   05 april 2020

Trump was Trump, a source said. Trump said he wanted the NFL to start on time in the fall. Trump said he wanted the suspended seasons of other sports leagues to end as soon as possible. So do those leagues. Trump said he wanted fans back in stands... >>>