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10:50  06 february  2017
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The White House petitions page is still live, and the top one calls for Trump's tax returns

  The White House petitions page is still live, and the top one calls for Trump's tax returns When President Donald Trump took the oath of office, his administration hit the reset button on the Whitehouse.gov website, replacing former president Barack Obama's policy goals with new priorities. But one page remains: the petition feature that allows the president's administration to respond to issues raised directly by the people. And the people, apparently, want to see Trump's tax returns. One petition asks the administration to "immediately release Donald Trump's full tax returns" and says it wants Trump to not be in conflict with the emoluments clause of the Constitution.

  Pourquoi les personnages de dessins-animés portent des gants blancs ? © Jérémy Pirotte, übergizmo (FR)

Big investigation today. We recently asked ourselves the reason why Mickey , Minnie and so many other characters in this era of Disney cartoons were all wearing white gloves , with never more than four fingers. And the answer is ... rather short.

Initially, the use of white gloves was mainly an artistic choice. Walt Disney himself explained this decision:

"We didn't want [Mickey] to have mouse hands, because he was supposed to be more human. So we gave him gloves. Five fingers seemed too numerous for such a small drawing, so we removed one. It was a finger less to animate.

Subsequently, white four-fingered hands became an artistic convention taken up by other cartoons, all of which stem from this initial artistic choice.

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license to braid .
© Timur Emek / Getty Images like to wear Dutch braids: white women like model Clair Westenberg (pictured) or the front woman of the band Jennifer Rostock. Many white women wear Dutch braids and other African hairstyles. But isn't it racist to make you black? Sometimes it would be good if there were copyright on hairstyles.

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