Sport Next draw between Carlsen and Nepomnjaschi: little risk, lots of perfection at the Chess World Cup

21:41  02 december  2021
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also the fifth game at the Chess World Cup in Dubai ends without winner. An intermediate event of duel between world champion Magnus Carlsen and Jan Nepomnjaschi.

Der amtierende Weltmeister Magnus Carlsen hat keine leichte Zeit gegen seinen Herausforderer Jan Nepomnjaschtschi. © Photo: Kamran Jebreali / DPA The reigning world champion Magnus Carlsen has no easy time against his challenger Jan Nepomnjaschi.

o Well, the Chess World Cup in Dubai of the Norwegian Magnus Carlsen and the Russian Jan Nepomnjaschi opposite in one-counter-one in front of the board, the game has long been no longer a single sport. Behind the scenes, high-caliber coaching teams prepare the players for months, study openings, try new, surprising trains to find the vulnerability of the opponent. A member of this team is a particularly important role: the computer programs.

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You give the players the opportunity to recognize trains that seem illogical for the trained eye as a game changing and prepare themselves on any attack with the best possible defense. Therefore, World Cup games have been mostly in Remis for a long time. The players are too perfect, surprises are rarely.

Magnus Carlsen goes as a favorite in this World Cup, but this role is not fair yet

so it was also in the previous games between the world's eight-year-acting world champion Magnus Carlsen and his challenger . After five parts played and five draws it is 2.5 to 2.5. No rarity - even with the last two World Championships, it was undecided after five meetings. In 2018, however, Carlsen played against the second of the world rankings, with this only against the fifth.

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actually the Norwegian should have a clear advantage, But you did not see it yet. In the fifth game Carlsen even came under pressure immediately at the beginning of the game and could not really free themselves until the end. Besides, he was lucky, because Nepo, as one calls the Russians in the chess world, could have made Carlsen in distress in the middle of the game by a farm train on the C series. The Russian missed the train. The world champion did not realize that this game was particularly hard. For a short time, Nepo had an hour more time on the clock as Carlsen, who repeatedly fell into long pondering.

that the two world class players do not take the World Cup on the light shoulder, it also shows that they seldom seldom saw them at the board at the same time. In chess it is allowed to retreat to a private room during the game to reflect in peace - both players use this possibility extensively.

To start the Chess World Cup: Why Carlsen against Nepomnjaschi no spectacle is

 To start the Chess World Cup: Why Carlsen against Nepomnjaschi no spectacle is The chess World Cup between Magnus Carlsen and Jan Nepomnjashchi is above all a missed chance. Sporty interesting it will still be. A comment. © Photo: DPA Chess fans must be satisfied from Friday with the World Cup Match Carlsen, 30, against Jan Nepomnjashchi, 31, It could have been a medial chess spectacle, comparable to the Challenger's World Cup fight against Boris Spasski in 1972 in Reykjavik.

An almost perfect game - Result: Remis

looks at the previous games, you realize that both players are precisely prepared; In game three, both reached a draw accuracy of over 98 percent, determined a chess program. However, such perfect games are usually accompanying that no one addresses a risk by dropping or trying new variants.

Only in the second game Carlsen risked something. He sacrificed a farmer at the beginning, then a quality, but then overcured his possibilities and went with less material into the final phase. However, Nepomnjaschi could not exploit this advantage and Carlsen Ring the challenger the second draw.

In fast games, Carlsen would have an advantage

now the hope that the next games will increase risk-taking. A victory may be sufficient to get the first 7.5 points and to stay chess world champion. If all 14 lots are remissed, faster rounds are played, instead of two hours of reflection time only 25 minutes, then five. With these fast games Carlsen is a virtuoso , another title would almost be sure.

also the fifth game ends Remis: Carlsen was easy under pressure .
After resting day it goes on Friday © imago images / Itar-TASS has not yet come beyond a dot division: Magnus Carlsen. After three and a half hours game, the point was divided on Wednesday in Dubai. The Russian challenger Jan Nepomnjaschi remained faithful to his line with the white stones and repeated a Spanish opening. defending champion Magnus Carlsen wich as the first to the previous lots.

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